TNA Xplosion Report – 11/05/2011

TNA Xplosion: Eric Young vs Robbie E

TNA Xplosion: Eric Young vs Robbie E

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 11th May 2011 – 12am on Challenge

TNA REWIND: A look back at this weeks edition of TNA iMPACT!
Sting vs. Rob Van Dam from Slammiversary 2010
Spin Cycle with JB, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Rosita and James Storm
Eric Young w/ Orlando Jordan vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie.

Xplosion starts off with Jeremy Borash and Taz announcing tonight’s match between Eric Young and Robbie E in one-on-one action, but first a look at this past weeks huge iMPACT! broadcast.

Match 1: Eric Young w/ Orlando Jordan vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie.

Taz prepares us for this match perfectly describing Eric Young as JB’s “home-boy” and his “other buddy, Orlando”, hinting that JB is very “close” to Orlando.

The always-dancing Robbie E performs a butt-to-butt dance with Cookie. While the dancing is going on during Robbie E’s entrance, the referee for the match Brian Hebner gets his own groove on and starts dancing with Cookie, backing her into the corner! Orlando enters the ring and starts to dance with Robbie, unbeknown to him! Robbie E performs another butt-to-butt dance but with Orlando! As he turns to the side, he realises that Cookie is actually in the corner and his face drops. He turns and shoves Orlando away, allowing Eric Young to get this contest underway with the first move of the match – a schoolboy roll-up! Only a one count, and we’re off after all that.

Eric Young runs over Robbie with two shoulder blocks, both receiving a cover and a one count respectively. EY with his own fist-pumping action finds himself pushed into the corner by Robbie who delivers a corner-spear after being separated by Hebner in a corner count. Kicks in the corner and a choke with the foot lead to an American break.

We return to see EY coming back with some right hands to the standing Robbie E, but a gut-check and a scoop-slam power Young back down to the mat. Robbie E goes up to the second rope, points at Cookie and performs a little dance before dropping a forearm on EY’s face. Two count!

JB informs us that Eric is actually growing his beard and won’t shave it until Sting gives him a title shot to unify the two belts. (Eric is still carrying the former-former TNA World Championship. I’d expect EY to have a very long beard before TNA even consider booking that match.)

Front chin lock from Robbie. EY powers out with elbows and a couple of rights. Shoots him off into the corner, but it’s reversed by Robbie E. Eric does the Ric Flair corner flip-out and lands perfectly on the apron, anticipating the first clothesline, but comes back and doesn’t see the second coming. EY hits hard on the apron, and Cookie is sort-of scared off by Orlando, but gets to a safe distance and proclaims that she “didn’t do nothin'” and that Orlando “didn’t see nothin’.” She also reckons that Orlando is jealous of Cookie’s purse, which is actually a handbag, but this is America.

Orlando leads the cheers of the crowd to get EY back up and at Robbie E who is still waiting in the ring. EY enters with a baseball slide and shoots off to the near ropes and back to be cut off by a punch to the bread basket, then an impressive variation of a Russian leg sweep, forcing EY down with his arms and upper body strength. Leads to a two count.

Robbie gets Young back to a vertical base to be cut down by a jaw breaker. Eric feeds off the energy of the crowd to get momentum back on his side. Robbie tries to cut him off, but EY is “hulking up”. He’s pulling his belt off… NO! He’s pulling his PANTS DOWN TO REVEAL “G.T.W.” TRUNKS! Robbie is stunned! EY has Robbie’s trunks on! Robbie attacks Eric but is cut off each time with a right hand. Young with a high flying forearm and a discus clothesline, then a belly-to-belly suplex. Cookie enters the ring to save her man but Orlando grabs her “purse” to stop her. Robbie comes over to Cookie to see what she’s doing and gets clocked with the “purse.” Young takes advantage and delivers a spike piledriver into the mat and gets the three count! This one is over.

Entertaining! Thanks for reading!


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