Hulk Hogan returning to the ring?

Hulk Hogan: Returning to the ring in TNA?

Hulk Hogan: Returning to the ring in TNA?

If you’ve seen recent photos of Hulk Hogan, you’ve probably noticed he’s gotten into way better shape than he’s been in recent years. By all estimations, the most recent back surgery has been a huge success in terms of reducing the level of pain he has been dealing with daily.

While no one within TNA has confirmed plans for Hogan to return to the ring, it’s more and more considered a possibility for later this year. TNA has dropped hints of Hogan vs. Ken Anderson in recent months and there are many speculating that this ongoing “authority vs. anti-authority” feud they have going will culminate in a match between the two at Bound For Glory in October.

In other Hogan news, as you may know he is also working on the TruTV series “Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling.” While the original plan was simply for Hogan to lend his name to the series, sources who have worked the tapings as performers noted that Hogan was initially upset with the quality of the product and pretty much changed the series from being a reality-style show about the wrestlers to something that follows Hulk’s attempts to improve and fix the product, including legitimately letting talents go. As it was explained to me, the final product that eventually airs on TruTV (likely this fall) will be very different (and “better”) from a lot of the original plans.

Hogan’s involvement in the series has started to get the project some attention from different media outlets, which is exactly what Bischoff-Hervey Productions would want.

Hogan was atop the top of the trending list on yesterday.


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

6 Responses to Hulk Hogan returning to the ring?

  1. tnarulesall says:

    I’d personally love to see the Hulkster step back into the ring. Sure he’s not as mobile as he once was but every match he has (even more so now given their rareity) just has that big time feel. Hogan vs. Anderson would be epic.

    • daby0 says:

      If they really want to put Anderson over Hogan, they should make sure that Anderson sticks with TNA 10 years from now. I prefer AJ going over Hogan.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Sounds like their trying to do a “McMahon vs. Austin” type thing, sounds cool though, i’ll be watching.

  3. FK9 says:

    If he steps in the ring, there’s a major chance of something going horribly wrong. Hogan would then go on to sue TNA or something. It’s not worth it. Okay, his back is improving, but he should stay away from the ring at all costs.

  4. Cody says:

    Would love to see Hogan v Anderson, would really take Anderson to the next level. Who would have thought just over a year ago that Anderson would end up becoming the face of TNA and one of the best things in wrestling, he’s almost there folks!

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