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TNA World Champion Sting will be headlining The Maximum Impact IV 2012 Tour

This week on ImpactWrestling,  Jeremy Borash announced the Maximum Impact tour IV for 2012, 3 dates so far announced in Nottingham, Manchester and London, but the biggest surprise to all…. STING!!! Yes THE one and only STING will be headlining the tour marking his first UK appearance in nearly a decade. Overnight this has caused huge excitement from fans across the UK (even I had to re arrange my day off so I can get tickets when they go on sale), This would be the 4th TNA show ive gone to in the UK, last year they may have headlined Ric Flair for the tour and set themselves high to top it this year, but Sting trumps everything! To get everyone ready for Sting’s first TNA appearance in the UK, here’s a look back at 10 memorable TNA moments.

Number 10… The Main Event Mafia

In the summer of 2008 Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash formed The Main Event Mafia, a faction made up of veterans of the business and at Hard Justice, Sting attacked AJ Styles, who just beat up Angle, no one knew why, until an August edition of Impact where Sting stated that people like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe disrespected veterans by doing what they did at events and said when he was AJ’s and Joe’s age he showed respect and walked away and not attacking the ones to paved the way. This brough a short feud between the 3 with later involved Angle and Booker T. After a short period of dominating TNA, a bunch of younger wrestlers formed The Frontline to fight the MEM, this carried on for a while throughout 2009. At Sacrifice 2009 Sting defeated Kurt Angle to become the new “Godfather” of The MEM this lasted until June where after Slammiversary, not to mention with the help of Matt Morgan, the MEM attacked Sting and exiled him from the group and Angle resumed the position of “The Godfather” of the MEM. Sting would then go on later to save AJ Styles from a beat down from the Mafia and brought him to his next feud with Samoa Joe.

Number 9… The Monster Abyss

In late 2006, Sting was feuding with Abyss, which lead to them two meeting at Genesis for the NWA World title, in which Abyss won the match via disqualification after Sting hit the referee with a clothesline, but at th time the rules stated in TNA that titles could change hands vis DQ, thus making Abyss your new World Champion. With James Mitchell at Abyss side, Christian Cage and Tomko got involved in the feud, as Cage was claiming to know something from Abyss past, which turned into a 3 way match at Turning Point, Abyss retainted the title. Sting was trying to convince that James Mitchell was using Abyss for his own reasons. As 2007 came it was time for Final Resolution where once again Cage, Sting and Abyss met but this time in a 3 way elimination match, where Cage became the new NWA World Champion. On Impact afterwards, Sting revealed that Abyss shot his own father 3 times, which lead to a brawl and Mitchell shot Sting in the face with a fireball. Sting and Abyss would meet at the next two events Against All Odds where Sting won a “prison yard” match and at Destination X Sting once again beat Abyss in a “last rites” match.

Number 8… Suspension

After Sting was ranked number 1 with the TNA Championship Committee, as a result he was given a title shot against Rob Van Dam at Slammiversary VIII, shortly afterwards Sting attacked Eric Bischoff for unknown reasons, only stating at after he captures the TNA World title he will talk about his actions. Slammiversary came and during the Sting v RVD match, the founder Jeff Jarrett made his return to TNA and cost Sting the match. A few weeks later, Sting returned the favour and assaulted Jeff Jarrett backstage, this led to Carter had no other choice but to suspend Sting for 30 days due his recent actions over the past few weeks, but Sting protesting that Dixie is being used by Bischoff and Hogan. Sting returned from his suspension just over a month later on Impact, wearing his nWo Wolfpac red face paint, and helping Kevin Nash, who had backed him up during his suspension and the two of them beat down Jarrett, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. A few weeks later Sting defeated Jarrett in a singles match, with a little help from Kevin Nash. After the match Samoa Joe paired himself with Jarrett and Hogan and  forced Sting and Nash to retreat. At No Surrender, Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting and Nash in a tag team match, after Jarrett hit Sting with his own baseball bat.

Number 7… Deuces Wild with James Storm

After a brawl between members of both Team Cage and Team Tomko, Sting made his return to TNA, announcing that he would be a part of Team Cage for the Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown. Later on the show, he teamed with members of Team Cage consisting of Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, Rhino, and Matt Morgan and defeated Tomko’s team made up of Tomko, A.J. Styles, James Storm, and Team 3D in a 10-man tag team match. Morgan was added when James Storm attacked Sting with a bottle after the match. Sting later gained revenge by defeating Storm when Morgan threw him his baseball bat. Morgan then ripped off his referee shirt and revealed a Team Cage shirt, thus becoming the fifth member. At Lockdown, Team Cage defeated Team Tomko when Rhino gored Storm to get the pinfall. Shortly after Lockdown, the tag titles were vacated, Jim Cornette held a Deuces Wild tag team tournament to determine new champs. Four teams were already in the Sacrifice finals, while Cornette named eight random single wrestlers as the “Egotistical 8” and paired them up together. Sting’s partner was James Storm. At Sacrifice, they came up short due to not being able to get along, and towards the end, Sting slammed James on the mat and walked out of the match allowing Team 3D to win and advance in the Deuces Wild tournament, not to mention ending the team of Sting and Storm.

Number 6… A Failed Main Event

After capturing the TNA World title from Jeff Hardy on March 3rd edition of Impact (aired on March 8th on Challenge TV UK), Sting was set to defend the title against Jeff Hardy in a rematch at Victory Road. As the main event came, both Sting and Hardy made their way to the ring, just as about the bell was to ring, Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring to declare the match a No DQ match. The bell rang and after some stalling with his t-shirt, Sting hit a few punches, then went for the Scorpion death drop for the win in 88 seconds. Clearly this was not the scheduled ending to the match with the fans chanting “bullshit” and Sting agreeing with them. The aftermath of this came out that Jeff was in a bad condition to wrestle, which questioned everyone why wasnt Hardy pulled from the main event? This would in my view go down as THE worst PPV main event TNA has ever shown.

