Knocked Out 2: More Knocked Out

Ding Ding. Seconds out. Round Two. It’s time for Knocked Out!

So I want to start quickly by saying thank you for all the comments on my first article on the subject that is the TNA Knockouts division. Most appreciated.  I will always respond to your comments in the form of another comment otherwise my articles would descend into chaos. Chaos I tell you chaos. It’d be anarchy! I feel I need to say again how much I love womens wrestling. In fact for the purpose of this column when i say wrestling I mean womens wrestling. Yeah rebel, rebel Knockouts represent…..or something equally street. Now let’s talk about the TNA Knockouts shall we? It’s why I’m here and it’s why you be reading this. Hey, ho let’s go!

Today I bring you a reading from the book of The Knockouts tag team titles “and lo the tag team titles did changeth hands at the road of victory. The fans saw that the match was not good. After winning the tag team titles they did taketh to the ring in a match of 6 people on the field of Impact against those whom they had slain for their gold. And in that match Rosita did get pinned by Winter and logic did take quite a hit.”  Really TNA? The Brand new TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions LOOSE their first time out after winning the belts in a 6 person tag match. Fine maybe the pin wasn’t on one of them. No wait it was. And they lost to the people they beat at Victory Road. Clean. Yes logic did take quite the hit.  I am so confused by the booking of the Knockouts division. Yes the match was a total train wreck but you changed the champs so how about booking them strong? How about making it so these titles mean something? Oh wait no that’s cause they don’t mean anything. They really don’t. The problem with the Knockouts tag team titles can be basically be boiled to that fact that there isn’t really a TNA Knockouts tag team division. Not a strong one anway with lots of tag teams vying for the belts. And so therefore how much weight or importance can you give the belts?  If anyone from TNA reads this, which they don’t and won’t, please take a look at tag teams like The Canadian Ninjas Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews. They would instantly increase the talent in the division and show that these titles aren’t just something to put on workers who aren’t in the Knockouts title picture. If you are going to have Tag Titles logic dictates that you have a strong tag team division and you have tag teams that could win the gold. That’s at least for my money but I might be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

I feel like I have to take a moment and talk briefly about the Madison Rayne Vs Mickie James match that is set for Lockdown with a Hair Vs Hair match stipulation. As long as TNA Keeps James Mitchell away from the hair cutting then it should be fine. Now Madison Rayne isn’t my favourite TNA Knockout. Heck, she isn’t even my favourite wrestler called Madison. I’m Seriously Eagles baby! But she did a decent job on Impact. Credit where credit is due her squash match win was fine and the way she set up the match with Mickie James was also fine. I have figured out that a problem with Madison Rayne is just how close she always is to Tara. It’s a constant reminder that actually there is a much better wrestler right next to her. Now we all hope Mickie James is fit enough to wrestle at Lockdown but if she isn’t and the match has to be changed – TNA do the right thing and put Tara against Madison to take the title. Tara turning on Madison Rayne and defeating her for the title leading to a Tara/Mickie/Madison 3 way feud is something that personally I would quite like to see happen. Madison screaming at Tara, throwing hissy fits because she’s not got a title shot, attacking Mickie James, 3 way matches and much, much more.  Having said all that I do hope Mickie is fit enough to fight at Lockdown. Fight and win the TNA Knockouts title. For those keeping count of what I am – I’m also Hardcore Country. I ‘m listening to Toby Keith as I type this so that proves my point. Yeah Toby Keith for the win. I may not be as good as I one was but I’m good once as I ever was. Probably not this article though.

In conclusion I would like to assure all those who prefer their Knockouts flavour a little more Latin American that I haven’t forgotten about the Tag Team Champs. In fact join me next time when I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on one half of the tag champs in an article called “A Knockout Stock to invest in”. Until then remember – if it’s Wright that writes it then it’s probably not right.


About Richard Wright
Name: Richard Wright Age: 28 Profession: Self Umeployed Geek Bio: I love wrestling and I like writing about it. It's not big and it's certainly not clever but I enjoy it anyway isn't that right Matt Bourne? Not big and not clever. You can follow me on twitter @RichyWright.

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