TNA Xplosion Report – 18/05/2011

TNA Xplosion: Douglas Williams vs. Okada

TNA Xplosion: Douglas Williams vs. Okada

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 18th May 2011 – 12am on Challenge

TNA REWIND: A look back at this weeks edition of TNA iMPACT!
Footage from the TNA Tweet & Greet event in Nottingham, England.
Spin Cycle with JB, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Rosita and James Storm
Main Event: Douglas Williams d. Okada.

Welcome to this weeks Xplosion Report. We open up with Jeremy Borash and Taz announcing tonight’s match and discussing lots of the action from this weeks iMPACT!, a review of which is available right here at

Footage is shown from the recent Tweet & Greet in Nottingham with Lizzie, a TNA UK shows regular, briefly interviewed on the day. The fans there got to meet JB and Nick “Magnus” Aldis, member of The British Invasion.

After a recap of Lockdown and a preview of Sacrifice, TNA’s Spin Cycle is up, with TNA stars being asked questions by Jeremy Borash. You can see the Spin Cycle segment below.

Match 1: Doug Williams vs. Okada.

Those of you with a good memory may recall Williams facing Okada around this time last year, when Williams was the X-Division Champion. The last bout was an excellent technical contest, watchable below.

Williams is accompanied by the smartly dressed Magnus for this bout, however, Magnus will join Taz and JB on the commentary desk to describe the action.

Magnus categorically denies rumours that he didn’t attend the Royal Wedding because he was sleeping with Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s sister, as Williams and Okada tie up. Okada is forced into the corner, where Williams breaks the hold as Magnus then confirms him and Pippa were indeed “up all night.”

Williams and Okada tie up again, Williams getting the advantage with a snapmare but Okada rolls through and snaps on an arm bar. Williams breaks the hold and snapmare’s Okada back over, attempting keeping him on the ground, however Okada reverses again into an arm bar. Williams again breaks it, snapmare’s, but this time delivers a stiff kick to the back of Okada, quickly followed by a sleeper hold.

Okada manages to get to a vertical base after a moment and shoots Williams off into the ropes. Okada attempts his own sleeper, but Williams is not only privy to it, but also a little too big for the move to be effective. Williams shoots Okada off now, but is powered down by a shoulder block. Okada bounces off the ropes, Williams attempts the trip, Okada jumps over it, and Williams leap-frog’s the returning Okada, who goes behind for a German suplex. Williams cuts off Okada’s attempt with a stiff elbow to the face. Williams off the ropes, Okada with a high dropkick, followed by a scoop slam.

Okada squats in the corner and performs a sumo action, however Williams rolls out of the ring. Okada follows Williams out, but Williams is aware of Okada’s intentions and cuts him off with a knee to the mid-section, then whips Okada into the ring steps as we take a break.

Back in the ring, Williams has the advantage, locking Okada up in a camel clutch. Three stiff rights from Williams is countered by three strong forearms from Okada. Okada shoots Williams into the corner, but it’s reversed. Okada raises his foot to the incoming Williams, who throws it through the ropes, leaving Okada’s personal region exposed. Williams kicks the inner thigh and powers Okada down with a clothesline. Williams covers for a two count.

More stiff right hands to the prone Okada, and a technical abdominal stretch from Williams. A kick to the back after. Williams picks Okada up and attempts two vertical suplex’s, however Okada manages to power Williams over with his own.

The ten-count is administered to the two as they struggle to get up. Magnus briefly speaks about the British Invasion’s plans for Beer Money, given they are reformed as a tag-team. Both competitors get back up, Williams with an uppercut and a nice gut-wrench suplex. Williams again covers, but again only receives a two count.

Okada is raised back up, receives a headbutt, right hand and backs into the corner. Williams throttles Okada with a high foot to the throat. A right hand and an uppercut follow. Williams shoots Okada off into the opposite corner and follows with a running knee into the chest. Williams throws Okada down and attempts to go to the top rope, but is cut off by the right hand of Okada. Okada goes for a superplex. Williams puts an end to that plan with two shots to the stomach. Okada back down on the mat, rises again to be knocked back down by a flying spinning uppercut/elbow. Another two count for Williams.

Williams goes behind and pushes Okada into the corner, looking for the Chaos Theory. Okada holds the top rope as Williams rolls behind. Williams runs back, Okada with a high foot. Okada rushes out with a clothesline, which is ducked by Williams. Williams attempts his own but it’s ducked by Okada, who slaps on a uranagi slam.

Magnus is clearly impressed… by Okada’s jacket, hung on the corner post.

Okada back up, delivers two elbows and a big boot as Magnus decides that he’s “going to take a closer look at the jacket.”

Okada scoop slam. Another sumo action while Williams is down on the mat. Williams slowly returns to his feet and is met by Okada’s right-and-left rapid palm strikes, then a hard clothesline. Okada gets a two count on Williams as Magnus gets to ringside. Magnus takes the robe from the corner post and Okada notices. Okada demands he put it back, but this allows Williams enough time to recuperate and hit the Chaos Theory.

We end the show with Magnus pulling on Okada’s robe and entering the ring to pose with Williams and celebrate another victory for the British Invasion.


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