The Good The Bad The TNA – “Back From The Dead”

The Product of TNA. It has left me feeling dejected with wrestling and I started to follow the crowd of
hating on TNA. Then I stopped and thought to myself “Do I really want to keep watching this?”

I had to think long and hard and in the end I chose to stick with TNA and Wrestling.

Now on to the real reason why you’re all here! To read about TNA.


I will only touch briefly on this as it’s a long time ago now…well so it seems. This was a great day and
I can’t thank TNA (Si Rothstein) enough for inviting me as a VIP guest! It was a great day and it was
amazing to meet Doug Williams and Jeremy Borash from TNA, Alex Shane from FWA and Joel Ross
from the BBC (One half of JK and Joel).

The day was very surreal and I never expected to step out of toilet cubical and pretty much walk
straight in to Doug Williams.

I did manage to walk away with a nice signed photo of AJ Styles!

Jeff Hardy

I can’t do a blog without touching on the subject that is Jeff Hardy, I’m not gonna stay on this subject
for long but what happened at Victory Road was a disgrace. TNA should have handled this differently
but until we are in that position of running a show who are we to comment?


Now as much as I don’t want this to be a TNA bashing session, I, like many people have been
disappointed with the recent content of the shows, well more the lack of wrestling. I feel TNA need
to address this fast because it does seem to be losing fans because of it. I understand not everyone
can be pleased but the people are tuning in for wrestling. Either up the length of the show or get a
second show.

Round Up

So Abyss is back! Yawn….. I look at Abyss and I don’t care for him as a character. Please TNA remove
him, he brings nothing to the show.

I see TNA has had invasion of LAX Version 2….I can’t be the only person who see’s it like that.


It’s great to see TNA going from strength to strength in the UK and I feel now would be the best time
for an iMPACT or PPV from the UK. Strike while the iron is hot!


Once a month I will be having a TNA MVP where I recognise someone or a team that has impressed
me in the previous month. For March I have been impressed by a Team.


Here are four men who since ditching Ric Flair have gone from being in his shadow to making legit
stars and the lead babyfaces of the company.

Well that wraps up The Good; The Bad; The TNA. Remember to follow me on Twitter @TNAUKDave



About David Bunning
Hi I'm Dave and this is my blog The Good, The Bad The TNA. I love wrestling and all things TNA. I hope you enjoy this site and keep coming back!

2 Responses to The Good The Bad The TNA – “Back From The Dead”

  1. he6rt6gr6m says:

    Think I’m still stuck in Abyss pre-2010 mode. He was excellent as a heel back then. The storyline was pretty cheesy, but the man himself had decent matches and a great look.

    The LAX v2 thing is pretty true as well, but I don’t mind the idea of a Mexican team, given it draws so much heat. Hernandez is a tag-team wrestler. Plain and simple.

    I personally saw Mexican-America as the TNA version of the lWo on a much smaller scale, which is something we are all guilty of comparing about the company to WCW.

  2. pegleg5125 says:

    You seem to think a lot the same as me. Some of the stuff TNA does drives me nuts but some of it is brilliant. I agree totally about striking while the iron is hot though with the UK and they should do something soon. I like what JB said about moving to the UK but I can’t see that happening although it would be good. What they need to do is come over here more than WWE and it will really set them on fire.

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