What’s My Angle?

Bully Ray

Bully Ray: Cut one impressive Promo on iMPACT!

                       Well just when you thought I’d disappeared; here I am with another WHAT’S MY ANGLE!…Rant!

Now I’ve been absent a few weeks and upon my return I’m confronted with IMPACT! WRESTLING, errrrrrrrrrrr, what? I take it that Impact wrestling is a direct response to the fact that the competition has decided to drop wrestling from it product all together? Anyone fill me in on this or simply give me your thoughts on this re-brand and the whole point of it?

Now, watching Impact over the past few weeks for me has been a little hit and miss. Although I am enjoying the new style of the show and believe that they have found the right format. A few weeks back the show was full of promos and video packages with very little wrestling but now they seem to have found that happy medium and the show seems to be doing better for it.

My biggest gripe at present is the lack of talent, for too long now RVD, Mr Anderson and Sting have been going round in circles week after week delivering pretty much the same matches we watched the week before. A surprise or shock needs to happen soon before I go completely insane.

What I would like to see is RVD turn at the next pay per view, revealing that he has been in line with Hogan and Immortal all along and suckered Sting into the one on one title match. That would have the shock factor of the Jeff Hardy turn and would be very interesting to see if he could take to the heel role as well as Jeff did.

Failing that, turn Sting! You know nobody would see that coming.

One of the biggest highlights for me and am actually surprised I’m writing this as I never thought I would but credit where credit is due. Bully Ray has taken his limelight opportunity and ran with it! For me this started with the power bomb to AJ and has continued ever since, culminating in a slot in the main event this past week on Impact for the world title and what I thought was one of the best single promos I have seen in a long time.

I have been very impressed with his rise of late and can see big things coming his way in the future which if his current performances are anything to go by will make for some great viewing.

All in all it appears to be going well for the company; viewing figures in the UK are at an all time high. If they can make a few more main event signing’s in the near future or at least change the main event characters then the future will be bright.

Until next time.


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

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