I was scouring my usual movie news websites this morning when i came across this little tidbit of information over  on Dread Central regarding Hulk Hogan as he appears to be making his acting return with DDP in a dark thriller called Black River. Black River casts DDP as a man on the brink and the Hulkster as a psychopathic serial killer.

The film produced by Rock On! Films and directed by Joe Eckhardt has 2 other currently unreleased films. One is Shock, about a woman who survives an electrocution only to find she now has a psychic link with a serial killer, played by Edward Furlong. The other, College Fright Night, stars another famous ex-wrestler, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and “Saved by the Bell” nerd Dustin Diamond.

Here’s the synopsis for the dark thriller from director Joe Eckhardt and screenwriter Eric Anderson.

“After losing his son to a tragic accident, Clayton Elie’s (DDP) life was destroyed by alcohol abuse and violence that ended his marriage. When he moves to the small Midwestern town of Black River in an attempt to begin again, he finds himself at the center of a series of murders that echo a long dormant secret from the town’s past. After several sleepless nights that lead to a long night of heavy drinking and a subsequent blackout, Clayton awakens the next morning to find his neighbor and her small child brutally murdered and the murder weapon inside his apartment. When he is forced to hide the evidence by the untimely arrival of an FBI profiler, Clayton’s life rapidly deteriorates into a storm of violence, murder and small town intrigue. Is Clayton a cold-blooded killer, or the victim of a malevolent force that has descended upon the town of Black River?”

No release date is currently known but i shall update when the information is out.

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