**SPOILERS** TNA Tuesday TV Taping Results (31/05/2011)

IMPACT Wrestling Zone - Orlando, FL.

IMPACT Wrestling Zone - Orlando, FL.

TNA completed this weeks set of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion tapings yesterday at the Impact Wrestling Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This is for the episode and is set to air in the UK on Tuesday June 14th at 10pm on Challenge TV. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph.

Dark Match:

– Jesse Sorensen from Texas defeated Dakota Darsow.

Impact Wrestling:

-Hulk Hogan/Bischoff in-ring promo. They bring out Mr. Anderson who is dressed in his regular clothing and Sting in his facepaint. Anderson talks about his match at Slammiversary. Sting answers back with words of his own and then tells Hogan that he wants the old Hogan back, the one the locker room in the back and fans grew up to idolize. He tells Hogan to use a metaphorical scalpel to get rid of the cancer (Eric Bischoff) before it’s too late.

-Winter & Angelina Love defeated Mickie James & Tara via pinfall after Madison Rayne interfered by pulling Tara off the apron as Mickie James went for the tag and Love hit James with her wicked new finisher (an inverted face lock into a modified lungblower).

-British Invasion come out to commentate.
Mexican America defeated James Storm and Alex Shelley via pinfall. Sarita and Rosita got involved near the finish so Storm spit beer into their faces. Anarquia was about to grab Storm from behind but ducked when he noticed Shelley coming from his rear. This lead to Shelley misfiring with his superkick and hitting Storm. They throw out Shelley to the outside and then make the cover. This was the match of the night in my opinion. Storm and Shelley worked well as a makeshift tag team.

-Jarrett/Angle in-ring promo hyping up their match at Slammiversary. Jarrett claims Karen Jarrett is gone and it’ll be just him and Angle for his gold medal.

-Backstage, Mr. Anderson talked with Gunner about their match later on.

-Rob Van Dam defeated Bully Ray via pinfall after a Five Star Frog Splash. Bully Ray came out and shooed Christy Hemme away saying she was a bimbo and her Playboy cover was garbage. He issued an open challenge to anybody in the back except D-Von which lead to RVD coming out. AJ Styles showed up in the crowd and Bully Ray got distracted and tried to say Styles’ attempt at getting in his head wouldn’t work but apparently it did.

-Velvet Sky defeated ODB via pinfall after a DDT. ODB came out to no music from the side of the ramp and Velvet Sky ambushed her from behind.

-Backstage, Sting and Eric Young talked about their match coming up. Sting told Young to get serious.

-Mr. Anderson and Gunner defeated Sting & Eric Young via pinfall after Gunner hit Sting with a F5. I think Young got pushed into Sting when Sting wasn’t looking which lead to a blind tag of sorts and that allowed the heels to gain the advantage.

-Devon defeated Anarquia w/ Mexican America via pinfall after a modified spinebuster slam.

-Douglas Williams w/ Brutus Magnus defeated Amazing Red via pinfall with the Chaos Theory.

[Courtesy: Crooked Reflection] 


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including 1Wrestling.com, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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