TNA Lockdown 2011 Report

TNA Lockdown 2011

TNA Lockdown 2011

TNA Lockdown 2011

US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
UK Broadcast 10pm, Wednesday April 20th 2011

First off, i must offer my sincere apologies at the lateness of this post. I had TWO applicants for PPV reporter who assured me they would have a post event review for yesterday and amazingly both let me down. As such we’ve hadto source this report (thanks to We’ll naturally be looking for a new PPV reporter, if your RELIABLE and interested please drop me a line at Anyway on with the review!

Pre-Show Match: Devon vs. Anarquia
Pretty cool of TNA to give us the pre-show match aswell. Brother Ray was out first for the pre-show match. Anarquia then came out alone to face Devon and they started brawling outside the ring. Devon took the rookie around ringside blasting him with right hand blows. Devon then sent Anarquia into the cage to officially begin the match. Anarquia worked over Devon, then Devon hit a power move for the win. Afterward, Devon wasn’t done settling things inside the cage, so he took Anarquia outside the cage to blast him some more. Devon then landed multiple suplexes on the entrance ramp.

WINNER: Devon at 2:30. Wasn’t the whole point to sell the cage match ahead of the all-cage-match PPV? The only real action that occurred in this one occurred outside of the cage.

X-Division Xscape Match

X-Division Xscape Match

Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck vs Amazing Red vs Chris Sabin vs Brian Kendrick vs Robbie E vs Jay Lethal vs Suicide

To recap, it’s an eight-man bout with Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide vs. Robbie E. vs. Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick. Robbie eliminated Suicide with a random move at 2:46. The crowd lightly booed this development. Tenay noted Alex Shelley was scheduled for this match, but he couldn’t get doctor’s clearance for his shoulder issues. Red then eliminated Lethal at 4:55 with his Code Red finisher. Sabin followed a massive clothesline on Red for the next elimination at 5:50. Next, Max Buck eliminated Sabin with a top-rope maneuver at 7:20. The crowd was completely indifferent.

Brian Kendrick entered after sitting in the corner rocking back and forth for the first seven minutes. The Buck brothers then battled a bit. Younger brother Jeremy showed some fire before Max rolled him with a small package for the next fall at 9:42. Kendrick fought against the remaining heels, Max and Robbie. Kendrick then dropped Robbie with a kick to pin him at 11:29.

So, now it’s escape the cage between Kendrick and Max. Kendrick kept yanking Max down as Max tried to escape, then the two ended up battling on the top turnbuckle. Kendrick knocked Max off the top, then began to climb out, but Max shoved the ref into the cage and Kendrick kind of fell to the mat. Max took advantage by quickly climbing over the top of the cage and dropping to the floor to win. It’s Kazarian vs. Max in the next X Title match.

WINNER: Max Buck at 13:33. The falls were just so ridiculous like a multiple-falls Cruiserweight-style match from the mid-2000s Smackdown era. The crowd had no idea who these interchangeable men were, so they sat on their hands for the most part. There was some interest in Kendrick as the underdog babyface, but that was about it. (*)

Fatal Four Way Tag-Team Match

Fatal Four Way Tag-Team Match

Ink Inc vs British Invasion vs Orlando Jordan and Eric Young vs Scott Steiner and Crimson

Ink, Inc., then British Invasion came out for the four-team tag match. Orlando Jordan and EY were out next. Jordan was in a caveman outfit and Young still had the old TNA World Title belt around his waist. Taz said the title “means nothing.” Well, ain’t that the truth. Steiner and Crimson were the last team out for this bout.

The bell sounded and EY teased climbing the cage before settling for just bouncing up and down on the top rope. Suddenly, Young and Neal had a wrestling exchange. Neal came up laughing and smiling since winning and losing isn’t that important. Shannon took exception to Neal’s laughter and tagged himself in to serious-it-up. The commentary made sure the match didn’t stay serious with some puns related to BI and OJ. The crowd briefly chanted for Steiner as BI worked over Neal. Steiner eventually tagged in to work on Williams and Magnus. Signature moves by Steiner before Steiner and Magnus did a bit of a square dance trying to set up a corner move.

