Aftermath of iMPACT: “QUEEN CLOSEAU” – 03/05/2011



Tuesday 3rd May 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Three Way for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: Sting d. Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray
Television Title Match: Gunner d. Christopher Daniels
 Crimson d. Samoa Joe via DQ following interference from Abyss
Scott Steiner/Matt Morgan backstage brawl
 Anarquia d. Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley Returned
 Angelina Love w/Winter d. Velvet Sky
Karen Angle Interrogates the Knockouts

I’ve a confession to make, sometimes i just can’t resist reading the TV tapings results/spoilers. I know it takes away from the some of the excitement of the show, but come on, sometimes you jsut can’t wait to see where a storyline or an angle is going.

I must admit, when i saw the tv tapings report for this episode, aside from the comedic value i anticipated from the Karen Jarrett interrogation segment, i wasn’t that excited about anything else on the show. However occasionally there are certain times when the actual show itself comes off much better than the picture presented by the spoilers, this was one of those episodes.

For a few weeks now, TNA has been using a very predictable format for iMPACT!.  Opening with a long promo (usual courtesy of Immortal) that builds the main event, throw in some short match-ups and pretapes, then finish with a hyped main event and postmatch commentary from those involved. This show was a major step away from this which in my book was a good thing, the whole show felt very different, fresh and not as cluttered.

The opening segment was pure gold. Karen and Jeff Jarrett are one of the best things on TNA right now. In particular, i thought Jeff’s reaction’s to some of the insuations from the knockouts were fantastic and really fit his current persona, he just plays the character so well. Whilst Karen and Jeff seemed to focus on Velvet Sky for the majority of the segment, this is obviously a ruse. The most logical person seemed to be Miss Tessmacher given her sudden appearance without warning last week, however is still firmly believe this is going to be someone not currently on the TNA roster.

Not much of a match from Velvet & Angelina tonight, though i guess the whole point was to put over Angelina’s new zombie character and her apparent “imperviousness to pain”. Also a big changeup by starting the show focusing on the women and not showing any of the male wrestlers aside from the ever-present Jeff Jarrett until 25 minutes into Impact. Interesting to see how this is reflected in the ratings.

Decent match-up between Anarquia and Chris Sabin. Sabin’s injury looked serious, and given the quick finish i had assumed it was legitimate. However when Alex Shelley made the save i marked out and then assumed TNA did a fantastic job of making us all believe that Sabin was really injured….i which that were the case, turns out he legitimately injured his knee. MCMG have had no luck this year and the timing couldn’t have been worse given Shelley’s comeback. Hopefully Sabin heals up soon.

Good job from Steiner and Morgan tonight, very intense backstage brawl segment. I was dubious at first of Morgan’s “Rise to the Main Event” being sidetracked by Steiner. But he made Morgan look a million bucks tonight, this feud sets Morgan up to beat a fierce former multi-time World Champion giving him instant credibility in the title scene, looking forward to their bout at Sacrifice which is surely on the way.

Sting was definately the star of this show, his wrecking of Anderson’s truck with the baseball bat was just an awesome segment and his childlike denials when confronted about it by Mr. Anderson in the ring was just done to perfection. In fact the whole exchange between Anderson and Sting was the best segment of the show for me. RVD giving his approval for a World Title showdown between Anderson and the Stinger was a surprise and i loved that just when all of the faces finally were on the same page for once, Hogan came in to change to the game up and throw Bully Ray into the mix. Loving Hogan playing the “Master Manipulator”, we all think of him like that anyway.

Apparently Gunner is going to be the recipient of a push, defeating Christopher Daniels to retain the TV Championship on tonights show. I hope we get to see these two lock up at Sacrifice in a return match because I’d like to see what Gunner can do in a 15-minute match with a wrestler of the caliber of Christopher Daniels. This match was rushed but was enjoyable while it lasted.

Samoa Joe’s promo backstage concerning his own undefeated streak upon entry into TNA and comparing it with Crimson’s current undefeated streak (which, to be honest i wasn’t aware of!) really built their match up for me. I started to get chills as i thought of the possibility of Crimson knocking off Somoa Joe, clean, and going on a Goldberg style undefeated streak. Whilst the match didn’t end the way i would have pictured, it was a decent bout. I’m looking forward to seeing Abyss vs Crimson and Sacrifice, but really want to see Crimson take the victory, he got the look and in ring ability to be a star in this business, i hope TNA makes the most of his unique abilities.

Mickie James’ thank you to the fans was a nice touch. Though given that she’s the first to hold the every major Female title in wrestling (WWE Women’s, Divas and TNA Knockouts) i thought they would have made a much bigger deal out of it, opportunity missed in my book.

