TNA UK Fan Party Report

TNA / CHallenge UK Fan Party

TNA / CHallenge UK Fan Party

TNA UK reader and Fan party attendee Mark Richards sent in the following report on the big night. Many Thanks for sending this in Mark! :

I attended the TNA Fan UK Party on Saturday night in London. The party was held in a secret location which ended up being the very swanky ‘Babble’ night club in Mayfair, the poshest part of London.

I received my tickets after showing up to the Leicester Clock Tower last Wednesday when Jeremy Borash tweeted that he would be there at 4pm. Not only did Borash show up, but the crowd that assembled all received free autographed merchandise and tickets to a Saturday fan party from Borash, who ended up staying almost 45 minutes talking to the fans about TNA.

Saturday it was off to London for the party. Not knowing what to expect, the party began promptly at 3pm and it was one surprise after another. Borash was introduced to the crowd and thanked us for all coming out, saying it was the response of the fans on Facebook and Twitter who got TNA on Challenge TV and this was a small thank you for the great success of the Challenge TV launch.

Borash then said we were going to be shooting 2 editions of the Spin Cycle featuring a few surprise guests, including a TNA star who came over just for the party. He began the Spin Cycle and introduced his panel who consisted of BBC presenter, radio host and UK Sun man Joel Ross, top British singer/songwriter Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly, Queen’s footman David Deville and finally Borash introduced the surprise guest, Douglas Williams!

The Spin Cycle episode was hysterical as Borash talked about the upcoming Royal Wedding and who on the panel they would choose from TNA to be their wife if TNA had a royal wedding. Borash then talked about the 2012 Olympic Games coming to London, and who was the greatest wrestler to come out of the UK.

After the Spin Cycle, Borash introduced the upcoming edition of TNA iMPACT! that will be airing on Challenge this Tuesday, and the program played on the LCD screens in the nightclub.

About half way through the program, Borash interrupted to introduce another surprise guest, and pulled up Karen Jarrett live via Skype on the big screen projector. The crowd immediately booed Karen, but cheered wildly when Kody ran into the shot. Soon Jeff’s daughters and Kurt’s daughter Kyra also come on screen to massive applause. Karen talked about what a beautiful bride she was and that the fans would get to witness a beautiful ceremony later on. The crowd gave Karen a big round of applause as everyone was appreciative she joined the party.

Then it was back to the iMPACT! broadcast and the actual wedding itself. Immediately following the wedding, Borash announced we were going to be joined by another special guest. Borash then pulled up the screen to an empty chair, and TNA founder Jeff Jarrett walked into the screen and was again booed loudly by the crowd. Jarrett called the crowd a bunch of freeloaders and responded to the heckles from the crowd. When they called for a “PPV” in the UK, Jeff asked whether they “freeloading Brits know that stands for PAY per view”. Jarrett said he was in Seattle holding down the fort while Borash was in the UK. Although he was hated by the crowd, they were chanting “Double J” by the end of his Skype call. He was very entertaining.

Borash then introduced the main event segment on iMPACT! and promised one more surprise guest after the main event, and one more Spin Cycle. After iMPACT! finished up, Borash introduced Dixie Carter, who came on and thanked the fans for their support. The crowd responded with a long “Thank You Dixie” chant and Borash went right into the Spin Cycle.

This was going to be a “This is your life, Douglas Williams”, which ended up being a series of hysterical stories told by several of Doug’s closest colleagues. Doug was genuinely touched and many were in tears as the stories really told Doug’s story of sacrifice to get to where he is today.

Those speaking about Doug included names very familiar to the British wrestling fans in attendance, such as Alex Shane, “Twisted Genius” Dean Ayass and the referee Steve Lynskey – known as Britain’s answer to Earl Hebner. Borash then wrapped up the party by unloaded heaps of autographed merchandise, and it appeared as though every fan left with something.

Borash then asked which fan travelled the furthest to be at the party, and ended up giving an autographed Sting mask to a fan who travelled all the way from Glasgow.

All in all, it was an incredible day and something WWE would never dream of doing. Borash and TNA UK publicist Simon Rothstein talked to every fan and personally thanked them for attending. The fact this was all organized on Twitter was pretty amazing. Kudos to TNA for such a fan friendly event!


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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  1. Was a great party, even if the beer was WAAY overpriced

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