Bodies started flying before Shannon tagged himself in and mocked Steiner’s signature bits. Steiner completely ignored him and kept working on Williams. Shannon repeated the bit went to work on Williams. Young then dropped his shorts to reveal “team unity” leopard-print trunks. Flashbacks to Flyin’ Brian in Cincinnati and Taz dropped a Bengals reference. More helter-skelter action before Young easily climbed up, then over the cage. Meanwhile, Moore hit the Mooregasm on a member of the British Invasion for the pin.

WINNERS: Ink, Inc. at 8:51. So much unintentional comedy and little substance here. It was just all over the place. Two poorly-booked matches to start the PPV. (1/2*)

Madison Rayne vs Mickie James

Madison Rayne vs Mickie James

Madison brought a hair kit to the ring for the potential haircut to follow the match. After Madison delayed the start for a long time, Mickie took it right to Madison and dropped her with a swinging DDT for a quick pin in 40 seconds.

WINNER: Mickie at 0:36 to capture the Knockouts Title.

The Pope vs Samoa Joe

The Pope vs Samoa Joe

Pope tried to dance around the cage to avoid locking up with Joe to start the match. It worked for the first minute before Joe landed strikes, jabs, and kicks. Pope then begged off in the corner before suckering Joe in to take control. Pope tried climbing out of the cage, but Joe rammed him head-first into the side of the cage. Pope did a comedy self-crotch across the top rope to sell the force behind Joe’s offense. Joe tried to follow with a running boot in the corner, but the ref was randomly standing in front of Pope, causing Joe to put on the brakes. Pope then kicked Joe in the gut to re-take control.

Joe came back with a snap suplex, then the two men came to their feet and traded bombs. Joe landed signature offense for a two count before attempting and connecting with the Muscle Buster out of the corner. Joe made a cover, but Pope got his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Pope tried to climb out, but Joe grabbed Pope’s trunks for a full-moon shot that got a cheap reaction. Taz didn’t know what to say, so Tenay said it for him that it’s not Orlando Jordan up there. Pope scored with offense, then went for the DDE in the corner, but Joe rammed Pope back-first into the side of the cage. Joe went back to the Muscle Buster and connected center ring. Joe then applied the rear naked choke and that was it.

WINNER: Joe via submission at 10:25. Decent-to-good match trying to get this PPV on-track after an awful first hour. Hopefully this means the end of the Joe-Pope feud once and for all. (**)

Hernandez vs Matt Morgan

Hernandez vs Matt Morgan

The two big men didn’t waste any time trading right hand bombs to start the match. Morgan followed with trademark elbow smashes out of the corner before landing a sidewalk slam for a two count. Morgan went for a corner attack, but Anarquia grabbed Morgan’s foot from the outside through the camera hole. Hernandez took advantage with a corner splash to begin working on Morgan. There was a “Morgan, Morgan” chant leading to a teased comeback before Hernandez landed a big shoulder tackle that sent Morgan flying across the ring. Hernandez choked Morgan with a towel before shoving a boot to Morgan’s throat.

Hernandez played to the crowd for a while as Morgan sold face-down on the mat. Hernandez acted cocky one second too long and walked into a big desperation clothesline from Morgan. Morgan then started feeling the power and came to his feet to deliver right hand blows. Morgan got the crowd into his comeback pointing to the cage and sending Hernandez face-first into the wall two times. Hernandez then responded with a big shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Morgan made another comeback and MA teased climbing into the cage, but Morgan shoved Anarquia off the cage wall. Hernandez then tried to come off the top, but Morgan blasted Hernandez with a mid-air Carbon Footprint. The announcers were wowed, then Morgan made a cover on Hernandez for the win. Post-match: Morgan celebrated on top of the cage before doing the belt-around-the-waist motion to indicate he wants the gold.