Number 5… Picking your own poison

At Lockdown 2011, Sting defended the TNA World title in a triple threat match against Mr Anderson and Rob Van Dam, after Anderson protesting that he has yet to receive a 1-1 rematch for the title and Hogan making a 4 way match involving RVD, Anderson, Styles and Bully Ray which ended in a double pin for RVD and Anderson. At Lockdown, Sting was successful in retaining the TNA World title, after Hogan attempted to help RVD by passing him a lead pipe, to which Van Dam refused to take it, but Anderson used it on RVD and Sting hit the deathdrop on Anderson for the win. The following week later on Impact, Sting stated that “The Network” allowed Sting to choose who he wants to defend his title next against, Sting chosen Rob Van Dam, and at Sacrifice the two clashed for the World Title, with Anderson sitting at the announcers booth stating he will face the winner at the next event. Sting and RVD took the fight to the crowd and after a short while Sting hit the scorpion deathdrop on Rob Van Dam for the clean pin, Anderson headed to the ring for the final  stare down before Sacrifice went off air.

Number 4… Feud with Kurt Angle

On Impact!, Sting defeated Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, and Christian Cage in a Four-Way match to become the co-holder of the TNA World Tag Team Championship with Kurt Angle, To which they lost to Ron Killings and Adam “Pacman” Jones at No Surrender. During the match, Karen Angle claimed that Sting had slapped her. This led to a falling out between Sting and Kurt Angle and it was announced that Sting would face Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory. At Bound for Glory, Sting overcame interference by both Karen Angle and Kevin Nash to pin Kurt Angle after a Scorpion Death Drop to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Sting lost the title back to Kurt Angle on Impact. During the match, Kevin Nash came out and sat at ringside to watch, Kurt pushed Sting on to Kevin, and Sting turned around and gave Nash a right hand shot, which led to Nash interfering and helping Angle, which led to Angle regaining the title. Sting then challenged Angle to a rematch at Genesis in a tag team match. Angle was forced to Kevin Nash as his partner, while Sting’s partner turned out to be Booker T. In the match, whoever scored the pinfall would win the TNA World Championship. Kurt Angle retained the TNA World Championship by pinning Sting. This would be the final TNA appearance of Sting in 2007 as he would take some time off to be with his family.

Number 3… Don’t piss off the Boss!!

March 8th 2010, Backstage at Impact, Dixie Carter tries to talk to Sting to which Sting grabs her and proclaimed “he owes nothing to Dixie”. After the confrontation, Dixie states that no on threatens her and no one put their hands on her and puts Sting into a match against an unnamed opponent and states “Sting will find out when everyone else does”. With that said Sting heads out to the ring unknown who Dixie has lined up for him to face, then the arena turns green and on the big screen comes the letters RVD! Rob Van Dam from behind climbs to the top rope while Sting is still focused on the entrance way, Sting turns around and Van Dam hits him with a kick from the top rope, the bell rings and RVD quickly hits a rolling thunder and covers Sting for the quick 123. After the match Sting took a baseball bat to RVD and proceeded to beat him up with it. This would only just the start to a long feud ahead of these two.

Number 2… 3.3.11

Towards the end of February, TNA aired a promo of an unknown man in a warehouse, with a date of 3.3.11, a date where everyone was due to find out the outcome of the whole Dixie Carter v Hulk Hogan in which Hogan gained control of TNA. However during the night, the video of the 3.3.11 again and out came the returning Sting who immediately challenged Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship. Jeff tried to get the early advantage but Sting no sold a few punches then during the match, Sting went for the stinger splash but missed as Hardy moved out of the way, Hardy went for the ropes and Sting reversed him into the scorpion deathdrop off the 2nd rope then Sting hit another scorpion deathdrop and then got the clean pin to become the 3 time TNA World Champion and as well as becoming a 14 time World Champion.

Number 1… Bound For Retirement?!?!

Bound For Glory is TNA’s Superbowl, but in 2009 it had the tagline “The Final Curtain?” Rumours were going around that this could be Sting’s last match and that he would be retiring. A few weeks before, AJ cut a promo on how Sting was his icon his mentor and how he allowed AJ to become world champion with Sting proclaiming AJ earned the world title, AJ stated that Sting passed the torch and then wanted to face Sting at BFG.At Bound For Glory, AJ Styles was set to defend the TNA World title against Sting, were the rumours true and would AJ be the man to wrestle Sting’s last match and if so would Sting retire as a World Champion??. Match time and the two shook hands just after the opening bell, the match went back and forth with both men hitting so much offence on each other hoping the other would slip up, Sting was in top form as if he was half the age, hitting AJ with everything he’s got even after reversing into a tombstone piledriver, stinger splash and even hitting 2 scorpion death drops AJ still kicked out. The crowd was eating this match up and fully showing their enjoyment to both men as several this is awesome chants broke out, Sting then managed to lock in the scorpion deathlock, which AJ fought out of he then hit the paylay and a springboard spash on Sting to get the win. After the match AJ cut a promo saying after 23 years in your home state this is your moment Sting, to which Sting stated he has no intention to say if he’s gonna retire or not but saying that “the way you fans are reacting right now, makes me wanna stay forever!”. This match was voted Match of the Year 2009 by TNA fans, hell I would line it up for as one of the best matches in TNA history.


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