What’s My Angle? – “New Champion”

Jeff Hardy - TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Jeff Hardy - TNA World Heavyweight Champion

So, in my last piece I asked who was going to challenge Mr Anderson for the TNA World Heavyweight Title and well little did I know that in just over a week after I wrote that piece the question would be null and void.

So Jeff Hardy is once again the man, or at least until his trial crops up again but I have to say I feel a little sad for Anderson, ok he may not be the most gifted athlete but he is highly entertaining and I felt he could have done with a little longer title run.

I asked for opinions on who would challenge Anderson and yes ok so this is now null and void as well but hey I’m going to run with it anyway. So the two that popped up were Samoa Joe and RVD, now I’ll admit Joe never even crossed my mind but I’m guessing that was down to the fact that Joes attitude as pointed out sucks! And he hasn’t been adhering himself backstage so he’ll be getting no title shot in the near future.

RVD on the other hand obviously will, it sends a shiver down my spine just thinking of the prospect of RVD once again being the champion. I am not a fan and to be honest I’d rather see Robbie E hold the title then RVD!! Ok maybe not but hopefully that gives you some indication as to how much I’d rather not see RVD hold the title again.

Does anyone else agree or am I going to get slatted for actually not wanting to see RVD win the title?

Now AJ Styles, there’s your next contender. I stated this before and I’m sticking to it, Styles VS Hardy has the potential to be a top class feud. Will it happen though, of course it will but not before Hardy/RVD and Styles/Flair.

Here’s a question though, who do people want to see as the World Heavyweight Champion?

Now onto the current state of Kurt Angles story……. well no to be truthful I don’t even want to go there with the whole boots left in the ring, so not the way forward.

Until next time.


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

2 Responses to What’s My Angle? – “New Champion”

  1. Jim says:

    I want to see Suicide (Chris Daniels) the champ he aint had it for a while.

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