TNA Xplosion Report – 20/04/11

TNA Xplosion: Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sangrieto

TNA Xplosion: Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sangrieto

TNA Xplosion

Wednesday 20th April 2011 – 12am on Challenge TV.

As always, Jeremy Borash and Taz open the broadcast, announcing that tonight, we will see a mouth-watering contest between Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and “El Sangriento.” Whoever that is.

(Note to readers: I won’t be detailing TNA Wrestling Re-Wind’s any longer, as I don’t see the point. Please check out the excellent TNA iMPACT! reviews by Ray Mullan for detailed analysis of the iMPACT! shows, and take it from me that the opening 45 minutes of Xplosion is highlights of iMPACT! and adverts. Mark.)

Match 1: Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. El Sangriento.

We start with a show of respect from Sabin towards Lethal, and then towards Sangriento, who impolitely declines by slapping the hand away and attempting a roundhouse kick. Sabin ducks and Lethal locks Sangriento up for Sabin to bounce off the ropes, but Sangriento manages to move and Sabin hits Lethal instead. Sangriento hits a nice hurricanrana on Sabin as Lethal returns to his feet. Lethal bounces off the ropes and receives a kick to the bread-basket which sends him out to the floor. Sangriento then signals to go high-risk and bounces off the ropes to gain momentum but is cut off by Sabin who knees him in the stomach. Lethal has managed to come back up to the apron, but receives a basement dropkick from Sabin to keep him out of the ring a little longer. Sabin awaits Lethal to rise back up to perform his Motor City turnbuckle splash routine, but Lethal is privy to it and rolls in the ring. Sabin shifts momentum and lands on his feet on the apron as Lethal is kicked by Sangriento. Sabin enters the ring over the top rope as Sangriento runs towards him. Lethal is back up and the two of them leapfrog Sangriento who bounces back off the rope and is lifted high by Lethal for Sangriento to then land on Sabin and perform a very nice hurricanrana. Sangriento runs towards Lethal and up the ropes to spin and attempt a body scissors bulldog, which is reversed by Lethal but allows Sangriento to arm-drag his opponent. Some sections of the crowd enjoyed that.

Sabin has made his way to the bottom of the entrance ramp and Sangriento jumps to the apron, kicking the on-rushing Sabin in the face on the floor. Lethal is back up and runs against the ropes hoping to spear the precariously positioned Sangriento, but Sangriento instead ducks, pulling down the second rope, sending Lethal clattering into Sabin on the floor. Sangriento this time kicks Lethal in the face and both Lethal and Sabin rise at the same time to allow Sangriento to go high-risk from the top rope, performing a ballsy move the commentary desk refers to as “the Leap of Faith,” launching himself via springboard into the air like a javelin and landing on the two victims below!

Back from the American break, Sangriento is kicking Lethal on the floor and Sabin has managed to get back into the ring. Sangriento sees Sabin, but Sabin can “soccer” kick the oncoming Sangriento in the face, sending him 360 degrees and bouncing on the floor. Sabin turns his attention to Lethal but throwing him in the ring. Sabin with a springboard cross body shot on Lethal and a two-count from the referee.

Face lock on Lethal, but Lethal “hulks” up on his knees. Elbows to the mid-section, Lethal bounces off the ropes, ducking a clothesline and forearming Sabin on the way back. Sabin bounces back up and receives a clothesline. Lethal shoots Sabin in but it’s reversed. Lethal performs his signature hand-stand bounce and backwards elbow to Sabin to near perfection. Sangriento with a springboard in is caught mid-air by Lethal who fluidly executes the Lethal Combination, but a two-count from the ref.

Lethal runs from corner to corner to dropkick the now stood Sabin. Lethal runs back to the unattended corner to turn around and find Sabin has followed and is the victim of a vicious big boot to the face from Sabin. Sabin awaits for Lethal to get back up, stalking his prey from the apron. Lethal returns to his feet and is met by a springboard cross body-slash-forearm. Two-count.

Sangriento is back up on the apron. Sabin goes to meet, but is shoulder blocked. Sangriento with a springboard, and lands in a vertical suplex position! He manages to return to his feet instantly and locks Sabin up from behind. Sabin elbows out and shoots Sangriento into the corner, but Sangriento reverses, sending Sabin corner-bound instead. Sangriento follows, but is lifted over the top rope by Sabin. Sangriento kicks Sabin in the stomach, springboard to the rope running alongside and attempts a hurricanrana but horribly fails in his attempt. Sabin goes down for absolutely no reason as sections of the crowd boo. Sangriento kicks Sabin while he’s down and picks Sabin up. Sangriento delivers a spinning kick to Sabin’s head as Lethal comes back into the fray. Lethal receives yet another kick to the stomach and Sangriento runs into the ropes, jumping feet-first onto the second rope and like a javelin again, is sprung back towards Lethal, delivering a beautiful Diamond Cutter to Lethal. This is enough to get the 1, 2, 3, and a win for the debuting Sangriento.

Quite an average match from the TNA X-Division point of view, further diminished by the unfortunate botch by Sangriento on Chris Sabin at the end. The crowd refused to be bothered all the way through it which probably did no favours for the match, the wrestlers confidence or for the show.

Thanks for reading. Writing this was much more entertaining than watching the show itself!


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4 Responses to TNA Xplosion Report – 20/04/11

  1. Chuck says:

    Sangriento means “bloody” or “Gory” in spanish. Not sure why he’s got this second character though. Good match, i love Xplosion matches, wish we got more than one!

    • Apologies for edited your comment Chuck, but I considered the give-away of his name a slight spoiler.

      In regards to why he’s got a new character, I’ve speculated with a friend of mine that it was an easy way to get him heel heat, as well as not having much for him to do.

      It’s a shame, because he’s an excellent worker. The costume’s a bit generic, but his wrestling style is good. Just a real shame he managed to botch this springboard hurricanrana.

      • Austin says:

        Is it a spoiler? Are the plans for him to unmask? I suppose that would be a cool angle but it was so obvious who it is just by his mannerisms, he could have at least modified his moveset somewhat.

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