IMPACT Wrestling Report: “Bischoff got Served” – 07/06/2011

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff got Served”
Tuesday 7th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan reveal that Mick Foley has been fired!
Karen Jarrett is rushed to hospital
Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner d. Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan
Confrontation between AJ Styles and Bully Ray
 Brian Kendrick and Kazarian wrestled to a non-finish following interference by Abyss
 Eric Young (“The Not-So-Great Muta”) d. Mr. Anderson
 Angelina Love w/Winter d. Miss Tessmacher
 Crimson d. Matt Hardy
 Alex Shelley takes Robert Roode’s place to defend the Tag-Titles at Slammiversary
 ODB attacks Velvet Sky

Welcome to this weeks report on Impact Wrestling. I’ll start by apologising if this report is slightly late online I have been very busy this week and not had time to view this weeks episode in advance so am writing this Tuesday evening not long before the show airs. One thing I am hoping for tonight is more wrestling than last week. If the don’t then “Wrestling Matters” will start to look silly and fast.

Show opens with Bischoff arriving in the car park and is served with papers from the Network.

We cut to the back where ODB is attacking Velvet Sky who is having a photo shoot done. Now this maybe in the back but it is at least wrestling. It is a nice attack by ODB and Velvet has improved lots and is selling really well. The brawl continued out to the ring and even Impact Wrestling security got kicked in the you know what’s by ODB. I like the out of control ODB it’s kind of fun. A really good opening to the show.

Stings music hits and Sti…Sorry Mr Anderson as old School Sting makes his way out to the Impact Zone, he tells us he has something special lined up for tonight. He says he is going to face one of Stings most famous competitors. He tells us to stay tuned.

In the back Kendrick finds Bischoff who is on the phone. He gets him to hang up and manages to get a match with Kaz for the number 1 contenders spot for the X Division title.

Bischoff is now out in the ring and he calls out Beer Money, he still has the papers in hand and has been on the phone to Hogan and Hogan is on his way. Beer Money come out and Bischoff says he wants them to hand over the tag titles as he doesn’t think they will be fit to defend at Slamiversary. Roode however says he will be ready and Bischoff will take the titles over his dead body. Roode is so good on the mic and such an asset to Impact Wrestling I just hope they don’t under utilise him.

Alex Shelly comes out and tells everyone that Chris Sabin is out for the rest of the year. He says he wants to sub in for Roode and tag with Storm, he says the Network have allowed it. However because he has teamed with Storm to make Gun Money he has made Bishoff’s s*** list. I did lol at this but it is a good way to sell Rood’s shoulder and keep Shelly involved while Sabin is on the shelf.

We are ready for our first real in ring action of the evening and we get to see the lovely Christy Hemme ring announcing. Out first is Cold Blooded Matt Hardy, he will face the UNDEFEATED Crimson.

Crimson looked solid and shows that he has a chance to make the main event sooner rather than later. Hardy was made to look like a jobber early doors too. Great finish with Crimson countering a Twist of Hate attempt into the Sky High for the 1-2-3 and the undefeated streak continues.

Winner: Crimson

On a side note does anyone else think Matt would look better now with short hair, that bad long-haired perm look on a 30 odd year old man is not a good look.

Crimson also showed how impressive he is as Samoa Joe runs out after the match and gets a big spear.

Mr Sti…Anderson is in the back talking to EY and wants him to portray the Great Muta. EY agrees. Eric Young is just so funny and it makes sense him being TV Champion as he can talk and go in the ring which is what you want from a TV champ.

Still in the back we are now with Winter and the zombiefied Angelina, I really hate this whole thing and wish we could end it soon. Tonight Angelina finally spoke and rambled the same stuff we have been hearing from Winter for weeks.

Bischoff is in the back telling Immortal that things are over as they know it. I like this whole thing tonight it has a good undercurrent and I am not noticing the lack of in ring action as much.

Next up we have out Knockouts match featuring Miss Tessmacher Vs Angelina Love. Tessmacher has the best entrance of anyone at the moment. However I just don’t like the look of Angelina plastic fantastic springs to mind. This match was pretty much a squash to put Angelina over, however Tessmacher is coming along nicely in the ring.

