TNA UK TV Ratings – Week Ending 3rd April 2011

TNA Wrestling on Challenge

TNA Wrestling on Challenge

The UK TV Ratings are in for the week ending 3rd April 2011 and sadly it marks the end of TNA iMPACT! on Challenge’s fourconsecutive week run as the UK’s top rated Wrestling program. (Though given that WWE is no longer “Wrestling” that’s arguable!)

RVD vs. Mr. Anderson: Good bout, forgotten during Wrestlemania Hype

RVD vs. Mr. Anderson: Good bout, forgotten during Wrestlemania Hype

According to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board – TNA iMPACT! ranked outside the top 10 programmes on Challenge  for the first time ever, drawing somewhere under 125,000 viewers, for the Tuesday 29th March “Do the Math” episode featuring a Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson Number 1 contendership Main Event with Sting as the guest enforcer.

Given that BARB only provides the Top 10 viewed programs for each channel, with TNA iMPACT! & Xplosion outside the top 10 i’m unable to provide an accurate figure for the program.

We do know however that it drew somewhere under 125,000 (the lowest of the top 10 ratings) meaning it was the lowest ranked episode ever on the channel.

Here is the Top 10 ranked programs on Challenge for the week:

w/e 3 Apr 2011
1 CATCHPHRASE (MON 1900) 206
2 CATCHPHRASE (WED 1931) 178
3 CATCHPHRASE (MON 1930) 153
4 CATCHPHRASE (TUE 1901) 150
5 CRYSTAL MAZE (MON 1800) 146
6 CATCHPHRASE (THU 1930) 134
7 CATCHPHRASE (TUE 1932) 129
8 CRYSTAL MAZE (TUE 1800) 129
10 BULLSEYE (WED 2301) 125

I don’t think this should be of concern to TNA Wrestling as pretty much all wrestling related programming bar RAW took a dive ratings wise this week as all the focus seemed to be on Wrestlemania and the Rock’s involvement, which was largely disapointing in the end. I would expect ratings to rebound to normal levels from the next week onward.

WWE Raw posted 177,000 viewers (their best viewership of the year) to win the week for the  second time this year. It’s no surprise that this was the Wrestlemania “go home” show and was headlined by a Rock/John Cena/Miz confrontation.  Smackdown continued its recent ratings slide drawing 98,000 viewers, which is down a whopping 35,000 viewers on last week.

The only other wrestling programming to rank was WWE’s Wrestlemania Preview show which aired saturday afternoon on Sky Sports 2, drawing 125,000 viewers. Here’s an overview of viewership for all wrestling programming for the week:

Weekly Ratings Summary:

WWE LATE NIGHT RAW – LIVE (Sky Sports 3, Monday, 2600) – 177,000
WWE WRESTLEMANIA PREVIEW (Sky Sports 2, Saturday, 1515) – 125,000
WWE LATE NIGHT SMACKDOWN (Sky Sports 4, Friday, 2104) – 98,000
TNA iMPACT! (Challenge, Tuesday, 2200) – Under 125,000
TNA XPLOSION (Challenge, Tuesday, 2400) – Under 125,000

Weekly Ratings Wins so far (2011)*:
WWE Smackdown – 2

*Based on first showing viewing figures, not inclusive of +1 or replay figures.


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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