WINNER: Morgan at 8:13. Good singles match giving Morgan the presumed final victory over Hernandez in their series and setting up Morgan’s re-inclusion in the title picture. (**)

Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

Before the match started, Karen was given the boot by ref Brian Hebner. Karen refused to leave as Jeff protested. Karen finally walked out as Jeff tried to re-focus before entering the cage. The bell sounded and Tenay noted the first fall will be decided by submission, the second by pinfall, and the potential third by escaping the cage. Angle applied a figure-four and lay on his back, and for some reason, the referee counted nearfalls. The announcers were dumbfounded trying to explain this one since the first fall is submission only. Moments later, Tenay covered for Hebner’s error. Angle and Jarrett traded submission holds, then Angle slapped on the anklelock for a tap out at 4:54. Another way-too-early fall, but it could be explained by Jarrett trying to save himself for the final two falls by tapping out early.

***Angle 1, Jarrett 0***

Now for the pinfall-only second fall. Jarrett scored a very close nearfall early in the fall, then went to work on Angle before they had a double knock-down. “Angle, Angle” chant before Angle scored with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle made a cover and Jarrett did his energy-conserving roll-the-shoulder to escape a three count. Jarrett then scored with a desperation mule kick out of the ref’s line of vision, giving Jeff an opening. Jeff tried the Stroke, but Angle countered with a super-spinning Angle Slam for a close two count.

Angle then stumbled trying to climb up top for a super belly-to-belly suplex before executing the move and crunching Jarrett’s face on the way down. Angle made a cover for a nearfall, then scored with a Diamond Cutter for a nearfall. Somewhere, DDP is firing up Twitter to note Angle stole his move. Greg Parks checked in that it looked like an RKO, which would be a “receipt” on WrestleMania. Moments later, Jarrett rolled up Angle with a small package and hooked the tights for the second fall at 11:27.

***Jarrett 1, Angle 1***

For the final fall, it’s escape the cage. Jarrett tried to unlock the cage while fighting off Angle before successfully unlocking the door. Angle then snuck up behind Jarrett to deliver multiple German Suplexes. Jarrett was down and out, then Angle went to leave the cage. Angle was on the steps ready to leave, but decided to re-enter the cage for more punishment on Jarrett. Angle locked the cage door before putting the key down his trunks. The crowd chanted for blood and, on cue, Jarrett came up bleeding from the forehead.

Angle asked Jarrett if he wanted some more, then Jarrett tried to climb out before Angle landed right hand blows to the forehead. Both men stood on the top turnbuckle before both men crashed to the mat simultaneously. The announcers “went there” with Angle’s history of neck issues. They went to a replay to show Angle nearly breaking his neck attempting a huracanrana. Angle suddenly came to life and dropped Jarrett off the top with a big Angle Slam to get the fist truly big reaction of the night. Angle decided he had enough and went to leave the cage door, but it was locked.

Angle then tried to climb over the top of the cage as Gunner came running down to ringside to swing a chair toward Angle. Angle then regrouped and perched himself on the top of the cage. The camera completely missed it as Angle went for a moonsault from the top of the cage and crashed onto Jarrett. The ref immediately checked on Angle, who sold on the mat. Steiner then came running down to yank the chair away from Gunner, who ran off. Angle went to leave through the cage door, but Karen came running down to ringside to spray something in Kurt’s eyes. Ref Hebner didn’t see it, but then saw Karen ringside. He was apparently now okay with Karen ringside. Kurt, blinded, then popped the ref in the face.

Jeff tried to leave through the door, but Kurt dragged him back to center ring. Karen slipped Jeff a guitar to bash over Kurt’s head, though. Jeff then tried to leave, but Kurt grabbed him around the ankle again. Karen grabbed a hold of Jeff, then she slammed the cage door across Kurt’s face, sending Kurt reeling across the ring. Jeff then fell out of the cage and the ref awarded Jeff the win. Post-match: Karen helped Jeff crawl across the entrance ramp as Kurt held his head selling the agony of defeat.