The Main Event match-up was surprisingly good, with a great finish. It was also nice seeing Ray sell the effects of the head shot so heavily as he was down a long time before the replacement ref made the three count. The only thing that irked me was the tease of Anderson looking on from ringside as if he was about to pounce on Sting with the pipe only for them to cut to the backstage interview segments.

Speaking of the post match comments, Bully Ray proved once again why he deserves his spot in the main event mix in TNA with a scintillating Heel promo. We closed out with Jeff and Karen speculating on the identityof the “Mistress” that Kurt Angle has hired. Is still feel the post match comments take a little away from the anticipation of next week a little. How much more exciting would it have been to have seen the slow rise of Anderson from the mat with the pipe only to cut to the TNA Wrestling logo with Tenay stating they were out of time and to join next week for the fall out from this weeks episode? They’d have me hooked for sure.

Final Thoughts

This episode of Impact was unique because of the all-Knockout start and it did a good job of moving the storylines along, however barring the Main Event, little stood out to me. There were around 30mins of wrestling in total, given the recent talk of re-branding with an emphasis on “Wrestling” i’d hope that this means more actual in ring action going forward. TNA have a roster littered with talent, and there’s a ton of dream match-ups and pairing at their disposal, it would be a shame to waste those opportunities.

Until next week, thanks for reading.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

8 Responses to Aftermath of iMPACT: “QUEEN CLOSEAU” – 03/05/2011

  1. MPL says:

    I agree, this show was so different to the last weeks and it focused more on new guys like Gunner, Crimson or Anarquia. I guess the ratings will come in as lower than usual because of it, but as long as I enjoy the show, I don’t care.

    The opening segment immediately got my attention, because it was so different to the usual Immortal/Sting/Anderson/RVD bla bla to set up a match for later. Besides it was a smart way to continue Angle vs. Jarretts without a direct confrontation. Sadly it took a bit too long.

    Off course the usual Immortal/Sting/Anderson/RVD bla bla to set up a match had to come later, but as a reaction to Sting destroying Anderson’s car it was well placed and I enjoyed it especially because of Sting. Bully Ray as the third man was a surprising pick by Hogan, but he played his part very well. His promos were gold and he for sure is one of the best heels in the business today. The match was entertaining as well, only the end with Anderson and the pipe was weird.

    Steiner was hilarious as ever. The problem is, I don’t want to see Morgan win this feud, because Steiner comes over way too likeable, when he is p.o.

    Gunner vs. Daniels and Crimson vs. Joe were good matches and Gunner and Crimson both looked very impressive. The comeback of Alex Shelley was another highlight for me and I’m looking forward to the coming matches of all this feuds. And I’m also interested what is coming next for Samoa Joe, in my eyes him not helping Crimson against Abyss wasn’t a heel turn, he just doesn’t care for Crimsons problems.

    The knockouts were the weak point this week. I like the story between Velvet and Angelina/Winter, but this match didn’t do much for me. Mickie celebrating her title win was something, that TNA should show more often to put over the importance of a title, but 2 weeks after the win it came a little too late. And without a new contender challenging her it seemed pointless.

    But in the main I really enjoyed this show and I hope that TNA stick to this format, even if the ratings come in as lower than usual this week.

  2. Mic Skills Required says:

    Best moment of the night – Anderson: “Did you smash every window in my truck out?”, Sting: “…N..NO!” LOL!

  3. Hardcore_Hak says:

    Great review again man. Decent show this week, but not as good as last weeks in my opinion. Can’t believe Sabin gets injured just as we are about to get the guns back! Looking at the spoilers whats coming up looks brilliant, cannot wait for Sacrifice.

  4. wh00ps says:

    It’s good. There might not be more wrestling, but doesn’t it FEEL like there’s more wrestling? The pace of the show has definitely changed for the better.
    Immortal have finally realised they have a knockout division in their company, I’m sure it’s not because they read the comments I leave on your blog, but never mind. Just in case I AM the basis for their storyline directions, I’d suggest now that at least two of the knockouts should actually join immortal… they need to have at least one wrestler for each division in the company or the storyline doesn’t make sense. Not Winter/Love though. I’d suggest Velvet Sky- nice surprise there and she’s been kicked a lot recently so it would make sense for her to turn to the dark side.
    Although I’m not a fan of the Angelina Love storyline, you have to admit she’s playing it well, those looks from under the long eyelashes and the no-sells in the matches… daft story but she’s making the best of it. Wish I could say the same for Winter.
    The Sabin injury was well handled, but I wish I thought that if he’d been booked to win, they’d have switched to a loss. I have a suspicion that we’d have ended up with a re-run of the knockouts at lockdown… suspension of disbelief is very difficult when wrestlers who are obviously unfit to continue suddenly win out of nowhere wheras using a legitimate injury (when it happens) keeps all the fans guessing.

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