What’s My Angle? – “Big Surprise part 1”

TNA iMPACT! Tuesday Night, 10pm on Challenge

TNA iMPACT! Tuesday Night, 10pm on Challenge

Should I be excited? TNA have announced that next week on IMPACT there will be a huge surprise that will shock the world!! Now this is a bold statement to say the least and I’ll be honest I have no idea what to expect but this isn’t the first time TNA have teased us with something special and those result far from lived up to the hype.

As Ray reported yesterday the show in question has already been recorded so we know it won’t be anyone turning up in the IMPACT zone but rather something that will be recorded and slotted in.

My first thought when I read about the surprise was STING but would that be much of a shock? We have all been following the rumours that Sting had signed for WWE but then he hadn’t and so on and so forth. Granted his return would be a nice feather in the cap for TNA but would his return warrant such a bold statement? Unless of course he was to return along-side Hulk Hogan as a heel, that might be interesting.

I really have no clue what the surprise is but will admit to being a little intrigued and very much looking forward to next week’s IMPACT.

Moving on from one shocker to another, the big wedding, oh how I’m looking forward to seeing this. Now I’ve followed Kurt for many years and I have to say I expect him to do his bit like a true gentleman and cause no problems for the happy couple in anyway.

Unless of course there are no children around then I would expect business to pick up and Kurt to raise hell and possibly give Jarrett a bit of a slap while he’s at it.

The whole storyline for me has been a bit risky and all a little close to home but what needs to be taken into consideration is that both parties clearly get on well enough or neither party would have green lit the story that as I can see will run right into Lock Down and a steel cage.

Once Kurt has finished with Jeff then he can turn his attention to another Jeff and the World Heavyweight Championship, bring it on!!

Think you may know what the big shocker maybe? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

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