Eric Bischoff discusses IWC, Chyna, Mick Foley’s Firing, TNA Video Game, the UK and more!

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff - Thinks there was a very limited role for Mick Foley in IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling’s Executive Producer Eric Bischoff was interviewed on the Monday Night Mayhem show, you can listen to the audio here or readon for transcript:

-Eric talked about his recent comments on Facebook. Eric said he wishes he could explain this in crayon and stick figures for the 10% of the IWC that seems to find the need to bitch, complain and whine about everything. They sit with a stopwatch like it matters to anyone but them. The rest of the audience wants to be entertain (whether its promos, wrestling etc) and don’t care how its done. The IWC who lives in their parents basement thinks they know more about the wrestling business than anyone else.

People complain about TNA not doing well and Dixie Carter and Bischoff etc, while nobody talks about how TNA really is as a company. Last Thursday they were up against the NBA Finals and they did take a hit. Its not a major shocker that they lost a part of their audience. He got sent an email from Spike and they said TNA was the #1 rated show during its timeslot. On Spike, TNA outperforms UFC etc. People will say that TNA should be getting a 1.5 or more and blah blah blah. Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and the Carters should be proud of what they have accomplished. TNA continues to grow while other programs are losing their audience (including the WWE). Not enough people defend TNA because the Carters don’t toot their own horn.

-Bischoff says Mick Foley wasn’t difficult to work with and he enjoyed working with Mick Foley. Mick Foley and he have a great on-camera chemistry. He and Mick are great at improv and he will miss Foley in that regard. Unfortunately there is a very limited role for Mick Foley on IMPACT Wrestling. Hogan and Bischoff are a central part of the storyline and there is only so much real estate for non-wrestling roles. Just like in the TV Industry, you write off the characters that are no longer part of the show which is what they did.

-Bischoff didn’t confirm or deny that TNA will be going on the road on the Summer but he is really excited for the Summer for a variety of reasons.

-Bischoff says that he doesn’t think Kurt Angle’s aspirations to perform in the Olympics will effect his time in TNA. He believes you need to cycle out the stars time and time again. Kurt has seen alot of TV Time recently and a hiatus will make his character more valuable. He will come back stronger than when he left.

-Eric doesn’t know where Bound For Glory will be. He thinks BFG will be a great event because everything right now is building towards that show which will be evident on this next set of TV Tapings.

-Eric wants TNA to expand in the videogame industry and its only a matter of time until we see TNA in the videogame industry. He knows alot of different videogame companies interested in producing a videogame. He thinks he will see a videogame from TNA only in time.

-Wrestling Matters to him because that’s who he is. As a kid he could count on wrestling to escape. He appreciates wrestling because of how its a marketing tool. Its his business now and it allows great opportunities for him and his kids.

-Bischoff goes off on the IWC again. When he hears bullshit he would occasionally call it. He praises TNA’s accomplishments including their UK Ratings. If the dirtsheets didn’t trash talk TNA, their subscriptions would try up. He doesn’t know the buyrates and they aren’t discussed. The buyrates are likely nothing to brag about but TNA is a young company. You have to consider the economy and everything else.

-Eric wasn’t excited about the fact that TNA decided to bring Chyna in for a PPV but he kept his mouth shut. When he heard that she wanted to build her career around anal sex videos, he was glad he wouldn’t have to explain why he worked in the same company. He didn’t think Chyna had anything to bring to the table.

-He has mixed emotions over Anderson’s parodies of Sting. He think Anderson has done a great job from a performance level. Its a nod to history and some fans love that. From a storyline standpoint he isn’t sure its clicking.

-Eric would like to see consistent growth in the UK (from the UK Tour). He wants to see the enthusiasm of the UK Fans.

-Bischoff considers the death of Owen Hart on PPV was the most controversial moment. Continuing the PPV was a controversial decisions.


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