TNA Xplosion Report – 01/06/2011

TNA Xplosion: Robbie E vs. Crimson

TNA Xplosion: Robbie E vs. Crimson

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 1st June 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Desmond Wolfe interviews Robbie E and announces who he’ll be facing in the Xplosion Championship Challenge.
Crimson d. Robbie E w/Cookie to advance in the Tournament
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: X-Division King of the Mountain Ladder Match from Slammiversary 2009
TNA Spin Cycle: Featuring an All Knockouts panel with guest appearances from Desmond Wolfe and the Disco Inferno!
IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: Kurt Angle d. Rob Van Dam

Desmond Wolfe opens up this weeks Xplosion with an interview. Robbie E and Cookie. Robbie introduces himself to Desmond with a fist-bump, then explains that tonight, he is about “G.T.G – Gym, Tan and Gold.” Desmond Wolfe isn’t that impressed, and calls Robbie a “Helen Hunt” in cockney rhyming terms.

Desmond then turns his attention to Cookie and asks what sort of influence she has, apart from her “Bristol City’s” (read: breasts) and she stakes her claim to be not only good to look at, but also the best Knockout in all of TNA.

Wolfe introduces the two to Robbie’s opponent tonight – Crimson. Robbie doesn’t even look Crimson in the eye before scarpering with Cookie as we run the opening sequence for TNA’s new-look Xplosion.

Match 1: Robbie E vs. Crimson.

Reference is made to last week, where The Pope and Devon’s wife had a brief moment after Pope’s match.

Robbie takes the mic before we kick off. He states that he’s not scared of Crimson’s “red, Brady Bunch hair”, or his tattoo’s. He allows for Crimson to just walk away from the match and not wrestle tonight. The then turns his back, turning back around with a hay-maker that is predicted and caught by Crimson. Robbie manages to break free, and beats a hasty retreat out of the ring, only to slide back in while Crimson follows, and get put down on the mat by Crimson with a huge elbow. Robbie staggers to the corner, but is thrown back out with a hip toss.

Crimson grabs the tights of Robbie, who’s trying to escape the ring again. Crimson then pummels Robbie in the corner with rights. Robbie crawls to the next corner with Crimson stalking. Crimson puts a shoulder into Robbie’s stomach, then aggressively whips him off into the opposite corner, with Robbie just bouncing off the turnbuckles hard onto the mat and down to the floor.

Robbie attempts to put Cookie in harms way by using her as a shield, but she isn’t thrilled with that prospect and turns that around, using Robbie as a shield. Robbie then throws her toward Crimson, who just picks her up, turns around and puts her down to continue to stalk Robbie E. This gives Robbie enough time to get back in the ring and an advantage on the re-entering Crimson, however Robbie’s strikes have no effect on Crimson at all as he just gets back to his feet. Robbie again exits the ring with Crimson chasing. Crimson attempts to land a right hand, but Robbie ducks, and Crimson punching the ring post hard. Robbie smells blood now, and throws Crimson hand-first into the guardrail. Robbie then enters back into the ring to momentarily taunt to the crowd.

We come back from a brief interlude with Robbie just getting a one count in a pinfall. Robbie again goes for the right hand of Crimson, locking it tight with a clench, however Crimson powers out, throwing Robbie across the ring. Robbie comes straight back, hacking the legs of Crimson with kicks, dropping Crimson down and again going after the hand with another clench, this time standing on his left hand for leverage.

Crimson again powers out after a short time and throttles Robbie E. He throws Robbie into the corner, but Robbie gets a boot up. Robbie gets out of the ring, Crimson with a right hand, caught by Robbie and thrown onto the ring post again. Robbie now going up top, and an axe handle! Robbie back up to the top attempts a diving axe handle, but Crimson moves this time. Both rise in opposite corners, and Robbie rushes in with a splash but misses. Crimson off the ropes and a big shoulder block to Robbie E! Robbie comes out with a right hand, ducked and Crimson with a nice T-Bone Suplex. Cookie now gets on the apron to distract Crimson, who is powered down with an inverted Russian leg sweep. Robbie gets a two count from it, and Crimson powers Robbie out of the cover, sending him flying onto the referee making the count. Robbie E is surprised by the strength of Crimson, but gets up anyway and runs towards Crimson who gets a boot up. Crimson, again, stalking and powers Robbie down with a sit-out powerbomb to get the three count!

Crimson advances in the Xplosion Championship Challenge.

TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: After the break, we go back to the X-Division King of the Mountain Ladder Match from Slammiversary 2009 between Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal and the champion, Suicide.

TNA Spin Cycle: We continue from last weeks all-Knockout spin cycle for part two. Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Cookie and ODB are the guests.

JB kicks it off with the announcement that TNA will be back in the UK for a tour, and asks the first question, which is “are you excited to be going back for the UK tour.” ODB starts off by saying the the beer is much stronger in the UK, and that the guys are “much more… you know. PG!”

Next up is Cookie, who states that she’s never been to the UK, but with the beer being stronger, and if the men are anything like the British Invasion, of whom she described as “cute”, then she’s looking forward to it.

Velvet Sky says she’s a sucker for a guy with an accent, so she can’t wait to hear the British accent again.

Finally, Mickie is asked her opinions, and she says she loves everything British, and partied in the streets of Dublin last time. “They miss me. I know they miss me,” she says.

JB lists the venues, but is interrupted by Desmond Wolfe on the set. “You can’t talk about the UK without the UK’s finest, Desmond Wolfe!” He says that with being the Xplosion commissioner now, he has considerable power now, and that he’s keeping an eye on the Knockouts on Spin Cycle, as he is looking for an idea for the UK tour, to which Cookie says “you’ve always got your eye on me.” Wolfe responds with “we know you’re no stranger to explosions…”

Desmond leaves as JB notices another “guest” out of camera range. He says that this person is not allowed to be here and is banned from the show. He enters camera shot, and it’s none other than Glen “Disco Inferno” Gilberti. He’s presented to the Knockouts quickly for another “Hot or Not” shot, with Mickie giving him a “just about”, Velvet with a yes, Cookie states his dancing has nothing on Robbie E’s, and ODB says she’d “bend him over.”

The next segment of the Spin Cycle is where the Knockouts must reveal a close, personal secret about themselves. ODB is first up. “I play a good rusty trombone, yeah!” Cookie is next, who admits Robbie E is madly in love with her, but she’s too much woman for one man to commit to. Mickie admits that sometimes she wakes up wearing just the Knockouts title, and Velvet admits that she’s addicted to… Angry Birds!

IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: We close off Xplosion with Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam from this past weeks Impact Wrestling.


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