Kurt Angle interview with Bamber Media

Kurt Angle: Can't wait for the 2012 Maximum Impact Tour

Kurt Angle: Can't wait for the 2012 Maximum Impact Tour

Great interview with Kurt Angle and UK journalist Bob Bamber. You can listen to the interview here or read on for full transcript:

Kurt Angle says that TNA’s UK fans will be in for a treat when TNA Wrestling tours Europe in January next year for its Maximum Impact Tour. The tour is headlined by Angle and Sting, a man who hasn’t wrestled in the UK this century. Speaking to Bob Bamber, Angle says that TNA’s roster is the best in the world right now.

“We’re real excited to come over with the roster we have. With new signings like the Hardy brothers, Mr Anderson and The Pope, plus guys that have stepped up like AJ Styles and Beer Money, we supersede the WWE with our roster. The last time we came over here the fans have been incredible and now they are going to get to see people they haven’t seen before.

“Sting hasn’t been here in 15 years, so having him come over here is an extra treat because he’s an icon. I hope I get the chance to wrestle him here because I think we could have an incredible match.”

Angle said that the UK’s fans are extra special: “They’re more hungry for wrestling because they don’t get to see it every day. Over here they only get to see us once a year so they show more enthusiasm. The fans here in England have always been enthusiastic. They have more electricity in the air over here than there is in the United States.

January’s visit won’t be the only time that Angle visit’s the UK next year. He has also announced his intention to compete in the London 2012 Olympics. In the 1996 Atlanta Games he won Gold in the heavyweight 90-100kg category. Next year he will be 43, and he admits that this is his last chance to have another crack at Gold.

“After Atlanta, I wanted to take a break. Then I got caught up in pro-wrestling. I was going to try-out in 2004 but I broke my neck. Before 2008 I went a divorce and was at a really difficult time in my life. I’m a very competitive person.”

Angle said that some people don’t believe he will follow through with the Olympics after failing to make good on a career in MMA. “With the UFC I needed three to six months to get ready. They wanted me ready in four and a half weeks. I wanted to do it under my terms.

“A lot of people were saying ‘Kurt said he was going to fight but he didn’t. He backed out six different times and he’s going to back out of the Olympics’. No I’m not – because this is under my terms.”

A new contract has given him the opportunity to go to the Olympics, amongst other things. He is now running a food company – ‘Angle Foods’, and is an emerging actor. The contract means that he will be doing fewer TNA house shows than normal, but the 4 time TNA World Champion says he will make most of the TV tapings and all pay per views.

“I’m going to start going part time. I’m at a point in my career where TNA can’t afford me to be travelling around and getting injured at house shows when they need me on TV. If I want to perform the way I do and steal the show every time I wrestle I have to be 100% healthy and we are both in agreement on that.”

His new aim within the company is to use himself to try to create the stars of tomorrow. Angle says there is plenty to choose from within the TNA ranks: “When you’re on your way out you want to make the younger guys more popular. You want to put these guys over and that’s where I am with my career.

“Look at James Storm, Robert Roode, Crimson, Amazing Red, Kazarian, Mr Anderson, The Pope. We’re starting to get the Brits where they need to be. Desmond Wolfe, Magnus or Doug Williams – one of those three are going to end up being World Champion. They’re great technicians, they’re great in the ring, and they’ve got a lot of charisma. Those are the kind of guys I want to help.


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