TNA Wrestling Sacrifice Report – 18/05/11

TNA Sacrifice 2011

TNA Sacrifice 2011

TNA Wrestling Presents – Sacrifice
Wednesday 18th May 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Quick Results:
Sting d. Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title
 Kurt Angle & Chyna d. Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett
Tommy Dreamer d. AJ Styles in a No DQ Match following interference from Bully Ray
 Beer Money d. Matt Hardy & Chris Harris to retain the TNA World Tag-Team Titles
 Crimson d. Abyss
 Kazarian d. Max Buck to retain the TNA X-Division Title
 Brian Kendrick d. Robbie E w/Cookie
 Mexican America d. Ink Inc.

Welcome to my first PPV review here on TNA UK thanks for joining me. And if I have done this right you should be joining me just as Sacrifice has gone off the air here in the UK on Challenge TV.

The show opens with the usual video package which I believe TNA does really well and we go live to Mike Tenay and Taz.

Our opening bout is Mexican America Vs Ink Inc

Christy Hemme is doing the ring announcing again, am not sure I like her in this role I know it means they have a ring announcer on screen in the ring but am not sure she is the right fit. I suppose they do it like that and have JB in the back. It also makes TNA different from the competition as they have male ring announcers.

Anyway on to our first match we have Anarquia and Hernandez led to the ring by Sarita and Rosita, I like the concept of this group and Hernandez makes a good leader, I think maybe some way of giving these guys the tag titles as well as the the Knockout tag titles would be a good thing. Shannon Moore and Jessie Neal are out next with an American flag, guess they are the faces this week. Although I sometimes like the way TNA blur face and heel Ink Inc change more than most and it makes it hard to follow, I think though with the injuries to MCM TNA had to act quick and get a team to feud with Mexican America.

This was a nice paced opener to the PPV and really puts over LAX sorry Mexican America as a strong heel group with Sarita and Rosita getting involved with the finish helping their team get the win. The problem TNA have now is not many face teams on the roster for them now to feud with. Will be good to see where that goes.

Tenay and Taz are running down tonights card when they are interrupted by the music of Jeff Jarrett and he and “The Queen of the Mountain” Karen Jarret crutches leg brace and all hobble out to the ring. Now if you had been following twitter on Sunday (the day of PPV in the US) then you will know Karen and Jeff had been posting that Karen fell and hurt her leg, even posting a pic of her leg with an ice pack on it.

Anyway they spew loads of stuff about Karen being unable to compete. As they are apologising to tons of heat from the live crowd out Network Exec Mick Foley comes down to join them. Foley tells us that as if you can’t tell the x-ray’s are fake. He tells us because “Wrestling Matters ” they will be competing tonight. The Jarrett’s are so good playing the cowardly heel’s even after that trying to get out of match saying she didn’t have anything to wear Mick sorted that too by having the girls in the back make something up for her. I love how they freak out it is really fun. This was a really good segment and kept the viewer eager for match later on.

JB doing the interviews is with Brian Kendrick who says he is going to put the X Division back on a path tonight.

Robbie E (with Cookie) Vs Brian Kendrick)

Kendrick is 2nd out to the ring tonight and still sits and does his whole meditation shtick which I don’t know about anyone else annoys me. Kendrick has so much in ring potential that he doesn’t need this silly gimmick. On the other hand this was a good X Division match and shows that while Robbie E goofs round he can still do it in the ring. But 2 matches in a row we have manager interference, this time fro Cookie is lazy booking if you ask me. Anyway Kendrick wins the match and afterwards tries to shake hands with Robbie E and Kendrick and Cookie have a nice little tug-o-war with Robbie E as the rope with Cookie eventually managing to drag Robbie E away calling Kendrick a freak. This leave them with a nice X Division feud and probably leaving one of them number 1 contender for X Division or maybe a 3 way at Slammiversary or am I getting ahead of myself?

Tara is backstage with JB and we basically get the same stuff as we did on Impact Wrestling with Madison Rayne coming up behind her when she is saying what she would like to happen, only this time Madison tells her to stay in the back (yeah like that will happen)!

Madison Rayne Vs Mickie James TNA Knockouts Championship

Right from the start of the match Tara is at ringside which really upsets Madison and we get that lovely shriek that she has going on. Several times throughout the match Madison goes to the outside and yells at Tara. This match is all about Madison and Tara and you never really feel like Mickie is in danger of loosing her title. The ending is predictable when Tara gets in the ring after a ref bump and hits her with the loaded gloved that Madison has been using recently.