WINNER: Jarrett 2-1 at 22:37. The first match to get a really strong emotional investment from the crowd during that final fall, so credit Jeff and Kurt in that area. It was over-booked in classic Jeff Jarrett big match fashion and the referee incompetence was on display, as expected. This was also a scary match with Angle doing the top-of-the-cage moonsault spot. Oh, and the top-rope huracanrana botch. The risks far outweighed the benefits. At some point, TNA has to consider pulling Angle out of the ring before he kills himself. (***)

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs RVD

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs RVD

The bell sounded and Anderson got in Sting’s face to tell him the title belt is coming home. RVD then popped Anderson, who popcorned back and forth between right hand blows from RVD and Sting. Sting then smashed Anderson with a Stinger Splash and slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock. RVD broke it up with a spin kick to cut off Sting’s early offense. Moments later, Sting caught both men flat on their backs center-ring and applied a double Scorpion. It got an initial reaction, then Sting maintained the hold for a while and then it just looked weird. After that sequence, Anderson came to life and landed a double Mic Check. Sting, then RVD kicked out in time. After another sequence, all three men found themselves on the mat.

Suddenly, Hulk Hogan’s music hit at 6:15. Hogan slowly marched to the ring with some sort of object over his shoulder. They cut to a shot of Hogan’s family ringside. Hogan banged on the cage door, then tried to hand a pipe to RVD, who grabbed it after some reluctance. “Knock him out, brother!” Hogan said. RVD then threw the pipe into the cage door, so Anderson grabbed it and smashed it over RVD’s back. Anderson flipped off Hogan and said that was for himself. Anderson forgot about Sting, who grappled Anderson to deliver the Scorpion Deathdrop. It was good for the win.

Post-match: Hogan just stood on-stage selling shock as they went to back-and-forth shots of Hogan, Sting, and Brooke. Hogan then yanked off his shades and walked to the back as Sting posed in the ring. Sting tried to wave Hogan into the ring, but Hogan told him it will be on his time.

WINNER: Sting at 7:55. Weak for a top title match, but at least they slotted it in the semi-main event rather than having back-to-back weak PPV main event title matches. (*1/2)

Lethal Lockdown: Immortal vs. Fortune

Lethal Lockdown: Immortal vs. Fortune

Three-minute session to start between Abyss and Kazarian. Abyss tried to rearrange Kaz’s face as Immortal shouted encouragement from the outside. Kaz took control just before 3:00 expired, which should have led to Immortal re-taking control with Hardy’s entry. Well, in theory, as Kaz easily thwarted Hardy’s entry and landed high-impact offense as Abyss recovered in the corner. Abyss eventually came to life and helped Hardy take the numbers advantage. Hardy slapped on the Ice Pick and Kaz faded out. Hardy eventually just released the hold since there aren’t any falls in this portion of the match.

At 5:00, Daniels entered the cage to even up the match. Fortune wore down Abyss and Hardy with double-team offense before the next two minutes expired to bring in Ric Flair to a babyface reaction since the crowd just wanted to see Flair. Flair, in a black wifebeater tanktop and black dress pants, went to work on the faces with chops and low blows. Flair then thrust in Storm’s face as Storm just stood there on the outside of the cage.

After another two minutes expired, Storm took a swig of beer and entered the cage. Flair begged off as Storm continued to finish his beer. Storm then bashed the gimmicked bottle over Flair’s forehead. The camera followed Flair to the mat as Flair pulled out a blade and gigged himself. They cut away just before Flair swiped his forehead. Flair came up bleeding moments later and Fortune lit up Flair, whose shirt was ripped off, pants were torn, and rear end was exposed. The heels, with Bully Ray in the match, worked over Fortune before the final two minutes expired to bring in Robert Roode.

