TNA Xplosion Report – 25/05/2011

TNA Xplosion: Desmond Wolfe returns as commissioner

TNA Xplosion: Desmond Wolfe returns as commissioner

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 25th May 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Desmond Wolfe returns as Xplosion Commissioner
TNA announces 2012 Maximum Impact Tour Featuring Sting!
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Sudicide to advance in the Xplosion Championship Challenge
Devon confronts “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero post-match
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle (Slammiversary 2010)
TNA Spin Cycle: All Knockouts Edition
TNA Rewind: Mr. Anderson’s “surprise” for Sting on IMPACT Wrestling

A new opening theme for Xplosion is the first order of the day. A lot heavier than the previous, and packed full of TNA A-listers. On the commentary desk Taz and Jeremy Borash tell us that there will be all kinds of goodies in today’s show, including the TNA On-Demand Match of the Week, an all-Knockout’s Spin Cycle and all the latest information on the UK tour in January.

In a complete break from the norm, the music of Desmond Wolfe is played, quite surprisingly, and out comes the man, dressed in a very smart black suit and shirt. His first port of call is to close the book on nine months of inactivity. He goes into detail about meetings he has had with Impact Wrestling’s management as well as the International broadcasters about how Xplosion is going to change from this point forward. And that the first thing on their mind is to appoint an “authority figure.” That will be, from this point forward, Desmond Wolfe! He promises that the changes will involve the fans, and that their voices will be heard by the company! The Xplosion Championship Challenge is approved by Wolfe – a tournament that will give the winner a shot at ANY champion in the company when it’s all said and done! Xplosion has just been taken up numerous steps of the ladder with this initiative! And we’re straight in to the action.

Match 1: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide.

Wolfe joins Taz and Jeremy Borash on the desk for commentary as the two competitors make their entrance.

Suicide and Pope tie up and Pope overpowers Suicide into the corner. Suicide won’t get a clean break, as Pope punches the stomach and elbows the back.  A dazed Suicide stumbles from one corner to another, swiftly met with a kick to the abdomen and a stiff right hand from Pope.

Pope shoots Suicide into the ropes, Suicide baseball slides and two hip toss’ on Pope. A stick kick to the bread-basket on the rising Pope sends Pope reeling into the corner. Suicide whips Pope to the corner and follows with a clothesline, followed by many other short clotheslines. Pope stumbled out, and straight into a high vertical suplex modified with a sit-out from Suicide. Two count for Suicide.

Pope floats out of a scoop slam attempt from Suicide, and it’s off to the floor with him as Pope throws him over the top… but no! Suicide manages to stay on the apron and back body drops the incoming Pope to the floor! Suicide back in the ring, looks for a sling shot cross body, but Pope is smart and moves out of the way.

After a moment of recuperation from Pope, he’s back on the offensive, slamming Suicide down with a spine buster. He holds the legs in a crab motion, rotating Suicide around to sling shot him into the corner post. Pope rolls breaks the ten count by rolling in and out of the ring, then throws Suicide back first into the ring apron. Pope rolls Suicide back in and sets him up for a high, delayed vertical suplex. Powered down after a few seconds, Pope gets a two count from the resulting pin.

Suicide gets a second wind and delivers chops and punches to Pope, shooting him into the corner. Pope manages to get a boot up to stop Suicide rushing in and powers out of the corner with a powerful uranage-like clothesline.

Suicide plays possum and rolls Pope over to get a sneaky pin, but Pope kicks out at two. Both get back to their feet and Pope rushes in with a right, but Suicide blocks and delivers a right of his own. And again. Suicide keeps the onslaught with rights and shoots Pope off to power him down with a clothesline. He then kicks Pope’s shins as he gets back up, and a dropkick into the corner on Pope’s third attempt to get up. Suicide gets Pope in a cutter hold and attempts to drive Pope’s head into the turnbuckle, but Pope turns that around and sends Suicide into the corner instead. Suicide stumbles back, and Pope sends Suicide into the corner POST this time. Pope pulls his knee pads down and symbols to the crowd that it’s time for the DDE. He hits the knee’s into the back of Suicide with precision, and Pope gets the three count for the win!

The Pope makes his way to the back, stopping off at the corner where fans are situated on the ramp side. Turns out those fans are actually Devon’s kids and wife. Pope delicately kisses Mrs. Devon’s hand and strokes her hair. Devon quickly comes out to send Pope packing. Pope reluctantly walks up the ramp and even has the audacity to ask if he can give Devon’s wife some of the fallen “money” from his entrance. Devon very sternly tells Pope to go back to the locker room.

TNA On-Demand’s Match of the Week: After that contest, we look back at Kurt Angle’s excellent contest with Kazarian from Slammiversary VIII, giving us a taste of what Slammiversary is all about.

TNA Spin Cycle: On the panel of this all-Knockout show is Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Cookie and the returning ODB.

The first contestant is Eric Young in the “Hot or Not”, who receives a full four-for-four from the ladies! He struts off using a Ric Flair strut and fours on his fingers! Always entertaining, EY.

Next up is Robbie E. The ladies aren’t too impressed, including Cookie who is embarrassed by Robbie’s showing off. He does gain two votes though – one from Cookie, and one from ODB.

Third contestant is the network’s own Mick Foley. A Dude Love strut, and straight over to ODB’s upper… erm… you know.

Mick receives three “hot” votes from the ladies, including a an excellently put vote from Cookie, who says that the charity work and all that goes along with it is hot in itself. Mick is then told to earn ODB’s vote with a lap dance! Mick obliges, and works ODB to the point where she actually finds herself handing money to the Hardcore Legend!

A tie in the “Hot or Not” between Eric Young and Mick Foley. Maybe that means they get to take two of the lovely Knockout’s home each? Mick will certainly be picking ODB for that.

After the break, we are back at the desk with Taz and Jeremy Borash, who discuss the show so far. Taz receives a text message mid-conversation from Desmond Wolfe who has booked the next Xplosion Championship Challenge match for next week – Robbie E vs. Crimson!

Our final segment of the night is for the Sting and Mr. Anderson’s confrontation from Impact Wrestling this past week, which brings the brand new Xplosion to a close.

A BIG change in the format for Xplosion. Compared to what Xplosion used to be like, which was basically a recap show, this is an excellent and huge step forward for Xplosion and TNA. Big props go to Kevin Sullivan and Jeremy Borash who worked on reformatting the show from top to bottom.

“Wrestling Matters” again on Impact Wrestling, and now Xplosion Matters to TNA fans.

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