TNA Xplosion – 06/04/2011

TNA Xplosion - Mickie James vs. Rosita

TNA Xplosion - Mickie James vs. Rosita

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 6th April 2011 – 12am on Challenge

We open up Xplosion with Jeremy Borash and Taz in the seats to bring the action. Announced for tonight, is a Knockout’s match between Mickie James and Rosita.

The TNA Wrestling Rewind highlights the events that opened up iMPACT! this week.

On return from the break, it’s rewind time again, and a recap of the Scott Steiner vs. Shannon Moore match, with Eric Young and Orlando Jordan on guest commentary.

We rewind yet again to the Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle incidents on iMPACT! and then the Main Event, featuring Sting, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Abyss, Bully Ray and Matt Hardy.

Match 1: Mickie James vs. Rosita w/ Sarita.

The only match that takes place on TNA Xplosion this week sees the TNA Knockout’s Tag-Team Champions come down to the ring, and handed a microphone. Sarita says what Hernandez has been preaching for a couple of weeks – that Mexico is dominant, and that it was only a matter of time before they ended up with the Knockout’s tag-titles. There is a fair bit of Spanish in there, and Rosita is handed the mic, referring to Mickie as a “Hardcore Hooker.” She says that they didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them.

Sarita is about to speak, but is interrupted by Mickie’s music, who comes out and enters the ring intimidated by Mexican-America’s senorita’s.

The lights dim to the familiar blue that’s synonymous with Xplosion these days.

A couple of quick pins from Mickie James, and Rosita is told by Sarita to “get it together” as JB welcomes fans from the UK and France to the show.

Mickie goes for the lock-up, but is cut off with a kick in the stomach, giving Rosita the advantage and a headlock. Mickie strikes her way out, and throws Rosita across the ring. Two clotheslines, a hair toss, snapmare, running dropkick and an attempted pin. Rosita kicks out and attempts to leave the ring, but is dragged back by Mickie as Sarita grabs Sarita’s arms, and a tug-of-war ensues with Mickie winning. On all fours, Rosita is mounted by Mickie, who licks her palm and proceeds to “spank” Rosita on the derrière. Rosita complains to the referee, but gets no sympathy.

Mickie goes into the ropes and is grabbed by Sarita, who is kicked for her troubles. Rosita with a body splash over the top rope to Mickie who is now outside. They both return to the ring, with Rosita locking on another headlock. Mickie forearms to the stomach, then the face, and attempts to run, but is thrown down by her hair. Rosita then attempts a vertical suplex, but it is reversed into a front chancery with Rosita’s legs wrapped around Mickie.

Mickie gets out by throwing Rosita into the corner, then shoulder charges once. Mickie is reeling from it, but a back body drop is successful as Rosita comes out of the corner. Three forearms later, Sarita comes to the apron, but is elbowed down. Rosita is flapjacked, but again, as Mickie attempts to run off the ropes, Sarita interferes by grabbing the foot with Mickie hitting hard on the matt face first. Mickie kicks off Sarita, then performs a nice hurricanrana on Sarita using the apron to balace. Mickie goes to the top rope, kicking Sarita off her again, and finishes Rosita for the three-count with a superb Thesz press.

The programme closes off with Sarita and Rosita arguing in the ring on Rosita’s loss.

This was the first time I’d watched Xplosion since around January, where I recall Eric Young was sporting the old TNA World Championship as his, and was tag-teaming with Orlando Jordan in a massively entertaining match. (I forget the opponents.)

After hearing that last weeks show had a contest between the always-excellent Max and Jeremy Buck, who faced each other again on iMPACT! this week in a contest that really impressed me, I was more than happy to review recap and review Xplosion this week with anticipation.

At the start of the broadcast, the match was announced, and it was straight into 45-minutes of recap from iMPACT! and adverts which, I’m not going to lie, infuriated me. I had hoped that at least another match would have been announced for the show at some point during the show, but it wasn’t to be.

The match itself wasn’t a technical masterpiece, but was a good contest. But at the end of the match, and subsequently the end of the broadcast, I couldn’t help but feel let down by TNA on a programme that has not only surpassed iMPACT! at times since its inception with regards to showcasing talent, wrestling matches and fun, but also should be regarded higher than it was in this episode. It’s only got around 45-minutes of air-time, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be like WCW’s Saturday Night, Worldwide, or the WWE’s Heat or Velocity.


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One Response to TNA Xplosion – 06/04/2011

  1. Stephen says:

    I use to watch explosion every week when it was on Extreme, well I say watch but what I meant was record and skip to the bits not shown on Impact, but now I don’t bother.

    It is on at a stupid time, why have a show that is mostly highlights shown right after the show it is highlighting, my memory isn’t that bad TNA.

    So show it on a different night at a good time and I might tune in to watch the extra match. but with the way it is currently being shown, and without the added material you use to get from the behind the scenes show, it is a waste of an hour.

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