Eric Bischoff Interview: Talks Macho Man, IMPACT Wrestling, ROH, X-Division and More!

Eric Bischoff: Says focus will be on the X-Division in the coming months.

Eric Bischoff: Says focus will be on the X-Division in the coming months.

Eric Bischoff was on Monday Night Mayhem Radio show on monday night and discussed a range of wrestling related subjects. Here are the main highlights:

-Eric said the death of Macho Man hit him pretty hard and is still hitting him now. He hasn’t talked to Randy in a long time and they weren’t friends but they got along. Its hard to imagine that Randy isn’t here because he was so full of life.

-Bischoff said most of the changes to Impact were cosmetic. Anyone who thought it was going to be a completely different show had misaligned expectations. During the Summer is a great time to experiment with different formats and concepts and you could see that from TNA. Hopefully in the Fall they will have something different than the TNA from before and from the competition.

-Eric wasn’t involved in the behind-the-scenes talk of changing away from TNA and started happening around about 10 months ago and took place without him. He thinks its a good idea and he likes the title “IMPACT Wrestling.”

-Bischoff knowing he would get alot of heat, talks Ring of Honor’s sale. He thinks ROH fans are kidding themselves because Sinclair has 22% market percent which means you don’t exist, Nielsen doesn’t track you etc. He thinks its a good thing for ROH but he thinks people are getting excited for nothing. The syndicated network isn’t what it used to be. People’s expectations aren’t lined up with reality to the business in general.

-Eric wouldn’t take any talent relations duties in TNA. It is a thankless job and he doesn’t like the idea of having people’s future in his hands. He has alot of stuff going on and he has alot going on in TNA so any more duties he wouldn’t look into.

-Its hard for Eric to compare Karen Jarrett to Vickie Guerrero but Eric says Karen is a natural actor. She is one of the best performers in the company as a character. He sees alot of potential for Karen.

-About the future of the X Division, Eric Bischoff says to stay tuned. He said to look forward to the upcoming weeks and months. He says we will see focus and story out of the X Division in the future.

-Eric says you can’t generalize short title reigns. Its all about context and story but short title reigns are risky because fans have to get into it.

-Bischoff wasn’t going to answer a question about Chyna’s return because it would be inappropriate.

-Eric said when it relates to Live Events and big stars appearing, he wish he had more time to attend because he loves house shows. The energy and the fans are so great. He wishes more major stars would have time to attend these Live Events because it would be great for business. When he got to TNA it was all about doing things for the fans (a Dixie thing) and while he didn’t initially see it now he does. He wants to see bigger stars participating at these shows in the future.


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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