TNA UK TV Ratings – Week Ending 20th February 2011

TNA Wrestling on Challenge

TNA Wrestling on Challenge

The UK TV Ratings are in for the week ending 20th February 2011 and it’s even more good news for TNA Wrestling as TNA iMPACT! on Challenge! reports another rise in viewing figures, beating WWE Raw and posting the highest viewed TNA iMPACT! episode as well as PPV broadcast in history on UK TV….ALL IN ONE WEEK!

Mr. Anderson v Matt Morgan

Mr. Anderson v Matt Morgan

According to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board – TNA iMPACT! on Challenge drew a superb 152,000 viewers, (up 18,000 viewers on last week) for the Tuesday 15th “Don’t be Roode“ episode headlined by the Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan World Title bout.

This is a superb number for iMPACT!, their highest ever in fact in their history on UK TV. The program ranked 1st overall amongst all programming on Challenge that week. Similarly the Against All Odds 2011 PPV headlined by the Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson World Title Ladder Match, posted a superb 119,000 viewers making it the most watched TNA PPV ever on UK television. The PPV ranked 7th overall for the week on Challenge. BARB only provides the Top 10 viewed programs for each channel, TNA Xplosion was outside the top 10 (drawing somewhere under 115,000 viewers) and as a result i’m unable to provide an accurate figure for the program. Here is the Top 10 ranked programs on Challenge for the week:

w/e 20 Feb 2011
1 TNA IMPACT (TUE 2201) 152
3 CATCHPHRASE (FRI 1929) 128
5 CATCHPHRASE (FRI 1859) 123
6 IN IT TO WIN IT (THU 2102) 121
7 TNA PPV (WED 2203) 119
9 CRYSTAL MAZE (FRI 1759) 117

WWE Raw posted 127,000 viewers, a great number, however this was a drop of 22,000 viewers on last weeks episode. Despite Raw’s drop Smackdown’s broadcast on Sky Sports 4 posted a great number (201,000 viewers), their highest this year to win the week. Superstars and NXT both failed to rank in the top 10’s and so viewing figures for both are unavailable. Here’s an overview of viewership for all wrestling programming:

Weekly Ratings Summary:

WWE LATE NIGHT SMACKDOWN (Sky Sports 4, Friday, 2200) – 201,000
TNA iMPACT! (Challenge, Tuesday, 2201) – 152,000
WWE LATE NIGHT RAW – LIVE (Sky Sports 3, Monday, 2600) – 127,000
WWE BOTTOM LINE (Sky Sports 3, Saturday, 1302) – 40,000
TNA Xplosion (Challenge, Tuesday, 2400) – Under 115,000

Weekly Ratings Wins so far (2011)*:

*Based on first showing viewing figures, not inclusive of +1 or replay figures.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

2 Responses to TNA UK TV Ratings – Week Ending 20th February 2011

  1. DeadmanXIII says:


  2. Michael Z says:

    TNA is the #1 ratings program on TV.

    All the stars TNA Wrestling has are amazing — the last two times I remember an organization having this type of excellent group of wrestlers was back in the mid 90’s when WCW beat WWF.

    Some of my favorites are:

    * Sting — The Icon (The guy the WWE said they would give ANYTHING for appears to be back with TNA!)

    * Ric Flair — The Nature Boy

    * Hulk Hogan — The Immortal

    * The Beautiful People (The best female tag team group EVER!)

    * Rov Van Dam — RVD is such a nice guy with great wrestling skills

    * Mr. Anderson — The “A**hole” that we all love to hate (the recipe for success that made Ric Flair great!)

    * Jeff Hardy — I know a couple girls who bought tickets to watch TNA just because they wanted to boo Jeff Hardy!

    * Jeff Jarrett — This guy is an awesome wrestler! He is the best Intercontinental champion ever from the WWE and he has held just about every wrestling title in the world. He is the founder of TNA because he knows what it takes to achieve greatness.

    * Jay Lethal — The way he imitates Ric Flair (stylin’ & profilin’) and Macho Man Randy Savage with his Black Machismo is AWESOME! His fans are called Lethal Maniacs and it’s funny!

    * Abyss — The Monster! — I have a feeling he will be making a comeback this week, and I think he will bring Janice (his weapon) with him.

    Okay, this week I’m really looking forward to several things:

    * Sting — It looks like Sting might be coming back!!! It seems like every time Hulk Hogan makes a comeback, Sting makes a comeback! And based on what happened at the end of last week’s show, I think it will happen again! AWESOME!

    * Jeff Jarrett & Karen Angle getting married to renew their wedding vows! … I think it is AWESOME the way Kurt Angle is forced to walk his ex-wife, Karen, down the aisle to hand her over to Jeff Jarrett!!!

    * Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan’s battle in court. This week we find out who wins this battle that we’ve been wondering about since Thanksgiving. … I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Mick Foley return — He is someone Dixie trusts.

    * Velvet Sky — This member of The Beautiful People has put her career on the line this week. I just hope that Sarita and her cousin don’t cheat…And I wonder what Winter will do in this situation.

    This BIG episode this week is gonna be HUGE!!!

    I simply CANNOT WAIT!!!

    It’s 23 hours 04 minutes until it happens…The COUNTDOWN begins!!!

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