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Chyna: Revealed as Kurt Angle's "Mistress" on IMPACT Wrestling

Chyna: Revealed as Kurt Angle's "Mistress" on IMPACT Wrestling

Only a few days before TNA Sacrifice, we still had no idea who was Kurt Angle’s “mistress” and would teaming up to take on Karen and Jeff Jarrett? well little known to them on who it turned out to be…..

Standing 5ft10 weighting 180lbs, she was billed as “The 9th wonder of the world!” and damn straight, Chyna has been a woman not to be messed during her time in WWE and now she has come to TNA to take on Karen and Jeff Jarrett at Sacrifice! For those who are not familiar with Chyna, she made a massive impact to the screen both inside and outside of the ring, she has broken so much ground for women in professional wrestling, holding accomplishments that some men have yet to make. During her tenure in the WWE she became a 3 time Intercontinental Champion, women’s Champion, first woman to complete in the Royal Rumble Match, King of the Ring, not to mention to be named number 1 contender to the WWE Championship. In November 2000 she graced the cover of Playboy magazine and 2001 she became the most dominant women’s champion until she departed.

Here is my top 10 Chyna moments she has made in this business.

At number 10:  February 16 1997 – Chyna debuts

Triple H takes on The Rock at In Your House 13 for the IC title, during the match, Goldust comes out and distracts Triple H, while The Rock takes advantage and gets the win, Marlena heads down to the ringside while Goldust and Triple H exchange words, a mystery woman dressed in black starts choking Marlena with one arm and two arena staff had to pull her off and drag her away. Unknown to everyone, that would be the debut of the most powerful woman in the ring.

Number 9… First step to becoming Queen

Since 1993 the King of the Ring contest was an annual event, where some of the greatest in this business won this tournament and launched their career, in 1999 Chyna made her mark as she became the first woman to not only qualify but also advance in the tournament with a successful win over Val Venis but her run was cut short in the Quarter finals when she took on the Road Dogg, who lucky for him was wearing a cup to block a low blow and to get the win. This would not be the only time Chyna made this bid, she also took part the following year where she defeated the Godfather in the first round but then lost against Eddie Guerrero in the 2nd round.

Number 8… Mamacita

During 2000, Chyna started pairing up with the late Eddie Guerrero and his “latino heat” and Chyna became Eddie’s “mamacita”. Eddie would be using his charm and smiting with Chyna and they became an item with Chyna helping Eddie on winning the European Championship as well as teaming up on numerous occasions. Their biggest success as a tag team came at Summerslam 2000 where they took on the team of Val Venis and Trish Stratus with Val’s Intercontinental title on the like, Chyna scored the winning pin in the match to become the IC champion for the 3rd time, however her reign ended shortly afterwards as Eddie won the title in a 3 way match involving Kurt Angle. Towards October, Chyna announced that she would be gracing the cover of November’s issue of Playboy, this infuriated Eddie as he went to the Playboy mansion to try to stop the photo shoot from happening, but Eddie’s envy got the better of him as their relationship came to an abrupt end when he was caught in the showers with 2 other women.

Number 7… and new number 1 contender

on 9th August 1999, commissioner Shawn Michaels books a triple threat match between The Undertaker vs Triple H vs Chyna to become the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship at Summerslam, with Triple H thinking Shawn is winding him up he states “Chyna is just a girl” and “she could just get hurt and this is no place for a woman” to which a shocked and angry Chyna as she stare down Triple H and replies “ill take that spot commissioner Michaels, Just a woman?? Try me Triple H” and walks to the back. During the match Chyna and Triple H work as a team against The Undertaker, which doesn’t last long as Chyna hits Triple H, a short while the match spills to the outside and Stone Cold makes his way down to the ring and smacks Triple H with a chair and then puts Chyna over Triple H which then Michaels makes the 3 count and Chyna is your new number 1 contender for the biggest prize in wrestling. This was short-lived as the following week Chyna defended her spot against Triple H and Mankind in separate matches and lost to Mankind which lead to the main event being Stone Cold vs Triple H vs Mankind.

Number 6… The DX “split”

When DX reformed with Triple H, Chyna, The Outlaws and X-Pac, they were the pranksters of the WWE, getting the laughs at others expenses (mainly the McMahons) Chyna was always the silent one of the group, until one episode of Raw Is War, where the audience was teased about DX splitting up. As one by one they all made their way to ring, Triple H, The Outlaws and X-Pac argued about who is going to split DX, until Chyna took the mic for the first time and shocked everyone including her DX member when she spoke stating that everyone was sick of seeing them get their asses out on national tv and that if anyone was gonna cause the DX split it was gonna be her, to which she pulled down her trousers and showed her thong and ass to the world! Much to the cheers of all in the crowd. Chyna, from here showed her lighter side to the world, joining DX on their “invasion” on WCW and many other stunts DX pulled off.

Number 5… Number 30!!!

