TNA Xplosion Report – 04/05/2011

TNA Xplosion: 8-Man Tag Match

TNA Xplosion: 8-Man Tag Match

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 4th May 2011 – 12am on Challenge

TNA REWIND: A look back at this weeks edition of TNA iMPACT!
Orlando Jordan, Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer & Devon defeated The British Invasion, Murphy  & Rob Terry

As always, Xplosion is opened up with Jeremy Borash and Taz discussing tonight’s match and the fallout from this weeks iMPACT!, of which a review is available right here at

Match 1: The British Invasion, Immortal’s Rob Terry & Murphy vs. Orlando Jordan, Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer & Devon.

Orlando Jordan is wearing an awful “bubble gum” wrapper shirt. A true fashion disaster. Brian Hebner will referee this mammoth main event for Xplosion.

Doug Williams and Devon start with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Devon with an arm-bar into a side-headlock and back into an arm-bar which Williams can roll out of. Eric Young is already looking for the tag.

Williams knee’s Devon in the stomach and shoots him into the ropes but Devon comes back with his patented flying forearm. Devon with a scoop-slam and a running elbow to follow up. Arm-bar and a tag in to Orlando Jordan. Williams instantly runs away from Jordan to tag in Murphy. Orlando with the go-behind (are we surprised?) but Murphy elbows out. Another elbow to the head, and a stiff right. Murphy shoots Orlando into the ropes but telegraphs his back-body drop early, allowing Jordan to leap-frog and stand behind the precariously positioned Murphy. With all the time in the world for Orlando to perform a move, he instead elects to slap Murphy on the behind, which provokes a tentative response from Murphy, now backing into the corner.

Orlando comes for Murphy in the corner, however Murphy can kick the gut of Orlando and drill his head into the turnbuckle. Murphy shoots Orlando off into the opposite corner’s direction, pulling back and throwing him into the same corner he came from and follows up with a clothesline, which is blocked before he can hit it with an elbow to the chops. Orlando then manages to get a head-scissors on Murphy, bopping his head up and down in a rated-M maneuver. Murphy comes back in with a clothesline, ducked again by Orlando who comes back with punches to the stomach and a private dance for Murphy in the corner. Orlando must like Murphy, because he’s received a lot of attention in this match from Orlando.

Murphy shoves Jordan off him and goes for a spear but it’s excellently reversed into an arm-drag and into an arm-bar. Orlando up and in to tag Eric Young while Murphy is still trapped in the arm-bar. EY will go up top, and an axe-handle to the arm of Murphy. EY turns and instead of tying up with Murphy instead ends up in a tie-up with Brian Hebner! Young realises and steps back, allowing Tommy Dreamer to tag himself into the match. Eric Young and Tommy Dreamer then tie-up to the delight of sections of the crowd, enjoying the Eric Young character. He then runs towards Orlando to tie up with him, but Orlando has none of it, and then Young ties up with Devon, who clearly says “what the hell are you doin’?!”

Rob Terry takes full advantage, smashing Dreamer from behind with a forearm, but Young is still in the ring and makes eye contact with Terry. Young clearly thinks he can take Terry here, and slaps his shoulders to ready himself for yet another tie-up. Terry backs up slightly in the grip, but then shoves Young into the ropes, who gets himself in a bit of a tangle with the ropes and slithers out of the ring. Dreamer is back to his feet and delivers four stiff right hands to the head of Terry before the Irish whip to the ropes. It’s reversed by Rob Terry who tentatively attempts a clothesline which is slowly ducked by Dreamer, and as he bounces off the other ropes, Murphy manages to get a knee into the back of Dreamer, allowing Terry to power Dreamer down with a hellish clothesline.

American break.

We’re back right in the middle of a vertical suplex on Dreamer from Terry, leading to a near-fall. Terry gets Dreamer to his feet and sends his head into the “home” turnbuckle. Terry will tag in the fresh Nick “Magnus” Aldis. Magnus with another arm-bar to set up the Bow Tie as Williams finally realises he’s needed for this move to be completed. He quickly comes in and gets the free arm to get Dreamer down onto the mat and have a quick British Invasion smugness moment in-ring with Magnus, and the customary handshake soon after.

Magnus gets Dreamer back to his feet and delivers an uppercut, rocking Dreamer into the corner. Magnus shoots Dreamer off into the opposite corner hard, leaving Dreamer reeling from the impact of the turnbuckles on his back. Magnus quickly tags in Williams, then whips Dreamer back into the corner, sending Williams in straight after. Williams hits a high knee into the chest and snapmare’s Dreamer to the floor as the awaiting Magnus stands on the second rope looking to go high-risk. Magnus delivers a flying elbow to Dreamer and exit’s the ring as Williams gets a two-count.

Williams back up with Dreamer, an arm-bar and a right hand in the face backs Dreamer into the corner. Williams hits and uppercut, but Dreamer hits back with a slap to the chest. Williams cuts off Dreamers attempt at a comeback with a knee to the sternum and another uppercut before shooting Dreamer off into the corner. Williams follows up with a splash but Dreamer moves out of the way, and Dreamer gets a sleeping neck-breaker.

Dreamer manages to get Eric Young in as Williams tags Magnus in also. Young gets the upper hand instantly with big right hands. Shoots Magnus off and delivers an elbow and a clothesline soon after. Magnus back up misses a clothesline and both bounce off separate ropes for momentum. Young with a flying forearm and a two-count.

Williams enters before Young can take advantage of a prone Magnus, clocking Young on the head, prompting Orlando Jordan to come and help his comrade with a scoop into a reverse DDT into a swinging neck-breaker, also known as the Gender Bender! Rob Terry comes in and powers Orlando down with a scoop into a front power slam. Devon in and delivers a spine-buster to Terry whose head hits the canvas HARD. Devon walks into the line of a top-rope mounted Murphy, who clotheslines Devon, but Dreamer is back in and spikes Murphy with a DDT that drills Murphy into the ring! Magnus takes advantage of Dreamer’s moment on camera with a high sit-out power slam, and performs to the camera himself while Eric Young seems to be getting undressed behind him! Young sends Magnus head-first into the turnbuckle as Devon, Orlando and Dreamer all mount Terry, Murphy and Williams respectively in separate corners. A well orchestrated corner mount of ten punches from all, and then all four are thrown into the centre of the ring, colliding with each other there!

With most of the wrestlers out of the ring, Magnus manages to get himself back up, but is met by Eric Young who goes behind Magnus for a belly-to-back suplex, pushing Magnus forward then lifting him high to execute a nice falling neck breaker which gets Young the three count!

Lots of wrestlers, lots of action. Could have been broken down into two, three or even four separate matches to benefit Xplosion, but a decent bout.


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  2. J Good says:

    Eric young & Orlando Jordan are the best tag team in TNA!

  3. J Good says:

    TNA is a great show i wish i could give them some ideas on the wrestling games because I’m a BIG wrestling game fan I would love to help them create a wrestling that will make TNA great in the video game world!

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