TNA Classics: History of Sting Vs RVD in TNA

RVD vs. Sting: A rivalry with some history

RVD vs. Sting: A rivalry with some history

The Sting and RVD saga has more rivalry attached to it than some people may think. When you look back at how RVD debuted in TNA its a perfect example of why both men will want to get one over on the other at Sacrifice Sunday May 15th.

The Debut of RVD

It was back on Impact when Sting was feuding with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, Sting talking about a hidden agenda and doing everything to upset the Hogan and Bischoff rollercoaster.  Dixie Carter tried to talk with sting backstage and was grabbed by Sting and told her that he “owed her nothing”. This action by Sting caused Dixie to do something shes never done before and that was to make a match, however the opponent for Sting would be a secret and he would find out who it was when we all did.

Sting is in the Ring waiting for his opponent, the music then hits and the letters RVD are displayed on the video screen, Stings face is a picture as the reality hits that Rob Van Dam has joined TNA.  Sting is looking up the ramp waiting for RVD to emerge as are the fans but RVD has other ideas, he comes through the crowd and over the guard rail, he then climbs the top turnbuckle and waits his moment. On hearing the cheers of the crowd Sting turns to see RVD jump off the turnbuckle and thrust kick Sting knocking him to the canvas.  RVD takes the opening to then hit a rolling thunder and pick up a quick victory on a stunned Sting.

As RVD celebrates a furious Sting regains his feet, picks up his baseball bat and begins to launch a viscious attack on RVD. Referees come out to regain control but Sting dishes out the same medicene to them with his baseball bat. Just as Sting looks like hes going to destroy RVD Hulk hogans music hits and he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring closely followed by TNA security, the two trade insults as Sting continues to batter RVD, Hogan then tries to get in the ring but is stopped by security, as Hogans held by TNA security Sting manages to get in a shot with the bat into Hogans ribs leaving both RVD and Hogan laid out with Sting walking away pleased with his nights work.

Lockdown 2010

It was Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Hardy, RVD and Jeff Jarrett) Vs Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe). This match is a result of the power struggle between Sting and Hogan with Ric Flair now getting involved joining up with Sting due to his loathing of Hogan and to try and get Hogans Hall of fame ring off Abyss.

Ths was your typical Lockdown match up with action all over the place, chairs, tables and even Jeff Hardy and Beer Money battling on top of the steel structure. But the match drew to a close when Ric Flair came down to the ring to try and get the Hall of fame ring off Abyss, of course Hogan wasnt going to let that slide and came down himself to stop The Natureboy in his tracks. Just as Hogan was about to take Flair out with the Baseball bat Eric Bischoff emerged to talk Hogan down, Hogan agrees and lays down the bat only for Bischoff to breakout some Brass knuckles. He goes to give the knuckles to Flair and stops, turns and passes them to Hogan instead who then proceeds to batter Flair, in the back of all this Abyss and Desmond Wolfe regain their feet, Abyss hits the Blackhole slam for the pin and the win.

So Team Hogan and RVD scupper the plans of Sting once again, Sting is left to lick his wounds while RVD is Hogans new main man along with Abyss. From here RVD would capitilise on his popularity and defeat A J Styles and become the new TNA Worldheavyweight Champion while Sting is left in the shadows to contemplate his next move.

Slammiversary 2010

In a turn of fortune for Sting he is named Number one contender for RVD’s World Heavyweight title and will get his shot at the 2010 Slammiversary PPV. This is the first time Sting and RVD have wrestled for a world title.

The start of this match took place outside the ring and in the crowd with both Sting and RVD being thrown into the wall at the back of the crowd area. Referee Earl Hebner tries to get both men back in the ring but sting tells Hebner “I still have unfinished business with him”.

They finally get back into the ring and RVD starts to take control of the match in his usual high flying, martial arts kicking way, this however goes wrong when he tries to land a high cross body off the top turnbuckle and hits Earl Hebner instead of Sting. This is what Sting was waiting for, he takes the opportunity to pick up his trusty baseball bat and repeatedly attacks RVD with it. Just when all looks bleak for RVD Jeff Jarret, who has had issues with Sting on Impact, hits the ring and grabs the bat off Sting and attacks him with it. RVD regains his feet as Jarret leaves and sees Sting is down, he takes his chance and hits a rolling thunder and goes for the pin, however Earl Hebner is still groggy and RVD gets a slow two count only on Sting. After trading more blows between each other Sting goes down again and RVD climbs high to hit his Five Star Frogsplash, again Earl Hebner is groggy and the count is slow but RVD manages to get the three count for the win. RVD retains the title and leaves a stunned Sting in the ring with Sting knowing he has yet to beat RVD in TNA.

Lockdown 2011

In the build up to Lockdown RVD has been stripped of the title due to an attack by Abyss which left RVD unable to compete and Sting is nowhere to be seen, this means the TNA title is vacant and three men are in the frame for it. Angle, Jeff Hardy and Mr Anderson. This was the moment that the ramblings of Abyss would become apparent to all as “They” are revealed as Hogan and Bischoff, they help Hardy defeat Anderson and Angle to win the title and Immortal is born. Things look sweet for Immortal until a black cloud forms on the horizon, the cloud takes the form of The Network who throw a spanner into the works by giving Jeff Hardy a mystery opponent for his title, it turns out to be the returning Sting after months away. A shocked Hardy is stunned as Sting enters the ring and defeats hardy with a Scorpion Deathdrop to win the Title from Immortals grasps.

By now RVD has returned and feels he deserves a rematch for the title he never lost and a furious Anderson (who had a brief stint as champion before losing it again to Hardy) is also screaming for his rematch. This comes down to Lockdown 2011 and all three men in a three way for the World Heavyweight title.

At the first bell Sting and RVD form a partnership to try and eliminate the thorn that is Anderson, this is short lived though when Sting attempts the Scorpion Deathlock and RVD has to break it up, its then every man for themself. The match progresses when suddenly Sting pulls off a move i’ve never seen him do before, he puts RVD and Mr Anderson into a Scorpion Deathlock at the same time forcing Anderson to reach for the ropes to break up the hold. Mr Anderson then says what you can do I can do better and he hits a double Mic check on Sting and RVD but only manages a two count. Its then RVD’s turn to shine by hitting the Frogsplash on Anderson only for Sting to break up the pin. All three men are down on the canvas when Hogans music hits and he emerges with a length of pipe in his hand. Hogan has been trying to convert RVD to Immortals side and hands him the pipe, RVD takes it but turns on Hogan and throws the pipe at him, however Anderson who we know is an A**hole takes advantage of the situation, picks up the pipe and lays out RVD. Just as it looks like Anderson will pick up the win Sting grabs Anderson from behind and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop to get the three count and the victory to retain the title. At the final bell Hogan and Sting exchange words and Sting challenges him to enter the ring only for Hogan to say “on my time Sting and on my terms”

In conclusion

It seems to me after what RVD and Sting have been through whilst in TNA there is a score to settle between the two, RVD still feels that title is his as he never lost it in the first place and Sting may still feel angry at the way RVD made his TNA debut at the expense of Sting even though Sting says he has nothing personal against RVD. This will all be settled at Sacrifice Sunday May 15th but us here in the UK can catch the action Wednesday 18th May at 10pm on Challenge, will Sting retain the title or will RVD get what he wants and that is his title back, let the games begin.


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