Mick Foley Interview: States he would rather not wrestle again

Mick Foley: Would prefer not to wrestle again

Mick Foley: Would prefer not to wrestle again

Full audio of the interview available in the audio player below:

TNA wrestler Mick Foley says he would prefer not to wrestle again, but he’s not ruling out a future match in TNA.

“I would rather not ever. I won’t say that I’ll never be in there, but I can say I would never like to be in there again,” Foley told Brian Fritz of BetweenTheRopes.com in an interview promoting a new RAINN campaign, #10forRAINN.

Foley said his personal primary reason is health concerns after experiencing concussion-like symptoms following his previous TNA match against Ric Flair in 2010.

“Not even the blow to the head, but the jarring blows to the body that rattle the brain,” Foley said about experiencing concussion-like symptoms without being hit in the head.

As for his future in TNA, Foley self-deprecated about not knowing why TNA would want to re-sign him when his contract comes due this year.

“I don’t want to be too honest here and wonder why in the world they want to re-sign me. (laughs) If they feel like they have a reason to re-sign me, I certainly will listen. I can’t figure out what that reason would be,” Foley said.

Foley said he doesn’t know where he fits in on TNA with other non-wrestling talkers involved in the current product, but he’ll return to TV if TNA has a good idea for him.

“We don’t need one more guy doing that (talking and not wrestling),” Foley said before saying he’s happy doing live event tours. “Until there’s a real reason for me to be back on TV, I’d rather just do the house shows.”

Foley also promoted his TNA DVD due out April 19 that will have comments by Taz, Kurt Angle, Dixie Carter, and others in TNA. He noted a portion of the DVD will focus on Chris Nowinski’s work with concussions and head trauma research through the Sports Legacy Institute.


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