So Tara is now free of Madison but currently is more of a face, she is the logical choice and most talented choice to go against Mickie for the title. You feel that TNA /Impact Wrestling (am confused as the PPV was TNA Presents Sacrifice, while the initials TNA were not mentioned at all during PPV) will now have to do something to get them together.

JB is talking in the back again now to Fortune who all comment on their matches tonight and all say something other than Christopher Daniels who is not competing tonight.

Max Buck Vs Kazarian X Division Championship

We have really had no build to this match at all other than Buck winning the right at last months PPV. Again you just didn’t feel that Kaz was in trouble of loosing the belt. Buck though as oodles of potential for years to come, but they have the break up of the Bucks to come first but think that may wait and have them go after Mexican America. Hey if that now happens you read it here first!

We now go to a match that has been building nicely and Abyss gives a really good promo before he heads to the ring.

Abyss Vs Crimson

This was a really good match and hard at times as you would expect with 2 big men. No surprises here when Abyss brings out Janice but she isn’t really used. Crimson wins with a big sit down powerbomb to continue his undefeated streak. Crimson is going to be a star he has all the makings. Looks like Samoa Joe is next on his list and I would expect him to be in the main event picture within the next 12 months.

Matt Hardy & Wild Cat Chris Harris Vs Beer Money Tag Team Championship

So we now have the match involving Hardy and the pillsbury dough boy sorry Chris Harris who has put so much weight on it is unbelievable, taking on Harris’ former tag team partner in AMW James Storm and Bobby (I’m no longer Robert) Roode.

Typical tag match here with Harris not doing too much work, the guy really needs to get into shape if he is coming back on the roster full time. I really liked the finish with Beer Money using the Death Sentence for the win on Harris. I think this feud with Beer Money and Hardy is going to continue as he said Harris wasn’t good enough I am wondering if this is how they will bring Jeff back.

Once again we go to the back with JB and he has Bully Ray with him who is becoming my favorite person in TNA / Impact Wrestling I just like the direction he has taken the charecter. He has been an integral part of the storyline behind the next match.

Tommy Dreamer Vs AJ Styles No DQ

This match was brutal lets be honest, I suppose when you have the “Innovator of Violence” in a no DQ match that is what your going to get. We went all over the Impact Wrestling Zone. Only gripe why did the ref stop the pin attempt when AJ had his leg under the rope? It was a no DQ match so it shouldn’t matter! As you would expect Bully Ray interfered giving Tommy the win. This deal with these 3 still has legs and I like the way it is going, a hardcore 3 way at Slammiversary would be nice please.

We go to the match many have been waiting for me for one to see how it pans out.

Kurt Angle and Chyna Vs Jeff and Karen Jarrett

For what this was it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, yes Chyna who must be rusty botched a body slam but you could probably blame Jeff as much as her, but she did nail a big suplex on Jeff showing she still has more power than some men in pro wrestling. I will also give props to Karen who again played the scared coward all through the match not wanting to get in the ring (most of this probably wasn’t acting) she did however take a big splash in the corner and a pedigree which Tenay didn’t call that obviously. Both Jarrett’s tapped simultaneously with both in the Angle Lock.

It is now time for tonight’s main event

Sting Vs Rob Van Dam World Heavyweight Championship

Mr Anderson…Anderson joins Tenay and Taz on commentary for this match or should I say talks over and at the both throughout the match. Anderson was very funny at times though I really like him and how he is on tv. As for the match I didn’t really enjoy it, I think the PPV was running short of time as the main event only lasted 16 minutes. Now I am not sure if this is because Sting can’t go for much longer or if the were short of time but the match really didn’t tell a story certainly for the way it was built over the last couple of weeks.

Sting retained the title after 1 botched and 1 executed Scorpion Death Drop, Anderson decided to make his way to the ring and congratulate Sting as RVD leaves and they stare each other down.

From here I still think RVD could be in the picture but Anderson has to have a 1-1 shot at Sting, so what they do with RVD for a month or so is anyones guess.

Overall I quite enjoyed this PPV lots of wrestling and it did nearly run for 3 hours. I think it has pushed Robbie E, Kendrick, Max Buck and Crimson all up the roster. It has made the X Division look stronger all round, we also have some nice builds towards Slammiversary. This month is a big month of TV for TNA / Impact Wrestling the name thing needs to be cleared up and soon. Will also be interesting to see if Chyna and to a lesser extent Chris Harris is used more or it was a one shot deal. I  think I’ll score this PPV 4* for being quite entertaining.

Thanks for reading my first report on the site and hope I can bring you many more over the coming months, please leave any comments it’ll be fun reading them. If you would like to follow me then please do so on twitter.

Catch you all again next month.



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