What’s My Angle?

Mr. Anderson & RVD: The only REAL contenders?

Mr. Anderson & RVD: The only REAL contenders?

Welcome to another instalment of “What’s My Angle?” and what a crazy couple of weeks it’s been in the world of TNA Wrestling!

Last week I found myself writing a piece on the whole Victory Road/Jeff Hardy incident at around 12 midnight after reading trash about the state of TNA and how the company that had build their current structure around a junkie who was always destined to crash and burn. This really got my back up and I ended up expressing my opinions on the whole topic in a column piece.

After the poor showing at Victory Road and I don’t just mean Jeff Hardy vs. Sting but the whole event itself which let’s face it other than one or two fights absolutely stank! I was very interested to see how TNA would bounce back on IMPACT! Especially how they would address the Hardy situation.

So IMPACT! Arrived and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. The handling of Hardy was done very well especially the throwing of the belt and in a five minute exchange I think TNA dealt with the issue nicely and moved on.

As for the World title scene, it’s clear that the only two contenders are Mr Anderson and RVD (great!)

Personally I like Anderson’s attitude since losing the title and his determination to get his rematch. Anderson is so good at promos that allowing him to vent the way he has really works and the few confrontations with Hogan have been class.

There were clear indications that someone will soon turn and join Immortal, all fingers point to Anderson but personally I think RVD doing a heel turn would work really well and equal if not have more of a shock factor then the Hardy turn. This would help TNA rebuild Immortal which really needs to happen now that Jeff is out of the picture indefinitely and if/when he does return is only going to come back as a face. Without a lead star in the group then I can see no point in continuing, for me RVD would be the answer and could lead Immortal in a feud with Fortune.

Finally I have to comment the Angle/Jarrett segment, Angle getting all “medieval” on Jarrett was great and this one is going to be the must see match at Lockdown and end this feud once and for all, opening of course the door for Angle and the world title!

Until next time.


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

2 Responses to What’s My Angle?

  1. Richard Wright says:

    Interesting article. I have to say I was one of those people questioning the logic of putting the title on a man who has “crashed and burned” more times then a NASA shuttle. The point there being that you can’t keep repeating the same scenario over and over again and expect a different result. It’s called a vicious cycle for a reason. For Jeff Hardy to ever break his cycle then it has to change and TNA pushing him was always going to end in the same result.

    As for only two contenders – may I introduce you to the Blueprint Matt Morgan. Matt Morgan has everything going for him and TNA will eventually put the title on him if they have any sense. Having said that I do agree both Mr Anderson and RVD are great challengers for the title and would be worthy champions.

    the real question is not the future of Immortal as a whole but simply the future of Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy can go one of two ways here with the Jeff issue – he can turn face, rail against Immortal for putting his brother in that position and help Sting fight Immortal. Or they can seal the deal with the cold hearted Matt Hardy by simply having him cut a promo where he says Jeff got what he deserved. That Jeff has always been a screw up. That Jeff is never gonna change and is always gonna throw away everthing good in his life. He can say he no longer has a brother. This puts Hell Matt Hardy over in my opinion and leads to an interesting Matt Hardy Vs RVD programme.

    As for Jarrett/Angle at Lockdown. Yeah the match will be good and I’ll enjoy it and hopefully it’ll be over and Karen Angle can go home again. And not be on TV. Not be on TV ever again. That’d be nice. Just as long as TNA don’t have Angle join Immortal. I hope no one from TNA reads that and thinks that’s a great twist. It’s not by the way, if you are reading, it’s a stupid twist.

  2. Matt Towsey says:

    I have to disagree with the idea the Blue print will get the title. He has all the physical attributes sure but his mic skills are not the best. He’s improved certainly but he had his shot in the main event recently and I don’t personally think he shone to be honest.

    I have a feeling Matt Hardy may just fade into the background and become a bit part for Immortal who in my opinion need at least two stars in the stable. I think Anderson is a shoe in to join Immortal, the man will do anything to get his shot and lets face it as he says himself he’s an A**hole.

    Keep an eye on the Mexican invasion, this is a point that irritates me with TNA which is the lack of development on storylines. Over the last month Hernandez has been proving he’s worth a spot in Immortal but this seems to have just been dropped in favour of Mexican America (which by the way is a dumb title for what is looking increasingly like yet another faction).

    Overall I’m enjoying TNA at the moment, hope Jeff Hardy can get himself sorted and back on TV, not as a face though, prefer his dark persona although I feel the only way he is getting back on TV is as a face which is a shame.

    Angle will finish Jarret at Lockdown but I don’t think he’s going on to have a shot at the title, at least not whilst Sting is holding it. Would be nice to see him align with Sting and head the fight back with Sting against Immortal. Just ot sure where fortune fit in to it all however it is only a matter of time before AJ is carrying the title again.

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