TNA Classics: The Rise and Rise of Beer Money INC

In 2008 a new tag team was formed in TNA Wrestling, this team was Beer Money Incorperated. After just a few short months as a team they were voted Tag Team of the year for 2008, since then Beer Money have rose to the top of the pile claiming the Tag Team Titles on numerous occasions. A firm fan favourite with their “Beer Money” in ring celebration and beer swigging anticts drawing in fans from all over the world. This section is a homage to one of the greatest tag teams to ever grace a wrestling ring, If you were expecting to maybe see a section on Team 3D or The Motorcity Machineguns then all I can say is “sorry about your damn luck”, so crack open a Budwieser and enjoy the action.

Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament Final

Beer Money INC Vs The British Invasion – Sacrifice 2009

After Team 3D reclaimed the Tag Team titles Brother Ray and Brother Devon came up with an idea to promote Tag Team wrestling in TNA, this idea took the form of  The Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament.

Beer Money took up the invite and made it all the way to the final by defeating the teams of Lethal Consequences and Eric young with Jethro Holliday. Joining them in the final are The British Invasion who beat LAX and Amazing Red with Suicide, with Team 3D joining the commentary team of Mike Tenay and Don West at ring side the two teams make their way to the ring.

Roode and Williams kick off the match with the TNA fans giving the Brits plenty of abuse at ringside. It starts off a technical affair with Roode and Williams exchanging Arm Locks and counter moves, this is short lived as Williams explodes into life with a European Uppercut. Beer Money decide to try and take control of this match and double team Williams, throwing Williams against the ropes Storm leapfrogs over him leaving Roode to hit an inverted atomic drop, as Williams staggers back Storm grabs him and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep to get a two count on a dazed Williams. Williams manages to get to his corner and gets a tag to his partner Brutus Magnus, James Storm however isnt fazed and takes control of Magnus as the momentum is fully behind Beer Money. Magnus attempts to throw Storm over the top rope and goes back to his corner to talk strategy with his partner, however Storm manages to keep hold of the top rope and swings himself back into the ring. Roode distracts the referee giving Storm the chance to spit beer into the eyes of Magnus, Williams seeing this enters the ring to help but is picked up by Beer Money and thrown on top of Magnus like he was a rag doll. Magnus rolls to the outside to recover leaving Williams all alone in the ring, Beer Money take advantage and hit a Double Suplex on Williams who also rolls to the outside. This now leaves Beer Money all alone in the ring which gives them the chance to play to the fans and let rip with the “BEER…….MONEY” chant.

The British Invasion are huddled together outside the ring area not noticing that Roode has flung Storm against the ropes he then tosses Storm over his head and over the top rope making Storm land on The Brits taking all three of them out. Beer money roll Magnus into the ring and begin to unload on him, both Magnus and Storm are in the corner of the ring, Storm climbs the turnbuckle and holds Magnus by his neck but as Storm is about to finish Magnus off Doug Williams pushes Storm off the turnbuckle to the outside leaving Roode furious and the referee struggling to get Roode back to his corner. With the ref distracted Williams takes his chance and attacks Storm on the outside area unloading with punches and shots to the head on the steel steps, now the Brits are on top punishing Storm inside the ring and getting a couple of two counts. Storm is hurled to the corner of the ring and Magnus charges at him, Storm manages to dodge the attack and Magnus is slumped in the corner, Storm then grabs Williams and flings him towards Magnus, unfortunatly for Magnus he takes a headbutt in between his legs giving Storm the chance to tag in Robert Roode, Roode is on fire and takes on both Brits at once.

Meanwhile Rob Terry (who upto now has been the silent type on the outside of the ring in this match) decides he has had enough and makes his way over to Beer Moneys corner, he attacks James Storm only for Roode to take out Terry with a basball slide sending Terry into the guard rail. With Roode distracted by “The Freak” interference Doug Williams siezes his moment and hits Roode with a huge European Uppercut but only gets a two count. Magnus says hes had enough and signals the end is now here and they prepare to finish Beer Money off, Williams is up high and Magnus goes to pick up Roode but Roode gives Magnus a frim slap on both sides of his head, Storm and Roode then knock Williams off the turnbuckle to a sitting position. They whip Magnus at Williams whose head smacks Williams in between his legs, Magnus is tossed to the outside leaving Williams all alone and ready to be fed to the lions, Storm climbs the turnbuckle Williams is sat on and hits a Hurricanrana which flings Williams to the center of the ring, Roode is poised on another turnbuckle and pounces by hitting a Frogsplash, it looks all over and at the count of two Rob Terry grabs the refs leg and drags him to the outside to stop the count. Earl Hebner aint gonna stand for that and bans Terry from ringside, Beer Money stand in the ring waving goodbye to Terry this is a mistake as The Brits sneak up from behind and attack Beer Money. Williams slides outside the ring and grabs a Feast Or Fired Briefcase, he slides back in and goes to hit Storm with it, just as he pulls the case back to attack Storm Robert Roode grabs the case from behind Williams and lays out Williams, this gives Beer Money the three count and the victory, they win the tournament and a chance to regain the TNA Tag Team Titles against Team 3D.

