What’s My Angle?

Main Event Ankle Lock!

Main Event Ankle Lock!

I could start and end this instalment of What’s My Angle with one sentence “Kurt Angle in the main event on Impact!” what more needs to be said about this past Tuesdays show. In all seriousness I really enjoyed this week’s Impact and unlike others (sorry Ray) I was pleased that we were given a week off from the Sting, RVD and Mr Anderson show.

For weeks now I have been growing tired of the same old  thing with the same three guys week after week so when Impact opened and Immortal were in the ring with Sting and RVD on the outside I was feeling a serious case of déjà vu. What a relief though when Fortune hit the ring and Bobby Roode took the mic and verbally thrashed Hogan.

Speaking of Roode, how good was he? From the moment I started watching the show I have always been a big fan and have loved the work he’s been doing with Beer Money but would love to see a singles push in the future.

This week was good for one reason (except Kurt being main event) and that was STORYLINE DEVELOPMENT! Next week is being billed as the night of revelations and for once TNA did a fantastic job of building on this and upping the anticipation for what’s to come.

It was also great to see them building on the Samoa Joe/Crimson feud; this could be a major push for Crimson and make him a major star while at the same time push Joe back into the limelight where he belongs.

Many of the backstage promos this week were great also. The scene with Bischoff and the X Division guys was awesome. Love him or hate him Bischoff can deliver a promo with the best of them, far better than Hogan whose acting skills clearly haven’t improved.

I have to admit I was wrong about something, that something is the Angle/Jarrett feud. I was pretty much against this storyline (still am in a way) and didn’t believe it would have legs after Lock Down, I was wrong. I really like the way they are adding a fourth party to take out Karen allowing Kurt to finish Jarrett once and for all. These two have put on some great matches over the past few months and I’m sure that their next encounter will be no different.

If TNA can continue to build on this style and as I’ve stated before attract some major names then the sky the limit. They need to mix up the world title scene and look to move away from the Impact Zone, get out on the road and I’m certain success will follow.

All in all I’m pretty excited to see what happens next week where all will be revealed!

Until next time.


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News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

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