During January time 1999 DX was at war with McMahon’s “Corporation” which lead to a main event of RAW one night a “corporate rumble” where members of DX and the corporation battled it out for the number 30 spot in that years Royal Rumble match, coming to the closing moments HHH and the Bossman were fighting it out until McMahons music hit and he entered himself into the battle, thus eliminating both HHH and Bossman. His celebration was cut short when the buzzer went off one more time and Chyna makes her walk down the ramp, Brisco and Patterston attempted to block her way into the ring, Stone Cold music hit to distract McMahon and his lackies to allow Chyna to enter the ring and eliminate the chairman to become the number 30 entrant in the Rumble match. During the Royal Rumble, DX cut a promo saying “its everyman for themselves” and Chyna who doesn’t speak much said “and woman!”, Chyna made her entrant into the match as well as into the history books, she went straight for the biggest man in the match Mark Henry and eliminated him. Her time in the rumble was cut short quickly and was eliminated by Stone Cold. Chyna would again enter the Rumble match in 2000 eliminating Chris Jericho before being eliminated again.

Number 4… Her Wrestlemania moment

In 2001 Chyna made a bid to become the women’s champion, after previously only challenging for titles held by men, this lead her into a feud against Right to Censor, a group hellbent on making the WWE suitable for kids and family. Ivory the current champion took on Chyna at the Royal Rumble in a match where Chyna seemed to re injure an old neck injury, thus leading to Ivory getting the unexpected win and Chyna took some time off to heal herself. A few weeks until Wrestlemania, where Ivory made the challenge to her unbeknown that Chyna returned and accepted the match, which also had Ivory group banned from ringside making this one-on-one. This proved to be a squash match as Chyna destroyed Ivory within less than 3 minutes as a mark to the dominance she will show to the rest of the women’s division over the next coming months. This would mark her first time she has held the title and carried on defending the title until her departure.

Number 3… Chyna’s last match

Since winning the Women’s chamionship at Wrestlemania X7, Chyna went on a dominating path leaving diva after diva lying in the ring leading upto her newest and last challenger Lita, who was looking to capture her 2nd women’s championship. On the road to Judgment Day Lita and Chyna teamed up to take on Ivory and Molly where Chyna left Lita to go at it alone to make sure she is a worthy opponent, meanwhile on Smackdown Chyna went 2 on 1 against Ivory and Molly, to which she completely dominated. Judgement Day is upon us and Lita put up one hell of a fight against the 9th wonder of the world, even getting several near falls on Chyna, but in the end Chyna just seemed too powerful for Lita as Chyna hit a powerbomb on Lita and retaining the women’s championship, which in my opinion will go down as one of the greatest women’s matches the WWE has ever seen. This turned out to be her last appearance with the WWE as they went on different paths, no one truly knows why Chyna left the WWE or if she was fired, but she will go down as one of the most dominant women to ever lift the women’s championship.

Number 2… The famous Pedigree

After winning the Intercontinental Championship for the first time, Chyna thought she has silenced those who said she didn’t belong in the ring. Enter Y2J Chris Jericho, who made a bid to become number 1 contender to the IC title. The two finally met one-on-one at the 1999 Survivor Series for the title, the crowd was pretty much divided all the women cheering for Chyna while the men for Jericho. Jericho gave his best offence in the match, even to lock Chyna in the Walls of Jericho, to which Chyna fought out of. After 10 mins of action Jericho went to set Chyna up on the top ropes, seemed to be going for a top rope hurricanaran and thanks to The Kat (Chyna’s manager) distracting the referee, Chyna hit her low blow on Jericho and then proceeded to stand up on the top rope with Jericho to which she started to hook the arms for a Pedigree from the top rope?!?! The announcers at ringside could not believe what they were about to see, with the crowd cheering for what is about to happen, Chyna performed the Pedigree from the top rope and then went for the winning pin to successfully retain the Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho.

And finally the top Chyna moment, to which was a nightmare to current TNA star and founder Jeff Jarrett was back in October 1999 where she defeated Jeff to become the first (and so far only!) woman to become the Intercontinental Champion. For months before hand Jeff went on a one man crusade that women didn’t belong in the ring and should stick to the kitchen, he went on attacking women until one took a stand, Chyna! In September she first challenged Jeff for the IC title but was DQ’ed when Debra got involved, this lead to the first and only “Good Housekeeping” match in October, where anything found in a household is legal and can be used in the match, this brough ironing boards, cooking pots, eggs, flour, tongs, garbage can and even the kitchen sink! The match itself went back and forth until the referee got taken down and Jeff used the IC belt to hit Chyna with it and got the 123, until the ref noticed that Jeff used the IC belt and declared that since the title was not classed as a “household” item he ordered the match to re start where Chyna smashed a guitar over Jeff’s head and got the pin and thus becoming the first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship. This would also have marked the last time Jeff Jarrett appeared on WWE programming.

What would Chyna bring to TNA, only time will tell but after Sacrifice, maybe we might get to see a reignited feud between her and Jeff Jarrett? Or would she be making a bid for the Knockouts title?? Or could it be a one time only deal?? Theres only one person who knows whats next and thats Chyna!


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