Knocked Out 3 – a Stock to invest in

Ding Ding. Round 3. Knocked Out!

So on this site we already have enough people talking about Impact. Having said that I need to address it.

The Tara/Mickie James match was pretty good and enjoyable as a match. See Madison? That’s how it’s done! What was also good was the interaction between Tara and Madison Rayne before the match and Madison Rayne’s reaction after that match. This has set the wheels in motion for that relationship to end.  Although, Madison’s acting in the post match nearly ruined it. Sorry, I’m just not a fan of hers she’s just not good enough to be champion.

However, the interaction between Winter and Angeline Love is actually too stupid to even comment on. This didn’t work in 1998 when the Warrior had powers in WCW. It didn’t work when Papa Shango had powers. It never works it’s always rubbish. And as for Velvet Sky – difficult to look tough when you go down after one hit and stay there not even trying to fight back.

So as for Sarita. I promised you an article on Sarita and I am going to deliver. Points to anyone who gets the title of this article. Is she even Mexican American in decent? No because she’s Canadian! Sure she lives in Mexico but if I move to Germany that doesn’t make me German.

Having said that Sarita is talented. She is one of the most talented on the TNA Knockouts roster right now. And having her in the Knockouts Tag Team mix does help that part of the division.  Her partnership with Rosita looks good and solid. It adds some legitimacy to those belts having an actual tag team hold them.  From a personal point of view I preferred her tag team with Taylor Wilde. But then i liked Taylor Wilde so that makes a lot of sense. TNA has a real talent on their hands in Sarah Stock and if they use her right I can see her as Knockouts Champion. I think a feud between her and Mickie James would really work.

Sarita certainly is a “stock” to invest in and I hope TNA do just that. Sorry this is so short. I will do a second article this week to make up for it.

So I’m going to do a couple of plugs – one is my women’s wrestling blog called “oh my gotch” which can be found at . The other plug is for TNAonDemand chat. I’ve been in there a lot recently and it’s really a great place to hang out and chat TNA. Please check it out.


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