TNA Xplosion – 13/04/2011

TNA Xplosion - Ink Inc. vs British Invasion

TNA Xplosion - Ink Inc. vs British Invasion

TNA Xplosion

Wednesday 13th April 2011 – 12am on Challenge TV

Tonight’s featured contest on Xplosion is Ink Inc. vs. the newly reformed British Invasion.

The TNA Wrestling Rewind highlights the in-ring promo of Flair and Daniels from iMPACT! this week, interrupted by Hogan, Bischoff and Bully Ray. A break follows with a new advert for TNA iMPACT! on Challenge TV.

Returning from the break, we rewind to Samoa Joe vs. Murphy. The Pope joins Mike and Taz on commentary…

Rewind again in the Xplosion recap show to the six-man tag-match, featuring Sabin, Kendrick and the returning Suicide, against Generation Me and Robbie E.

After the break, we’re back to iMPACT! with Daniels taking on Bully Ray, and then Sting versus Rob Van Dam with Mr. Anderson as a special referee.

Match 1: Ink Inc. vs. The British Invasion.

Magnus returns to TV with Doug Williams as part of the Invasion, looking smug and heel. Ink Inc. enter on the back of Moore talking a lot of smack about Neal’s “respect” towards the competition.

Moore will start against the technically superb Williams. The masterclass starts with an arm-bar, reversed by Moore and into a wrist lock. Williams fights out and shoots into the ropes, but is hip tossed twice by Moore. Atomic drop, clothesline. Moore then picks up the prone legs of Williams on the mat and teases a kick to the groin area twice, but elects to legdrop Williams across the chest instead. A pin attempt, Williams kicks out at one and tags in Magnus.

Magnus in with a clothesline is ducked, and Moore with a head-scissors. Neal comes in and a double-team ensues with a double elbow and Moore with a hip toss on Neal on top of Magnus. Pin attempts, out at one. Magnus throws Neal into the corner, but Neal elbows Magnus and a nice crossbody from the top rope. Neal takes a moment to taunt to the crowd as Magnus regroups to big boot Neal. A couple of punches, and Magnus sends Neal to the “home” corner and tags in Williams. Double teaming with the old arm-bar-switching-sides-take-down the British Invasion became synonymous for, “back in the day”.

An American break is taken, and Williams has Neal in a crossface chicken wing. Neal powers out, but is cut off by Williams. Into the corner Neal goes, followed by Williams with a high hip. Magnus is on the top rope and delivers a sweet elbow drop. Williams pins, but only a two. Williams tags Magnus back in. Neal into the ropes, but Magnus telegraphs the back body drop, allowing Neal the advantage to kick him. Neal bounces off the ropes again, but Magnus follows him, bouncing off the same ropes and as Neal turns around, delivering a massive clothesline. Magnus is clearly impressed, but only gets a two on the pin. Back in the “home” corner, Williams is back in. The British Invasion shoot Neal into the corner, and Magnus shoots Williams in to follow Neal, but Neal delivers a kick to the face. Magnus follows up and Neal with a spear. All three are down and Neal is gonna attempt to get the tag, but Williams cuts him off. Neal gets the advantage with an enziguri, tags in Moore. Moore ducks a clothesline and retaliated with his own, leg lariat and an elbow to the chops. Shots WIlliams into the ropes, reversed, but Moore manages to get a bulldog. Pin attempt, Williams out at two. Moore up and throws Williams in the corner. Williams with a float-over, but Moore with a top-rope moonsault. Pin attempt, out at two again. Neal is tagged in for another double team opportunity. Neal gets Williams up on his shoulders, but Magnus manages to get Moore out of the ring with a forearm. Williams reverses Neal into a German Suplex, helped with Magnus kicking Neal in the face on the lift. 2-count! Williams is going high-risk, but still struggling with that old height fear. Moore has time to push Williams to the floor. Neal gets the advantage over Magnus as Moore makes HIS way to the top. Neal holds Magnus on his shoulders and Moore with a neckbreaker from the top and Neal gets the 3-count on Magnus.

Neal and Moore looking cohesive and united as we end the programme and another week of Xplosion draws to a close.

It looks as though Xplosion is following a formula, as I compared the two from the write-up from last week. It was very coincidental that in the exact same spot, the exact same thing was happening regarding a special guest commentator.

The actual Xplosion match was very good. Things involving Doug Williams usually are. Reuniting the British Invasion goes over well with me and probably the majority of British viewers, but it does seem very “just put them back together because we’ve nothing for them”. To think that Doug was actually a member of “Fortune” not too long ago…

(I’ve given up calling them Fourtune. It didn’t catch on.)


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5 Responses to TNA Xplosion – 13/04/2011

  1. ChristianCage says:

    Nice report, great match this week!

  2. QJT says:

    I love the British Invasion but TNA should have stuck with that “MagDaddy” gimmick, Magnus ruled. They take a good tag team apart (Gen Me) to add to a singles division and take someone with a good character and singles potential to stick him in a boring tag team, again! Stupid in my opinion .

    • Ray Mullan says:

      Good point, loved the “Mag Daddy” gimmick aswell but has it gone away? Can he not be “The Mag Daddy” in the British invasion? Didn’t look that different on this episode…

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