TNA Xplosion Report – 27/04/2011

TNA Xplosion: British Invasion vs. Tommy Dreamer & Devon

TNA Xplosion: British Invasion vs. Tommy Dreamer & Devon

TNA Xplosion

Wednesday 27th April 2011 – 12am on Challenge TV.

Match 1: The British Invasion (Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus) vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer

A nice technical start to the match between Williams and Dreamer with cries of “this is wrestling from the people in attendance.” Williams in full-on bad-guy mode, taunting Dreamer with the wrist holding action now synonymous with the British Invasion.

From a headlock, Williams is shot into the ropes but powerfully shoulders Dreamer to the mat, following up with an elbow drop that misses its target as Dreamer gets up. Dreamer with a hip-toss, picks Williams back up to tag in Devon.

Williams tries to break free of Dreamer’s grasp, but is axe handled by Devon. Williams gets the upper hand with a knee to the midsection, and brings Devon over to the “home” corner to tag the awaiting Magnus. Double team doesn’t pay off as the two shoot Devon in, but Devon bounces back with a double clothesline. High scoop-slam on Magnus, follows up with a leg drop. Devon with another scoop-slam and up to the “home” corner top rope. Williams holds onto the leg to allow Magnus that extra second or two to rise to his feet and cut Devon off at the top, pulling him down and Devon very close to beheading himself on the top rope. Magnus now on top with stiff kicks and punches to the head as the crowd start chanting “Eng-er-land Eng-er-land Eng-er-land”. Magnus tags Williams in, and another double team with what I believe Taz refers to as the “Bowtie.” (Thankfully it now has a name, even if it is unofficial, because double-team-arms-wrapped-around-the-neck-back-drop is really a mouthful.) The British hand-shaking camera pause is then performed, with Magnus giving a sly V-sign to the camera while Williams goes for the pin. We’re not in PG country now.

Front chancery from Williams on Devon, but Devon powers out with elbows to the midsection. Devon shot into the corner but explodes right back out with a spear on Williams. Devon tags in Dreamer, who delivers two quick clotheslines to Williams and then a basement dropkick to Magnus. That gives Williams time to clothesline Dreamer, but he ducks and delivers his own neck-breaker.

American break as Williams was taken up on Dreamers shoulders.

We flash straight back into the fight with Williams having the upper hand. Forearm. Referee is detracted first by Williams and then by Devon, allowing Magnus to choke Dreamer out using the bottom rope. Williams forearms while Dreamer is prone. Williams back in the ring gets Dreamer up and delivers a punch to the face, then tags in Magnus. Magnus with an old-school eye-rake along the top rope. I’ve not seen that for ages!

Magnus tags Williams back in after delivering an open-handed Scott Hall-type slap to the face of Dreamer. Magnus shoots Dreamer to the corner, then shoots Williams to the corner with a knee to the chest and a snapmare down to the now top-rope-perched Magnus and a beautiful elbow from the top.

Magnus tags Williams back in AGAIN (yes, I know, Magnus was the legal man. Roll with it.) and Williams gets Dreamer off the mat. High-power scoop-slam and Magnus is tagged back in. Magnus with a high vertical suplex, but is unsuccessful with the pin attempt following it.  Sleeper hold on Dreamer, but Dreamer has plenty to get up and fight out with fists to the midsection. Dreamer in. Magnus follows quick. Dreamer turns to be clotheslined by Magnus. Williams is back in, telling the referee to check on Devon’s actions. He pulls Dreamer up. Dreamer is shot to the corner, but boots the on-rushing Williams in the face and attempts to follow up with a clothesline but is T-bone suplexed over head. Williams to the top rope but a senton back splash misses as Dreamer rolls out of the way. Both teams need the tag. Devon in first, then Magnus. Devon with two punch to Magnus’ head. Shoots Magnus off. Magnus reverses. Devon bounces back with a high shoulder block, then pushes Williams off the apron. Bounces off the ropes, and a flying headbutt to Magnus. Magnus returns to his feet, propped up by the corner, but Devon rushes in with a high-impact splash! Magnus walks out of the corner into a Devon chokeslam but Williams interrupts the pin attempt.

Williams shoots Devon off to the ropes and Dreamer tags in as Devon bounces of the rope next to him. Devon stops his bounce by holding the rope and throws the oncoming Williams out over the top.

Magnus in alone now is flattened by a Dreamer DDT, and that is all she wrote.

Good technical match from the Brit’s and Dreamer and Devon. Wasn’t expecting such a decent match for Xplosion and all proved why they should be on iMPACT! with their abilities in-ring. Nice, fluid and enjoyable.

Thanks for reading!


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