The Beer Money Off The Wagon Challenge

Destination X – 2009

With Beer Money now Tag Team Champions and their confidence riding sky high they decide to throw out a challenge to all Tag Teams in TNA, they call it The Off The Wagon Challenge. This consists of any team being able to challenge Beer Money for the Tag Team Titles however theres a price to pay, if you are pinned by Beer Money then the person pinned would be fired from TNA. This would become the ultimate fate of Petey Williams and Lance Rock. Beer Money were basking in the glory until they got brought down to earth with a bump when Team 3D would take up the challenge. The match would take place at Destination X 2009.

Both teams looked focused on the job in hand as the bell rang out to start the match. It would be Roode and Devon to start things off with Roode mocking Devon with his superior speed and agility, Devon manages to get the tag after trading blows with Roode so Rooded does the same which means we have Storm and Brother Ray in the ring with Storm taking a leaf out of Roodes book and mocking Brother Ray.

After some revenge by Brother Ray in the teasing stakes Brother Ray tags in Devon and they hit a series of double team moves on both members of Beer Money leading to Team 3D going for the “Whats Up” move on Storm only for it to be cut dead by Robert Roode, this turns the tide towards Beer Money Inc as they double team Devon. Devon tries to fight back but Beer Money are on fire and keep on top of him.  Beer Money once again go for the double team but Devon ducks the attempted double clothesline and hits a clothesline of his own on both members of Beer Money allowing him to get the tag to Brother Ray. Its now Brother Ray who is on fire as he takes out both Storm and Roode, Brother Ray however gets to cocky and starts playing to the fans allowing Beer Money to regain control with more double teaming. The match is back and forward with Beer Money going for th ewin while Devon is down and out.

Brother Ray goes to the top turnbuckle but is stopped by Roode, Storm climbs the turnbuckle where Ray is and hits a Hurricanrana on him, as Ray lays flat out in the ring Roode scrambles th eopposite turnbuckle and hits a Frogsplash but only gets a two count. Beer Money again go for a double team by running and bouncing off the ropes to try to launch an attack, as they do Devon regains his feet outside and grabs the ankle of Storm pulling him to the outside, as Roode is left alone now Brother Ray siezes his chance and hits a Bubba Bomb but the result is just a two count. Storm gets away from Devon and grabs a mouthfull of beer, he slides back in th ering and attempts to spit beer in Brother Rays face, Ray dodges this and Roode is sprayed in the eyes with beer. Now Team 3D smell the blood in the water and move in for the kill, they hurl Storm to the outside and hit a double team neck breaker on Roode but again its a two count. The signal now from a frustrated Team 3D is that its time to end this. They set Roode up for the 3D but as they set him up James Storm slides in the ring with a steel chair and attacks Brother Ray leaving the referee no option but to call for the bell and disqualify Beer Money. Team 3D are livid and Beer money head for the locker room, they are cut off though by Jim Cornett who tells Beer Money that this challenge was their idea and they weren’t getting away that easily, he demands the match be restarted with the extra stipulation of no DQ’s. Beer Money stand and argue with Cornett forgetting about Team 3D in the process. Devon heads to the outside and grabs Beer Money by their heads and bangs them together, he then slides storm into the ring and hit him with the 3D, as the ref gets upto two Roode grabs the refs leg and drags him out of the ring stopping the count dead. Roode then drags Storm out of the ring putting him over his shoulder in the process, he then heads to the announce table where the tag belts are situated, Don West picks up the belts and hands them to Roode and he carries out both the belts and Storm followed closely by an irrate Jim Cornett. The Ref has no choice but to count them out and award Team 3D the match but not the titles. Team 3D are livid and head to the announce table pointing the finger at Don West for helping Beer Money escape, Don West is like a rabbit in the headlights of a car fearing what Team 3D will do to him, Team 3D leave the arena empty handed and Don West is left fearing for his life.

In Conclusion

I could go on forever with countless matches Beer Money have had, those are just a couple and show why Beer Money are one of the greatest tag teams to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. They will do anything to win and normally do which is why the fans love them. They never fail to put on a show for the fans and will go down in TNA history as a magnificent team.


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