TNA Knocked Out: I’d rather be blind!

Ok Knocked Out is back to rock out! That’s right after a bit of a delay lets get things rocking with the knockouts of TNA!

The reason it has taken me so long to post is frankly I had no words. Just none. NO WORDS TNA  NO WORDS! The current booking of the Knockouts is so bad I didn’t know what to say about it. It is the worst wrestling booking I have ever seen – and I’ve watched the Robocop saves sting video from WCW a number of times!  In fact I would rather Iron Man turned up to Lockdown and Save Sting from Immortal then watch one more Angeline Love/Winter segment. Really. In fact – I would rather be blind then watch more second of this awful, awful just this rubbish! Rubbish is too kind but kids might read this!

Who thinks this is good? Kevin Sullivan’s shrink maybe but no one else. Even Stephen King thinks this is a bit farfetched. Not even Charlie Sheen could call this winning and keep a straight face. I watched Winter do that pillow talk thing with So Cal Val recently. OH MY WORD! Was that a pooooorrrrr video. This Winter Character doesn’t work. On any level. It’s awful and she’s really boring. It’s not creepy and it’s not interesting. They need to end it quick and move the Beautiful People onto a tag team title feud with Rosita and Sarita. Winter would be much better served as Madison Rayne’s bitch servant character. That does two things – It gets Tara away from Madison Rayne and ends this awful piece of booking. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life but that’s only cause I’ve watched the film PS I love you which is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. PS TNA I hate I this angle. Everyone does end it and move on!

As for the title picture in the Knockouts division – the tag team titles still don’t matter and Mickie James HAS to win the title at Lockdown like she just HAS too. Madison Rayne is awful I am sorry she just is.

Now to a  ray of hope for the Knockouts. And that’s Traci Brooks! Traci Brooks recently made her in ring return at a weekend of TNA House Shows. She apparently looked great in the ring and she picked up not one but two wins over Madison Rayne. Does this mean she will return to TV? I can only hope so. While there are better wrestlers out there that TNA could sign the original Knockout Traci Brooks who competed in the first ever women’s match in TNA would be a great return. She would certainly add a lot to this current TNA Knockouts Division.

On a Knockout Alumni related side note Kong has been sent to FCW by that lot – yeah good move cause that’s what she need’s. She needs to learn how to “work your style”! Grow up Kong is a great worker already just get on her your shows already and let her run riot with Gail Kim! Show them how the Knockouts used to roll!

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About Richard Wright
Name: Richard Wright Age: 28 Profession: Self Umeployed Geek Bio: I love wrestling and I like writing about it. It's not big and it's certainly not clever but I enjoy it anyway isn't that right Matt Bourne? Not big and not clever. You can follow me on twitter @RichyWright.

2 Responses to TNA Knocked Out: I’d rather be blind!

  1. FK9 says:

    I quite like the Winter angle. People need to realise that it not paranormal stuff, just gives that impression. Notice that Angelina is always drinking during their backstage promos, and Winter is insistant that she finish her drink? She’s drugging her. Pretty cool aswell and we will eventually get Velvet v Angelina and then Angelina vs Witner to finish the feud.

  2. Cody says:

    Nice article Richard, i’ve been feeling the same of late regarding the knockouts, they’ve kinda lost traction. The only thing i’ve been interested in is the Mickie v Madison feud but it seems to be treading water until Lockdown and given the stipulation we all know what the outcome will be!

    Would like to see Traci Brooks back, she was awesome, whatever happened to that other girl that TNA used to have back in the Asylum days that did the flip off the cage? I’d like to see her back too.

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