What’s My Angle?: 07/04/2011

RVD & Mr. Anderson: The right guys to lead TNA?

RVD & Mr. Anderson: The right guys to lead TNA?

I have to ask the question, does anybody else feel as though the last three weeks IMPACT! Shows
have all kind of blurred into one?

Don’t get me wrong I have continued to enjoy the show but cannot make up my mind, do I or don’t like
the new format? I guess the jury for me is still out on that one but what I would say is that the show seems to be
missing a major talent, someone that really shakes things up. I am just not convinced that Mr
Anderson and RVD are the guys to pull this off. Both men are good in the own rights but I just don’t
see them as talent that can lead a company.

I am fully aware that stories had to be altered at last minute due to Jeff Hardy’s personal problems
and will be the first to congratulate TNA for the way they handled the situation but without a
replacement, long term the show could suffer.

UK audiences at least suggest though that I am talking out of my A**hole as the ratings seem to say
these two may be exactly the guys to lead the company, which is all good for TNA at the end of the

Moving on and as you know I am a huge Kurt Angle fan and have been for many years though I fear
a big error was made by all parties involved that agreed this whole on screen play out of the real life
problems with the Jarrett’s.

Anyone who has followed Kurt over the years will recognise that this whole mess has taken its toll as
recent arrests and Twitter outbursts (subsequently denied) show.

With Lockdown fast approaching I hope TNA bury this story once and for all and thrust Kurt into a
major story that will lead him away from this and allowing him to concentrate on what he does best
which is wrestle outstanding matches!

Finally I would like to mention the match this past week between Max and Jeremy Buck, this one has
the Rockers from the eighties written all over it and handled well could springboard one or both of
these guys careers.

It would be a shame to split the pair permanently at such an early stage, their one of the hottest young
tag talents today and should see at least one title rein before they go their separate ways.

I am not sure what TNA has planned for the pair but I for one will be paying close attention.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including 1Wrestling.com, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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