Winner: Angelina Love

Up next we have Mr Sti…Sorry Anderson Vs The Not So Great Muta?! Otherwise known as Eric Young.  This starts as  just a beat down of Muta…EY by Sti…Anderson although Mut…Eric Young did get some offence in. Including a nice moonsault. Then Gunner came down and tried to interfere. It was great that Mu…Young used the Green Mist for the roll up for the pin.

Winner: The Not So Great Muta (Eric Young)

After the match Gunner jumps straight in and beats down Young. Anderson joins in only for Sting to make his way down for the save Anderson bails but Gunner takes a few shots before being tossed over the ropes. This was a nice segment building 2 more feuds in the process.

Next up is our X Division Number 1 contenders match. Brian Kendrick is out first followed by Kaz. A nice touch at the start of this match with the hand shake. Finally we have a match to showcase the X Division not the squash matches we have had the last couple of weeks. Loads of great pinfall attempts and really exciting. The match ends when the bell rings and we have reached the 10 minute time limit.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

I haven’t seen many time limit draws since the days I used to sit up and watch old WCW when it was shown late night on ITV in the 90’s.

So after Earl went on the headset to speak to Eric Bishoff, why they didn’t just communicate via his ear piece or are we not supposed to see or mention them, we get an additional 5 minutes. After less than 2 Abyss comes out and destroys Kendrick with a Shock Treatment and then Kaz with a Black Hole Slam. So Abyss continues to beat down the X Division which seems a shame to me but tonight kind of started the slow build back of the X Division. Although Abyss did claim the X Division was dead. And is it me or is Abyss really scary without those bottom teeth.

Up next we have a confrontation between AJ Styles and Bully Ray. As Ray comes out he puts down Tommy Dreamer who as you may know from reading on this site has been released by TNA. Although I am with BR when it comes to rather going to a strip club and having a lap dance than go to a hotel room and play video games.

Bully makes a real great heal he is good on the mic and draws real heat from the crowd. One day soon he will also be a great face when they decide to turn him. This feud is a nice one and has good heat between the 2. Fans relate to both men AJ is the underdog and Bully Ray is well a Bully. AJ Vs Bully Ray at Slamiversary in a Last Man Standing Match will be amazing and really brutal.

Main Event time you know how I know…JB is doing the introductions. Out first is the team of Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner followed by Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan. Before the match gets underway Earl calls for some help and has Karen removed from ringside much to the angst of Jeff.

As usual the partners who don’t want to face each other tag in and out. Eventually the two former amateur wrestlers Angle and Steiner lock up. During the match we see Hogan arriving and  Bischoff showing him the papers he was served at the opening of the show. I wouldn’t normally like that kind of thing but as I say it has made a nice undercurrent for the whole show.

This was a good main event and did what it needed to do and set up the individual matches for Slamiversary.

The ending where Karen “fell” down the stairs is effective to build more heat on the Jarrett / Angle match, while in the ring Steiner low blows Morgan and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett

Kurt is left at the end of the match shouting down the stairs Karen should never have been involved, never a truer word scripted.

Time for tonights big reveal as Hogan makes his way to the ring with Bischoff. Eric cuts a promo on Foley saying although he could talk he sucked in the ring. Again I think this is a case of burying the guy who is leaving the company, for more on this look on the site. Basically this was just a way to get Foley off  TV by firing him via the Network. The show ends with Hogan and Bischoff celebrating in the ring.

It will be interesting to see now where they go with this and who replaces Foley because am sure that the Network thing will continue.

All in all I enjoyed this episode of Impact Wrestling and the in ring action was really good and the stuff on the outside wasn’t bad either it didn’t seem to drag and all made sense. Storyline wise it looks good with 1 week till Slamiversary.

I hope you have enjoyed my review this week and hope you will come back next week, feel free to leave any comments and if you wish please follow me on

Thanks for reading see you all next week!



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2 Responses to IMPACT Wrestling Report: “Bischoff got Served” – 07/06/2011

  1. wh00ps says:

    The highlight for me was A.J. Styles remarking on Bully Ray’s penis size…

    I literally LOL-ed. Keeping the comedy moments going really makes all the difference, stops the show from taking itself too seriously. I’m glad they’re doing more with Eric Young too, although sad they seem to have dropped the Orlando Jordan team- I thought that storyline had legs.

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