“Knocked Out!: Don’t Rayne on my parade”

Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne

Hello. Welcome. Sit down. How are you? That’s great. My name is Richard and I am here to speak to you about the TNA Knockouts Division in a little column I like to call “Knocked Out”. Why? Because I love womens wrestling and I love the TNA Knockouts division. Stop Laughing. It’s true. Now here is the thing – sometimes the thing you love lets you down. Sometimes it can disappoint you. Sometimes it makes you angry because you know it can do better. Sometimes its books reality TV stars more wooden then a Jeff Jarrett guitar. I just wanted to get that off my chest before I started talking to y’all about rasslin. (That’s for the American readers out there, welcome to foggy old London town guvnor)

The title of this first offering from the pen of this fine figure of a pregnant whale is “Don’t Rayne on my parade”. Now, let’s just say Madison Rayne isn’t the worst person to walk around with the TNA Knockouts Title. There was a man with a mullet that at one stage had some sort of “claim” to the title. But she is nowhere near the best. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at the “parade” of former champs shall we. Just for the record I got 100% on a Sporcle.com Knockouts champs quiz. It’s true check out my twitter feed @richywright. Man, I could make Mick Foley pop. But back to the matter at hand. Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Taylor Wilde, ODB, Tara, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne. Boom and I didn’t even have to google it. These are the TNA Knockouts Champions. Madison Rayne is queen bee in TNA but is she Queen of a hive that’s not as strong as it once was? Take a look at that list of champions and figure out how many are even still around. Exactly. She is dominating a division that even TNA has acknowledged in storyline form is weak at best. The Open challenge is quite interesting and this writer would not be shocked if it led to Tara being the next Knockouts Champion. But it highlights an issue. Not enough talent. Surely the response ODB got when she returned for the Open Challenge tells TNA something. So yes Madison Rayne is a dominant champion but with her alliance with Tara “taking her out of the title picture” then what she is dominating isn’t exactly a strong field.

With one exception.

HHHARRDDDCCOORREEE COUNTRRYYY. Mickie James. Now Madison Rayne is a wrestler. But she’s no Mickie James. Madison Rayne is ok on the mic. But she’s no Mickie James. Madison Rayne isn’t terrible in the ring. But she’s no Mickie James. Madison Rayne is a country and western……i went one too far. Sorry. Back on track. Why Mickie James isn’t Knockouts Champion right now with Madison Rayne playing the role of the tantrum throwing, cheating, screaming wannabe champion who runs after Mickie James but can’t catch her is beyond me. And I know what you’re thinking “this is a long article” but not that the other thing about Mickie James “maybe she’ll take the title at Lockdown”. In case you haven’t heard Mickie James separated her shoulder at a TNA Live event when Madison Rayne botched a move in their match. Botched? The TNA Knockouts Champion? No I refuse to believe she could botch anything because she’s so good and slick in the ring. I think I just broke the sarcasm function on my laptop. I’ll get it fixed for next time. Apparently the injury isn’t that bad and it’s hoped she’ll still get in the ring at Lockdown. I really hope so because the Knockouts Match at Victory Road was possibly the worst match I’ve ever seen in my life. And I used to watch WCW Thunder. Madison Rayne’s reign as champion has been ok. Not Bad. A C grade. She, for this writer’s money, would be better chasing the title. Or maybe being TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. Or maybe she could take the Jeff Hardy styled belt and that thing can finally be on the right gender.

In conclusion Madison Rayne is average at best. I don’t see her as a champion. I think her character is interesting enough and she’s ok on TV and obviously she’s very attractive. But Mickie James should be Knockouts Champion. Why TNA do you have to Rayne on my parade? See, the title was relevant after all. But putting the belt on her you highlight issues that could be glossed over if she didn’t have the belt. Rayne is emblematic of the problem with the Knockouts division in TNA. But that’s for another time. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. And remember TNA fans – if it’s Wright that writes it then it’s probably not right.


About Richard Wright
Name: Richard Wright Age: 28 Profession: Self Umeployed Geek Bio: I love wrestling and I like writing about it. It's not big and it's certainly not clever but I enjoy it anyway isn't that right Matt Bourne? Not big and not clever. You can follow me on twitter @RichyWright.

3 Responses to “Knocked Out!: Don’t Rayne on my parade”

  1. wh00ps says:

    I don’t know what they’re playing at with the knockouts. They are pretty much single-handedly giving us decent matches on Impact, yet the storylines are poorly-written (why the hell, for example, has the Immortal storyline had NO effect on the knockouts? Surely a change in ownership would have SOME effect?) and make no sense.

  2. vantheman77 says:

    Nice article man. I personally love the Madison Rayne character and really dig the “Queen Persona” she’s going with right now. Mickie James is great but seems far more interested in plugging her music career than giving her all to TNA, still think the Beautiful People v Madison is a story that needs closure, would love to see a Madison v Velvet feud instead.

  3. Richard Wright says:

    Thanks for the comments people! I think the reason that the the Immortal storyline hasn’t has an “impact”, pardon the pun, on the Knockouts division is that when it comes down too it they just don’t care enough about the Knockouts. Also no woman in the radius of Flair all the time is going to be 100% safe but that’s another issue. he’s like a drunk uncle you really hope doesn’t show up to the family wedding but you invite anyway.

    A segment of Madison Rayne screaming at Bischoff about how unfair it is would be great TV. Especially if she was wearing some kind of really bad wig, no longer champion. Maybe after Lockdown for example.

    I can’t agree with the statement “They are pretty much single-handedly giving us decent matches….” decent matches. I think some of the matches are average, some are decent, not enough are good.

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