Knocked Out: A bit of an angry rant

Ok so let’s get things cracking back here on Knocked Out. Kong has debuted in WWE but that’s them and we don’t talk about them here.

The place is Lockdown. The Match is Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne. The moment is Mickie James finally becoming Knockouts Champion. The Moment when Mickie finally beats Madison Rayne to become Knockouts Champion for the first time? The biggest name in the Knockouts Division finally winning another title to add to her collection? That moment? Ruined.

Mickie James winning the Knockouts title will never be as hot or mean as much as it did when she won the first one and they ruined it. I am a fan of Mickie James but if she couldn’t wrestle a proper match she had no business in that cage at Lockdown. It made Madison Rayne look stupid and feeble and it made Mickie James’s title win mean nothing.  I can suspend disbelief to the point where Eric Young thinks his match is an escape match when it’s not. But Mickie James in that kind of physical shape beating Madison Rayne that quickly was awful. It was Hardy/Sting all over again but this time it was the Knockouts so no one gave a crap. The division is slowly becoming meaningless. The Knockouts Tag Titles are already meaningless but the whole division is going that way. There were so many ways they could have gone to have made this match go longer and mean more and even if Mickie James had to get beaten up by Madison Rayne and then get a school girl or an inside cradle or something for the win and sneak it out that would have got a better pop from the crowd and would have meant more than the match they actually had. It completely ruined Lockdown for me. And that’s not a joke it did completely ruin the event for me.

The Knockouts division is in desperate need of new blood. And frankly Isis the Amazon and Miss Tessmacher aren’t going to get the job done.  What is the problem with hiring women who can WRESTLE? There is a whole promotion called Shimmer with great talented wrestlers. There is a whole promotion called WSU with great talented wrestlers. Sara Del Ray, MsChif, Madison Eagles, The Canadian Ninja’s, Allison Danger, Rachel Summerlyn, Kellie Skater, Britani Knight, Rhia O’Reilly, The Alpha Female, April Davids, Jenny Sjodin, Jessica Love,  Ayumi Kurihara, Cheerleader Melissa, Daizee Haize, Melanie Cruise and LuFisto to name just the ones that pop into my head straight away. Now apparently Melanie Cruise had a tryout with TNA recently and that would be great. She’s a big, impactful and can wrestle. But the fact remains that TNA need to do something about the falling standards of this division and they can do it with two simple things without even bringing in any of the great wrestlers that I just named.

1)      Just end the stupid, sorry beyond stupid, Angelina Love drugging stuff. Like is it mind control drugs? I don’t get it I just don’t it makes no sense it’s stupid. It’s beyond stupid. Move Love and Sky back into the tag team division of the Knockouts and have Winter do something else. Be Madison Rayne’s new enforcer maybe. Get her a tag partner to feud with The Beautiful People. Really anything but what they are doing now. It’s worse than Papa Shango cursing people and making jobbers vomit. It really is.

2)      Get on with the Tara/Madison Rayne feud. This has the potential to be good. Have Mickie drop the title to Tara as the spark that finally ignites the feud. This could be a good one if it’s booked right. As for Mickie James as soon as she is fit she can have a brief programme with Miss Tessmacher before going after the title again.

What would I like to see happen? I’d like to see this happen:

Over a few impacts Mickie James keeps getting notes asking her “ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”  and “prelude” by AFI keeps interrupting her matches until  the mystery person is revealed to be Madison Eagles. She tells Mickie James that it’s about to get seriously Eagles and she challenges her for a match. Karen Jarrett, who is this scenario, has been appointed by Immortal to be in charge of the Knockouts division thus making it seem like they know it exists, grants the match there and then. At this Jessie McKay and Kellie Skater come out through the crowd and beat up Mickie James. Madison Eagles walks slowly to the ring and hits her Hellbound finisher on Mickie to win the Knockouts Title.  The 3 women faction from Australia claim they are here to make the Division great and reshape it in their image. The next week on Impact McKay and Skater win the Tag Team titles making them the dominant force in the Knockouts division with 1 faction holding all 3 titles.  They would dominate for months forcing the Knockouts Locker room to put aside differences and combine their efforts to take down the stable from oz.

This however isn’t going to happen.  They should at least sign the 3 girls from Australia who are just fantastic and would add a lot to the roster. Kellie Skater would be ODB levels of popular. And Madison Eagles has a built in feud with Madison Rayne just over who is the best wrestler called Madison. And also she is awesome and engaging and talented and can wrestle.

Ok let’s take a very quick look at some rankings as I see it in the Knockouts Division. Mickie James in Knockouts champ and also in my mind ranked number 1 which is handy. No.1 Contender should be Tara with Sarita ranked at 3, Madison Rayne ranked at 4, Rosita at 5, Velvet Sky, Winter and Angelina Love tied last. No number just last. This will change when that horrible, stupid, idiotic storyline is over. Until then they are all tied in last place. Miss Tessmacher doesn’t rank as she may have returned but as far as I know not to in ring competition yet. Madison Rayne is at 4 because her stuff with Tara has been quite good.

I hope this makes up for a recent lack of Knocked Out in your life. Do remember that you can also find me at where I write about women’s wrestling for all over the place including from TNA.


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