What’s my Angle? – “Main Event?”

Kurt Angle: Setting sights on the Main Event Scene?

Kurt Angle: Setting sights on the Main Event Scene?

I want to start by saying how great it is to see Mick Foley back on Impact, he was always the best choice for the network exec and if this past week’s impact is anything to go by then we’re in for a fun packed ride in the weeks to come.

Foley has always been one of my favourites, his personality transcends everything and he is just the type of guy that no matter what he does you just can’t help but like him.

Foleys appearance to confront Hogan was awesome dropping Bischoff on his back side was an especially nice touch. What did it for me was the way in which he was getting right up in Hogan’s face almost daring him to smack him but Hogan and the rest of Immortal kept their cool, much to the disappointment of Foley as he kindly pointed out later in the show while on commentary.

Now of course Foley wasn’t the only surprise, we were also witness to the return of Chris Harris and Chyna. Now I’ll be honest I had already been made aware of Chynas appearance so this did not come as much of a surprise but what did shock me though was the crowd reaction to her, she must have got the biggest pop of the night and the look of Karen’s face was magic!

Impacts main event was great; I will however share my rage at the winner. Now I understand that following the current story it makes sense but COME ON! The same guys again!! I know Anderson is popular, I don’t mind him myself, his mic skills are fantastic but the whole title scene is just going round in circles, WE NEED NEW MAIN EVENT GUYS!! Was this not an opportunity to do just that??

Anyway, moving onto Sacrifice and what a great freeloading PPV this was. For me there were three standout matches. First was Beer Money Vs Matt Hardy & Chris Harris, second was AJ Vs Dreamer and third, you’ve guessed it Kurt Angle & Chyna Vs Jeff & Karen Jarrett.

So first off the tag title match was great, Beer Money continue to be the best tag team in the Wrestling Business today and they proved this yet again at Sacrifice. Now I have to give dues to Matt Hardy who has not impressed me to much since joining TNA but considering he had to carry a tag partner who seemed to show absolutely zero enthusiasm for his return or the match itself so credit to Matt Hardy. Despite this poor showing by Chris Harris I thought this fight was very good and highly entertaining, Beer Money I hope will continue to dominate for a while yet.

Secondly, AJ Styles Vs Tommy Dreamer, now this one did not get several weeks build up but from the opening bell the intensity from AJ was incredible, a great choice to make this one No DQ also. Now I felt that Dreamer did a pretty decent job, although this one was all about AJ (as many of his fights are) he did a good job of going toe to toe, the bringing out of the fork was predictable but great.

Bully Ray again did a decent promo, his presence was always going to be felt during this match and I felt they could have done a little more with it if I’m honest but the job was done and the heat builds to what promises to be an awesome showdown.

The third and final pick of course involves the main man Kurt Angle (name a PPV where he wasn’t) now don’t get me wrong, this was by no means the best fight of the night but it was sure as hell the most entertaining. I loved the way they built this up at the beginning with Karen faking the injury only for Foley to end any hopes of her backing out of the fight.

The smile on Kurt’s face as he made his way to ring was priceless and again Chyna received an incredible reception from the crowd which must have been a buzz for her.

Now I have to be fair as I did lay into Chris Harris so it’s only right I mention Chyna and her lack of in ring fitness, now the difference between the two was that Chyna seemed generally excited to be back in the ring. Ok she almost dropped Jarrett but was he just as much to blame there? That aside this match was still highly entertaining and the double ankle lock at the end was one of the most entertaining I have seen in a very long time, truly great to watch.

Again its only fair to point out that Harris & Chyna have been absent from the ring for a while so ring rust is to be expected, I just wish that TNA took this into consideration a little earlier sometimes.

I guess I should really mention the main event; it was good, far better than I was expecting. I was a little shocked by the outcome but very pleased at the same time. Now if we can just let Anderson have his re-match then maybe we can try adding someone else to the title scene…….. Kurt’s free….Anyone??


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