**SPOILERS** TNA Monday TV Taping Results (16/05/2011)

IMPACT Wrestling Zone - Orlando, FL.

IMPACT Wrestling Zone - Orlando, FL.

TNA kicked off this weeks set of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion tapings yesterday at the Impact Wrestling Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This is for the post-Sacrifice episode and is set to air in the UK next Tuesday on May 24th at 10pm on Challenge TV. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph.

Dark Match:

* Robbie E. w/Cookie vs. Jessie from Big Brother. Robbie E goes over.

Impact Wrestling:

* Immortal minus Hulk Hogan come out to begin the show with an in-ring promo. Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan have meeting in New York so Eric Bischoff is in charge. Brian Kendrick interrupts and all the X Division comes out as well. A huge brawl ensues as Fortune hits the ring.

* TNA X Division Champion Kazarian vs. Abyss is announced for later tonight as well as Amazing Red vs. Samoa Joe and Generation Me vs. Eric Bischoff & Matt Hardy.

* Rosita, Sarita & Madison Rayne vs. TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Mickie James, Tara and Miss Tessmacher with Mexican America on commentary.Winners, Mickie, Tara & Miss Tessmacher.

* Kazarian vs. Abyss for the TNA X Division Championship. Winner and new TNA X Division Champion, Abyss.

* Samoa Joe beat Amazing Red in an 8 seconds squash match. After the match, Joe doesn’t let up but Crimson hits the ring and makes the save.

* AJ Styles comes out for a promo (wearing a neckbrace) and calls out Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer comes out and beats down Styles. Christopher Daniels makes the save. Bully Ray joins in the melee and helps Dreamer take out Styles and Daniels.

* Kurt Angle comes out for a promo and says he and Jeff Jarrett will have a match and it will be for the number one contendership for the TNA Championship. Jeff Jarrett comes out and it ends up being announced they’ll face off at Slammiversary for Angle’s 1996 Olympic Gold Medal. Velvet Sky pushes Karen Jarrett down the ramp in a wheelchair.

* Generation Me vs. Eric Bischoff & Matt Hardy. Winners, Matt Hardy & Eric Bischoff.

* Angelina Love & Winter vs. Velvet Sky in a handicap match. Velvet wins then gets taken out by a returning ODB.

* Backstage, Gunner beats up on Eric Young.

* Ric Flair comes out and cuts a promo, calling out Robert Roode. Roode comes out but is taken out by Immortal.

* TNA Champion Sting says his main focus right now is Hulk Hogan. After Sting’s promo, his own music hits and Mr. Anderson comes dressed as the 1980s Sting. Anderson, as Sting, takes out Sting and leaves him laying in the ring to end the show.


* Desmond Wolfe returns as the commissioner of Xplosion.

* “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero beat Suicide

[Courtesy: Wrestling News World] 


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