What’s My Angle? – “Big Surprise part 2”

Sting captures the TNA World Heavywight Title

Sting captures the TNA World Heavywight Title

Well, well, well, what can I say other than wasn’t that just obvious! Sting is back and the new World Heavyweight Champion!!

Ok so it wasn’t the shock of the century but it was still very, very good I really enjoyed this week installment of IMPACT! I really liked the fact that they were on the road and performing in front of a larger crowd which really added an extra something to the show. I found Dixie Carters opening to be very impressive and Hogan’s return equally as good.

I will say I expected a different outcome though, I really thought they would have been given 50/50 control and moving forward we would have seen a split company with opposing sides being led by Immortal and Fortune.

Speaking of Fortune, I am becoming a fan. I’m really liking everything about them at the moment and expecting some really interesting stories to come from their feud with Immortal. I am however still not 100% convinced by Kaz, I always found his heel character a little weak but now that he’s a face again he may change my mind. Time will tell, Beer Money however continue to impress.

As for the Sting return you can clearly see just what TNA where aiming for with this. The video promo was nothing more than two fingers up at WWE and all the rumours surrounding Stings jump following the Nash/Booker move. I have to say though I feel very uncomfortable with games being played in this manner. I see no reason why TNA should go down the WCW vs. WWE road. Both companies have very successful brands in their own rights and the fans have the choice of which show they wish to watch or like me you can follow both. I guess all the games are the Hogan/Easy E influence but come on guys this isn’t the 90’s, move on and get over it.

Now it wouldn’t be my piece if I didn’t mention Kurt Angle and the big wedding. I personally was really looking forward to this and Kurt didn’t disappoint. Karen’s face after the cake incident was priceless. During the wedding take two watching Jarrett look over his shoulder at Kurt was just as entertaining, I still believe this feud will end at Lock Down as there’s no better place to end it then one on one inside a steel cage.

Moving forward now it will be interesting to see where Sting goes from here, will he go it alone or will TNA slot him in with Kurt, Crimson and Steiner?? Who knows but one thing is for sure, Mr Anderson won’t let Sting steeling his title shot go unanswered not to mention how Immortal will react.

Good times ahead.


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News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

One Response to What’s My Angle? – “Big Surprise part 2”

  1. wh00ps says:

    Do you think they will? Mix Sting in with the Crimson storyline I mean. I was under the uncomfortable impression that the ‘They II” storyline had been dropped. I hope not, a two or three Inmortal/Fourtune/They feud could really go some exciting places.

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