Kevin Nash Asking Fans If He Should Go Back to TNA?

Kevin Nash: Returning to TNA?

Kevin Nash: Returning to TNA?

Kevin Nash is seemingly asking fans via Twitter if he should go back to TNA or not, after it appears WWE has nothing planned for him. Nash wrote the following:

“WWE going young.your my fan base,sit on my ass or watch my buddys Sting ass?”

Ray’s Thoughts:  Nash returning as the heavily hyped “Network Representative” would certainly make a lot of sense storyline wise, considering his role as Sting’s ally last year, not to mention his history with Bischoff & Hogan. Additionally considering Nash’s knee problems, this role as more of a mouthpeice would be a perfect fit and allow him to work a lighter schedule reserve him for special one off matches.

However, Nash was in TNA’s plans all along last year, and was offered a vital role in a possible Main Event Mafia re-union which would have been a key storyline. However Nash let TNA down when he reneged on an alleged verbal agreement to return and decided to depart for a better money deal with WWE in January. Not only that but he then proceeded to bury TNA in interviews which followed. As a TNA fan i couldn’t overlook this and i sincerely hope TNA won’t either, good fit or not Nash doesn’t deserve a return to TNA in my book.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

One Response to Kevin Nash Asking Fans If He Should Go Back to TNA?

  1. bryant fontaine says:

    kevin nash is one of my fav. wrestler of 90s along with undertaker. razor ramon. the rock. macho man. he left tna for wwe. wwe gonna misused him like they did christian & gail kim they did better in tna. if it money he went after he may get it but we aint gonna see him that much. wwe gonna treat him like trash. just like they did with everybody who left wwe for tna. wwe main wrestlers is cena & orton. kevin gonna just a another midcarder.

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