Whats my Angle? – “Wrestling Matters”

One awesome main event!

June has arrived and this week’s a big one for us UK TNA fans with the tickets for next Januarys’ Maximum Impact Tour going on sale and the one and only Kurt Angle coming to the UK for a special meet and greet this Saturday at Wembley Arena.

I for one will battle for tickets tomorrow and be on that early train to London on Saturday to join the queue to meet the Olympic gold medallist.

Now I have made no attempt to hide the fact that I am a huge Kurt Angle fan and having an opportunity to meet an idol is very exciting and I just hope I am lucky enough to get the chance on Saturday.

While mentioning to a few friends this past week about my plans for the weekend I was once again faced with the same old negative comments about wrestling and how fake it is and all that rubbish.

In the past I have often ignored such comments and given the old, “well it’s not for everyone” statement but not this week, this week I responded with “watch this past week’s Impact Wrestling, specifically the opening match and the main event”

What a main event it was, I loved it! Yes the result was one that made me smile but that wasn’t the whole reason. The main reason was because we were treated to a pay per view main event with arguably two of the biggest names in the business facing off for the first time and not a single person interfered! Granted we were subjected to Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s commentary throughout but not even that could put a black mark on what was a superb main event.

My favourite quote of the night “Kurt Angle just proved that one on one he can beat anyone” love him or hate him it’s hard to argue.

Overall I continue to enjoy Impact Wrestling and once again great to see Mick Foley, even Hogan for once did a pretty good job and I’m becoming a big fan of the X Division story, Destination X should be a great pay per view.

So in the end was the show enough to sway the usual suspects that seem happy to trash something we have so much passion for? Probably not but hey, the way I look at it is they’re the ones missing out and at the end of the day Wrestling Matters to me (quote steel, sorry), who cares what anyone else thinks!

In closing for anyone who cannot attend Kurt Angles appearance this Saturday I will try to post some photos on my Twitter account (@Rob_Towsey) when I can, if I’m lucky enough to get some that is.

Until next time.


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

One Response to Whats my Angle? – “Wrestling Matters”

  1. wh00ps says:

    Funny you should say it, Kurt Angle has that in-ring ability to tell a story that keeps even people who don’t “get” wrestling on the edge of their seats. My wife even watches it now and has done since the first ppv Angle/JJ match of this feud- the kids vs. Wedding match I think.

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