The Good, The Bad, The TNA – “TNA is #WINNING”

Hello and welcome to another entry of GBT. It’s been a busy few weeks in TNA for us as we head into Sacrafice PPV and I hope to cover them here for you.


Another week passes and TNA beats WWE AGAIN in the UK ratings war. This is great news for TNA. Many people ask why TNA is  the best and for the answers you should read this article by Ray. It’s a great read.

TNA iMPACT Rebranding

The TV show TNA iMPACT will now be known as “iMPACT WRESTLING.”
At a time where WWE would have you think ‘Wrestling’ is a dirty word by dropping it, TNA have embraced it and made it a focal point of their brand. Thank you TNA for making it feel good to be a fan of wrestling!

Bad Timing

Poor Chris Sabin has suffered a knee injury just as his tag partner Alex Shelly had returned to action.
Everyone here at wishes Chris a speedy recovery.

The INVASION has begun

TNA has announced it will be Invading Mexican wrestling promotion AAA. I really hope this gets air time on iMPACT as I for one am really keen to see how this can work.

I would like to see where they go with this because I also know TNA are linked with British Wrestling promotion FWA. Could TNA Invade the UK next?

Lockdown Round Up

I will keep this brief as Lockdown is long gone BUT what an excellent PPV by all at TNA. I have to admit Kurt and Jeff stole the show!

iMPACT Round Up

Another solid iMPACT which carried on every story nicely, it seems that TNA have found a sweet spot with their booking and are putting on quality shows each week. I’m looking forward to finding out who the network is. I just really wish TNA would stop doing a “They is coming” storyline every few months.

Last night Robert Roode was the star man for me. The guy goes from strength to strength and I honestly believe he will be a world champion by this time next year!

TNA have announced there will be another fan party for us in the UK on 26th May in Manchester. Check out JB twitter feed for more info on this.

What is next?

Next week I will give you my views on iMPACT on what is going to be THE episode of iMPACT you don’t want to miss. I will also have my MVIP (Most valuable iMPACT Player) from the last two weeks! 6 Months ago I wrote an end of year round up. Well 6 months on I’m going to revisit that article and tell you how I feel about TNA now.

I’m also pleased to announce we have an up coming interview with a TOP TNA talent. As always, thanks for reading and I will see you all soon.


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