**SPOILERS** TNA Wednesday TV Taping Results (16/03/2011)

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA concluded this weeks set of iMPACT! and Xplosion tapings yesterday at the iMPACT! Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  This episode of iMPACT! is set to air three weeks from now on April 5th at 10pm on Challenge TV.  WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of iMPACT!, Xplosion – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read  more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph.

Dark Match:

*Bobby Shield defeated Jake Tarr. Both are from Taz’s academy


*We open up with Mr. Anderson dragging down Earl Hebner to the ring and demanding to know why he was DQ’d last week, giving Rob Van Dam the win. Anderson demands the decision be reversed and Hebner refuses, calling Anderson an a**hole. Anderson lays out Hebner. Brian Hebner hits the ring then Sting comes out, saying you don’t pick on the referees. He and Anderson began brawling. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he comes out, saying he doesn’t want the win that way and asks Hebner to add Anderson to the Lockdown main event. Hebner says he cannot. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come out and announce it will indeed be a Three-Way at Lockdown.

Bischoff announces Sting & Anderson & RVD vs Ric Flair’s team of Abyss & Matt Hardy & Bully Ray tonight in a Steel Cage, saying the network wants ratings, so he will give it to them. Sting and Anderson start brawling again but are held apart.

*Scott Steiner defeated Jesse Neal. Orlando Jordan and Eric Young were doing commentary. Doug Williams and Magnus attacked them (OJ and EY) after.

*Max Buck defeated Jeremy Buck in a good match.

*Winter defeated Velvet Sky with a Submission Move. Angelina Love originally came out to help Velvet but didn’t end up doing anything.

*Kurt Angle defeated Rob Terry. Jeff Jarrett was ringside and after the match, Kurt Angle went after him. Angle went to Angle Slam Jarrett off the stage but Jarrett escaped to the back.

*Ken Anderson called out Sting so he could apologize but slapped him instead. They brawled into the crowd. Abyss, Hardy and Ray attacked them but RVD made the save.

*Bully Ray, Abyss and Matt Hardy defeated Sting, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam in a Steel Cage. Sting attacked Mr. Anderson when he made his entrance leaving Rob Van Dam to fend for himself. Eventually all six men were in the match where Anderson cost his team the match allowing Bully Ray to get the win. After the match, Fortune tries to make the save but is also beaten down by Immortal.

The heels keep beating on RVD and Sting. Fortune hits the ring. Immortal hits the ring. Flair locks the cage and the babyfaces are getting massacred. Christopher Daniels hit the ring from the crowd and hit a flip from the top of the cage, wiping out Immortal. The babyfaces regroup and run off Immortal. Big reaction for Daniels’ return.


*Mickie James pinned Rosita.


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