Destination X to be an all X-Division PPV?

TNA Destination X 2011

TNA Destination X 2011 is reporting that the current plan is to have the Destination X PPV in July feature nothing but X Division wrestlers and matches.

One of the hooks for the show will be to have former X wrestlers such as Styles, Joe and Daniels return to the division for one night.

There has even been talk of bringing back former X Division workers who are no longer on the roster for one night.

AJ Styles vs Kazarian has been talked about as the PPV’s main event.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

3 Responses to Destination X to be an all X-Division PPV?

  1. jacob says:

    This could be something great. Hardcore Justice was a waste of a ppv that had but a few major highlights. If tna are going to highlight a gimmick ppv what better one (aside from Lockdown) than one that highlights the foundation upon which TNA was built on?

    So many people want to see TNA go back to what it used to be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The action of an all X-division ppv would deliver, there are no doubts about that, and if the reaction to the show and the buyrate was strong enough this could be the jump off of what TNA used to be returning. That way if the show does above the average buys TNA will realize what the IWC have been saying for years that the X-division with a heavy focus can draw, and if it does a low number then those people can stop complaining because TNA gave them what they want, and those that complained didn’t support it. It’s a win/win situation either way.

    I’m all for this idea. That said, this is what my all X-division card would look like:

    Past v Present X-division Kingpins battle it out
    AJ Styles v Kaz
    Battle to determine the greatest X-Division Tag Team in an Ultimate X Match
    MCMG v GenMe v Brian Kendrick & one-night return of Paul London
    Two pioneers of the X-Division style in America battle one last time
    Jerry Lynn v Rob Van Dam
    Samoa Joe v Homicide
    Sonjay Dutt v Amazing Red
    Jay Lethal v Low Ki
    Christopher Daniels v Austin aries
    Petey Williams v Kid Kash.

    • Ray Mullan says:

      Nice card Jacob. Would love to see Sonjay Dutt, Low Ki and Petey Williams back at least for one night. Given their outspoken criticism of TNA i doubt Homicide or Paul London would be up for it but you never know!

      Would love to see one last match between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Daniels. But if their going to go with Kaz vs. AJ i think they should build Kaz as a fighting champion who professes to be the best of all time and the pioneer of ultimate X and in a friendly yet competitive way have AJ insuate that “to be the man you gotta beat the man” and AJ is Mr. X division afterall!

      I’d then have them in an Ultimate X Main Event for the title and have Kaz go over clean, with an embrace from AJ at the end, have Fortune and the rest of the division come out and hoist Kaz on their shoulders to close the show – he’d be a made man after that in my book.

  2. Susie B says:

    I love this idea, how about putting the title on AJ before Desination X have a World Heavyweight Champion vs X-Division Champion match-up, that would be epic!

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