**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! & Xplosion Monday Taping Results (14/02/2011)

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA completed this weeks set of iMPACT! and Xplosion tapings yesterday at the iMPACT! Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  This is the post-Against All Odds 2011 episode set to air a week from now on February 22nd at 10pm on Challenge TV. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of iMPACT!, Xplosion and the Against All Odds PPV – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read  more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph.

Dark Match:

-Madison Rayne defeated some unknown girl with the Rayne Drop


-Immortal (minus Jeff Jarrett, and Hogan) come to the ring. They are excited over regaining the World Title and how things are looking up for them. It is announced that Jeff Hardy will defend the World Title against Rob Van Dam tonight. Eric Bischoff wants to know what Ric Flair is thinking about Fortune turning on them and is giving him next week to divide them or reunite them. Ric Flair comes out and calls himself a wrestling god!

-Hernandez defeated Douglas Williams. Hernandez was accompanied by Sarita and Rosita (because of his new character) but the Beautiful People get involved and brawl with them to the back. Hernandez’s Border Toss on Williams hurt him and he had to be tended to by medics.

-The ring is set up with an island theme. The Pope comes out and trash talks Samoa Joe. Joe’s music hits but Okato (formerly Okada) comes out and low blows Pope. Samoa Joe hits a Musclebuster on Pope through a table with food on it.

-Robbie E comes out and makes excuses for losing on Sunday. Kazarian comes out and insults Robbie E and Cookie. We got a rematch for the X Title when Cookie was sent to the back. Kazarian was about to win the match with the Fade to Black but Cookie came out and hit Kazarian. Traci Brooks comes out, returning to TNA and brawls with Cookie. Kazarian and Robbie pull the two apart.

-We get a backstage pretape between Flair and Fortune. Flair ends up icing the rest of Fortune.

-Matt Hardy defeated AJ Styles when Ric Flair turned on AJ allowing Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate. Fortune came out for the save but Hardy and Flair retreated through the crowd.

-Mr. Anderson comes out and complains about not getting his rematch tonight. Eric Bischoff comes out and says the “network” Spike TV made the match tonight. Bischoff said Anderson might not be PG Material. He then told Anderson he would make him the special referee tonight. They shook hands when Anderson hit Bischoff with the Mic Drop.

-Sarita and Rosita defeated The Beautiful People when Sarita’s foot was on the ropes. After the match Velvet complained that Sarita keeps cheating to win. Sarita challenges Velvet to put her money where her mouth is and put her career on the line against her in their next match.

-Bully Ray comes out and gets into an argument with both Mike Tenay and then Taz. He was trying to bully the announcers before finally leaving.

-Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the World Title. The finish came when Hardy ran RVD into Anderson allowing him to hit the low blow. After the match Anderson hit the Mic Drop on Hardy and then later on RVD.


-Gunner and Murphy defeated Orlando Jordan and Eric Young by hooking the tights.
-Crimson defeated Magnus with a Modified DDT


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