TNA Knocked Out: Impact? Yeah a little impact

Now at this time Ladies and Gentleman’s women’s wrestling blog….. Knocked Oooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……..t!

Let’s get into Impact shall we because I know we have people whom doth talk about Impact here on this excellent website I feel this is a good source of Knocked Out goodness. So let’s get start shall we?

The first Knockout Action on Impact came with a segment of Winter shouting at an out of it Angeline Love. Fine. Well not fine rubbish but still you know better than dying. I tend to agree with the theory that this isn’t “powers” but that she’s drugged. That is how I felt until the tag match of utter terribleness happened.

She called Angelina  Love and in some way made her attack velvet Sky. WHAT? Is it Mind control drugs she is using? This is beyond awful. The tag match was painfully short there is no reason why they couldn’t have been let to wrestle a bit before this farce happened. Not good enough TNA not good enough.

So Madison Rayne and Tara are arguing about doing something that Tara didn’t want to do. Good. This is further build to their break up as allies and also helps with any potential Lockdown problems with Mickie James. Then in the next segment they have knocked Mickie down with the bike. Again – solid. This gives you an out for Lockdown if she isn’t fit enough to wrestle and also if she wrestles it explains away the injury. Well done TNA better.

A few things about that – Madison Rayne wasn’t terrible. That’s always a bonus. Why did Tara wear a helmet on the bike and Madison Rayne not? Surely safety reasons they should both wear them or if they don’t need to then they don’t need to. And finally Pat Kenney – your role was clearly to sell the fact that Mickie James shouldn’t move after being hit by the bike. But you started to treat her like a child. How many times do you need to say don’t move in one minute? As well as TNA did the AJ Styles injury angle they did this badly. It was just – yeah she shouldn’t move say it like twice most 3 times tops.

And until next time – if it’s Wright that writes it then it’s probably not right!

Finally a quick housekeeping note – a plug yes indeed a plug! Please check out – better article up at the moment. It’s the first ever “5 pointless questions with…” where I talk to someone from the women’s wrestling scene and ask them 5 pointless questions. Thanks


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