**SPOILERS** TNA Tuesday TV Taping Results (19/04/2011)

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA kicked off this weeks set of iMPACT! and Xplosion tapings yesterday at the iMPACT! Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  This is for the first post-Lockdown episode set to air in the UK next Tuesday on April 26th at 10pm on Challenge TV. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS for TNA Lockdown tonight as well as upcoming episodes of iMPACT! and Xplosion – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read  more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph.

Dark Match:

* Winter b. Serena Deeb with the catatonic backbreaker.


*Impact with a AJ Styles promo, coming down from the roof. He talks about Lockdown and asks Bully Ray for a match now in the cage. Bully Ray comes out cuts a long promo on AJ from the stage, teases getting in the cage until Daniels comes down and throws Bully in the cage and locks it. AJ beats up Bully and teases jumping off the top of the cage. Bully escapes. Gunner tried to help Ray during the segment but was fended off by Daniels.

*Backstage the horse and carriage sits. The Jarrett’s says this thing will be bigger than the royal wedding.

*Murphy and Rob Terry come out and wants to face Beer Money in the cage for the TNA Tag Team champions and of course Beer Money accepts. Beer Money win after hitting the DWI on Rob Terry.

*Hulk Hogan cut a promo saying RVD missed his chance to join Immortal. Rob Van Dam comes out and they go back and forth talking about respect. Sting comes out and they announce it’s Sting vs. RVD at Sacrifice Sting said the Network gives him a clause that allows him to pick his challengers. Hogan got angry and said he’s going to find out who is running the Network soon enough.

*Later tonight, it will be Matt Hardy vs. Sting and Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss with Hogan in Abyss’ corner.

*We get a pretape of Eric Young and Kurt Angle backstage. Eric is feeding the horses and Kurt warns him that they will crap everywhere. All of a sudden Kurt gets an idea of what to do later tonight.

*Sarita and Rosita defeated Madison Rayne and Tara. Madison refused to tag in but Tara eventually tagged her in. Eventually Mexican America got the win. Madison berated Tara afterwards but Tara just left.

*We get the Jarretts in the ring. Jeff is coronating Karen as “Queen of the Mountain.” After the coronation of Karen, she get crap dumped on her. Kurt comes out smiling while Jeff is trying to stay away from Karen. Kurt hits the Angle Slam on Jeff onto a chair. Kurt tells Karen that he can’t touch her but his mistress can. Pretty soon he will introduce her to his mistress.

*Abyss defeated Rob Van Dam with a lead pipe shot followed by a Black Hole Slam while Hulk Hogan distracted the referee. RVD busted Abyss’ mouth open during the match. After the match Crimson comes out to save RVD tackling Abyss in the process.

*Matt Morgan comes out for a promo. He is now focused on the World Heavyweight Championship. Scott Steiner comes out and claims that the line for the World Title starts with him. The two trash talk each other. Matt Morgan wants to have a match and goes to shake the hand of Steiner. Steiner low blows him and then locks him into the Steiner Recliner to end the segment.

*Sting defeated Matt Hardy to retain the TNA World Title. Matt Hardy brought Jeff Hardy’s old Butterfly Belt to the ring. During the match we get a big brawl between Immortal and Fortune. After the match, Mr. Anderson comes out and hits the Mic Check on both Sting and Matt Hardy.


*Tommy Dreamer and Devon defeated The British Invasion.


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