With all four men in the cage at 13:00, the roof was supposed to come down. No sign of the roof yet. The two factions traded control, specifically Roode and Flair having a chopfest exchange. Beer Money then did their Beer…Money dance as the lights flashed and the weapons-filled roof finally came down to officially start Lethal Lockdown. Fortune grabbed the weapons to start bashing Immortal. Suddenly, Abyss went flying through the cage door to the floor. Daniels followed to the outside, then Hardy went to the outside. Hardy climbed the side of the cage to the roof and Daniels followed him. Hardy, trapped, walked into a right hand from Daniels. Daniels teased Angel’s Wings, but Hardy back-dropped him and Daniels nearly fell off the roof, but thankfully grabbed the side of the cage before he fell clear down to the ground below.

In the cage, Flair had been screaming for minutes as the camera focused on Daniels and Hardy. They showed why, as Flair was just drenched in blood and taking weapon shots to the head. The camera re-focused on Daniels on top of the cage, where he came flying down onto Hardy and Abyss on the floor. The crowd popped and TNA replayed the spot a few times. In the ring, Roode applied the figure-four on a bloody mess called Ric Flair. Ray broke it up, though, with a trash can shot. Ray smashed everyone with trashcan lids and kendo sticks as he took control of the match. Flair demanded more punishment. Daniels came up bleeding from the forehead and Ray taunted him. Ray told Daniels this is for his good friend, A.J.

Speaking of which…A.J. Styles’s music suddenly hit and Styles came flying down the ramp into the cage. Styles smashed Ray with blows before ripping off t-shirt. Flair tried to get his hands on Styles, but Roode cut him off. Flair ate a kendo stick shot and a superkick, then Roode applied an armbar on Flair. Fortune held off Immortal and Flair tapped out, giving Fortune the win.

Post-match: Fortune celebrated in the cage as the camera captured the damage done to Immortal. In the background, Styles smashed Ray over the head with a trash can before standing tall over a fallen bully. They went to a replay video package and went back to Fortune standing tall in the cage. Tenay and Taz signed off with a question of how Immortal will react going forward after a bad night for Immortal. They signed off nine minutes before the top of the hour.

WINNERS: Team Fortune at 22:52. A lot of gimmicks that looked like a copy of a copy from the Attitude Era, which continues to be the biggest obstacle TNA has created for itself in the year 2011. Styles’s return was a nice surprise for PPV customers leading to the satisfying finish with Fortune standing tall. Flair bleeding everywhere and weapon shots all over the place made for an uncomfortable and unpleasant main event at the end of the day. (*1/2)


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

2 Responses to TNA Lockdown 2011 Report

  1. Mic Skills Required says:

    I thought this was a very solid PPV. Lethal Lockdown and Angle/Jarrett delivered as expected.

    The first two matches weren’t anything special, although EY did make the 4-way tag worth watching.

    The Mickie/Madison match was understandably short given that Mickie’s shoulder is still not 100%. I knew Mickie was going to win this, but the stipulations pretty much forced the ending. I wasn’t terribly thrilled about Madison getting squashed like that, considering how this match was built up and how long Madison held the belt. She’ll have to do something to get her heat back, and considering she’s the only logical person for Mickie to feud with at the moment, this thing pretty much has to continue.

    In hindsight, Bischoff’s promo (which seemed to really talk about nothing in particular) was probably killing the time allotted to the women’s match. Mickie couldn’t go a full match with her shoulder banged up, so Bischoff called an audible.

    Joe/Pope and Hernandez/Morgan were both solid. Either one of these matches would’ve been enhanced if the TV title was on the line. These four guys should be in the mix for that belt pretty soon.

    Angle/Jarrett delivered a match of the year candidate, seriously. Angle hitting the moonsault from the top of the cage never gets old. Great storytelling and intensity from both men.

    The triple threat WHC match never really got out of second gear. It was okay for what it was.

    Lethal Lockdown was a bloody brawl, and I do love bloody brawls. Most of the blood came from Flair, of course–one of the best, if not the best bleeder in the business. Good performances all around.

    All in all, I enjoyed this PPV much more than the one I watched 2 weeks ago from the WWE. Lockdown was better than Wrestlemania this year.

  2. Magnum says:

    Loved how Kurt Angle stuck it to Randy Orton for stealing his moves by doing an RKO on Jarrett! Hilarious!

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